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  1. Conservatism is against public obscenity and for public decency. Obviously public drag performances are an offense to both.

  2. Says a guy called “dont_tread_on_meee”.

  3. In my country they lowered some landlord taxes for a few months before we got a new government. The next government raised them back slightly, but still below the original rate.

  4. Libertarianism is actual and consistent anarchy. Socialism is fascism with anarchist clothes.

  5. Socialism doesn't inherently have anything to do with anarchism. You can have socialism with or without anarchy.

  6. Socialism must rely on fascism to exist long term and fascism is exact opposite of anarchy, so no, socialism can't be anarchist, only fascist.

  7. What do you define socialism as?

  8. It is pretty easy to find good engineers. Just pay them what they are worth.

  9. Nobody wants to engineer anymore!

  10. As much as I dislike trump , someone explain to me why it’s outrageous to prevent 13-14 year olds from altering their puberty? They are not old enough to drive but we’re letting them make decisions about irreversible and highly expensive procedures?

  11. Puberty blockers are reversible, puberty is the irreversible thing here.

  12. Being tall is your identity?

  13. That’s not all Trump said, though.

  14. Jaz jih imam v atriju že od sredine januarja.

  15. Tried this again recently on an emulator. Felt that it does not hold up.

  16. There's a remake that's pretty good.

  17. Definicija poroke zajema le moškega in žensko. Kako si lahko diskriminiran? Si tudi diskriminiran, ker ne moreš leteti z avtomobilom?

  18. Pa a si ti res tok butast? A če bi bila definicija poroke med moškim in žensko iste rase tud ne bi bila diskriminatorna?

  19. Zakaj? Če bi lahko dokazal to, bi pomenilo, da je moj pes na nivoju človeka. Kar pa pomeni osebo. In danes velja zakon dveh oseb in ne moškega in ženske.

  20. A je pravna definicija osebe, “vsako bitje, ki je na nivoju človeka”?

  21. Is a completely free market immune to crises?

  22. Don’t call it little, I think it’s quite average

  23. The sub description starts with "Welcome to the discourse!". What is wrong with anti-Peterson content?

  24. No one can be a criminal in an Ancap society, though.

  25. For real. The simple parts being written for me will barley save any time at all because the hard part is doing the other bits

  26. When I'm building stuff, writing the code is almost like a break from thinking. The vast majority of time is spent thinking about the structure of things.

  27. People often forget about all the wonderful things that aliens have done for us!

  28. Maybe his beef is that Harris is an idiot who has become increasingly ideological and authoritarian.

  29. Are you implying Peterson isn't ideological?

  30. I find the expressivnes, the ease of use of the standard library, and the fact that everything is an object very elegant.

  31. How good is Crystal? Last time I checked on it it was a new, promising language, but not yet battle tested.

  32. Honestly, I only use it for small hobby projects (Kemal is really nice, with nice websocket support). And it’s nice to practice static typed stuff a bit.

  33. Universal Healthcare plays into that a lot. The company doesn't have to pay for any employees Healthcare and pays less in taxes for Healthcare than the US while also providing better healthcare.

  34. That’s not true, employers are required to pay for your healthcare as part of your pay.

  35. Not in Denmark. Healthcare is not tied to employment, yes, employers pay taxes for Healthcare, but they pay less in taxes for Healthcare than the US already pays in tax for Healthcare. The US pays more in tax per capita for Healthcare than any other country in the world. Switching to Universal Healthcare would save tax payers 17 billion dollars in 10 years.

  36. Yeah, the insurance is not tied to employment, but employers are still the ones financing healthcare. I know that the US system is super wasteful and full of middlemen skimming of the top.

  37. It took me so long to understand this. If you have absolutely no programming knowledge go with any language, just learn what programming is. After you understand the basics, you'll be able to basically translate it to any language.

  38. I think some are not good to start with. For example JavaScript - because it's so unique in its implementation and concepts, it could be confusing switching to something more regular.

  39. no red alert 1, but mario 64 is a blast aswell

  40. The remaster is pretty good.

  41. ”Socialism is a political philosophy and movement encompassing a range of economic and social systems, which are characterised by social ownership of the means of production, with an emphasis on democratic control, such as workers' self-management, as opposed to private ownership.”

  42. A lot of people, especially in the US, equate socialism with the welfare state. Which was actually put in place to keep capitalism alive, so it's not really socialist in essence. The main point of socialism is democratic worker control of business.

  43. how is it less bad? millions of animals are still dying. would you say someone who eats meat but doesn’t eat dairy and eggs is “less bad?” why are you trying so hard to defend these industries?

  44. All agriculture, including plant agriculture causes animal suffering in some way. There are no absolutes here.

  45. Capitalist businesses are authoritarian. They take the profits from your labor.

  46. I'm 39. I've owned my home since I was 21. Married with 3 children, my oldest turns 18 this year.

  47. Hear that, Gen Z? Just be born earlier, you idiots!

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