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[Passan] BREAKING: Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. violated Major League Baseball’s performance-enhancing drug policy and is facing a suspension, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN.

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  1. Doesn't SS rely heavily on an ever increasing population? I feel like I'm not even gonna get my piece already. I don't mind putting in as long as everyone is aware this money is not gonna be enough olif we don't keep up with exponential growth which is already fucking the planet.

  2. It's predicted that SS cash reserves will be used up by 2032 and they won't have the necessary funds to cover scheduled benefits. There will only be enough money cover like 75% of what they should be paying.

  3. This. Huge study, huge implications. What exactly are these drugs treating? Doctors are admitting: “We don’t know”

  4. I wouldn't say there's huge implications because a lot of medicine and treatment is based around we don't know exactly why this works, just that it does.

  5. Its huge because it leads us to believe we are treating the symptoms and not the cause. It's a decent way to manage something but it means we need to further explore it. For years we havent looked deeper.

  6. I definitely agree it's an area we need to further explore and that a lot of our current meds were designed to treat symptoms, not specfic causes.

  7. I try to just talk, but I suck at talking to anyone and don’t really know what to do. I get nervous and usually just try to act somewhat cool and talk about stuff in class because I don’t know what else I would talk about

  8. First don't try to act "somewhat cool". You're likely trying to mimic someone or something else and it's very easy for other people to recognize it. Think of it as someone telling a bad lie. Not only is it easy to catch on to, but it'll likely cause you to veiw the conversation, and maybe the person, in a negative light.

  9. The environmental damage that's created by the war in Ukraine will significantly outweigh 9/11's. In Ukraine, it's happening at a scale and frequency that simply dwarfs 9/11.

  10. Well the good news is that what you're describing is pretty common. So don't go thinking it's an you issue because it's an everyone issue.

  11. Because most of them really don't care about winning or achieving long term goals, instead they thrive off the attention they get from fighting. I swear their bodies give off endorphins or something every time they try to own a liberal or berate a snowflake. Especially the ones who've base their personality and sense of self worth on MAGA.

  12. If those companies are vultures, then so are the companies, like Aramark, that have school contracts to provide food services. If you were to compare the quality and nutritional value of each company's menus, it would be hard to find any meaningful differences. In all of the companies, decisions are made based on profitability first and foremost

  13. Zero argument from me on that point. People would be appalled if they really knew the quality of food kids were eating and how little these companies care about nutritional value.

  14. I'm sure theres a lot of winking and nodding too from the leagues. If you get caught, its your fault pretty much

  15. Oh definitely. I'm sure a lot of organizations are aware of it and do exactly what you said. Organizations have no issues with feeding players league approved drugs just so they are able to make it through a game. Organizations care more about getting caught up in failed test than anything else

  16. So who against who? You act as if a civil war is as clear cut as it was 160 years ago. Everyone talks a big game, but the overwhelming majority of people on both sides are to comfortable in their life to actual do anything other than vote.

  17. It would take drastic circumstances to happen before a civil war could even become a possibility. We're talking like people can't meet basic needs like food or water level. And even if that were to happen there wouldn't be a civil war because the US has likely fractured into regional groups by that point.

  18. Hays county here. Huge increase in a county staffed by mostly Republicans.

  19. They'll come up with several ways to blame it on liberals. The excuses won't even have to make sense, just as long as they have something ir someone to blame. Excuses like oh you're property tax went up that much because the Public Library budget increased by 0.50%. Liberals are wasting money on books instead of helping people

  20. Religious leaders, especially the one that own/work for megachurches.

  21. This has been my experience, though as a relative of one and not as someone who's ever used one.

  22. Being able the list/sell/buy homes through the internet is a double edged sword. A major issue is that you'll likely be dealing with sellers that have the "no negotiations, I know what I have/what it's worth". The price will be probably be inflated from greed or sentimental reasons. Then they'll find out a house 3 streets away sold for $X and think dammit my house is worth just as much as theirs. They'll ignore important details like it's a newer build, has an in ground pool, sellers renovated several rooms, etc.

  23. This stuff all sounds like some MBA bullshit

  24. It's partly that but it's an easy, cheap aspect that companies can decide on. Business increase profits from good customer service, so it easy to think better service means more profit. Instead of dealing with more complicated issues like creating new products, innovation, or increasing market share; decision makers will go after low hanging fruit in order to save money and look like they are doing something.

  25. In general, you could argue that idolizing is ingrained in human nature. The vast majority of people do it to varying degrees and for different reasons. I had a buddy that was complaining about how his wife is obsessed with some celebrity, how she fan girls over them, how stupid it was, and how he would never do anything like that. Won't lie I kinda enjoyed pointing out that he's a Yankees fan who is obsessed with Aaron Judge. Like he can recite his college and mlb stats, has several signed jerseys, has an autographed picture of the two of them from a paid meet and great, and frequently comments on the guys personal life.

  26. I agree! Especially on the law stuff, that’s pretty cool and more than what the rest of em do for literally anyone else. I also like how she’s advocating for plant based meat. I honestly think it’s more Kylie that has turned insecure and/or vulnerable womans brain to mush. That girl can’t even hold a conversation I feel like growing up in that family has harmed her greatly. They all could do better with the jet issues. It’s just nauseating. Us normal people try so hard for the planet and it’s like pointless when you have rich people destroying the planet to go to the beach. Like, do better guys, you’re in the position more than any of us.

  27. I hate when people praise Kylie for being a self made billionaire. She's definitely a successful business woman but there's nothing self made about her.

  28. That and they have to constantly deal with the "I know what the problem is" types. And then they usually turn into the "You're trying to scam me. I know it should cost more than $XXX" types. Most of the time people are only seeing a symptom of the issue, not the actual cause.

  29. that is true. losing in a video game is one thing, but if she had audio on, and since verbal abuse against women is an ongoing problem, i wouldnt be surprised if op and his friends treated her like shit and thats why she started crying.

  30. That could be the case. Unfortunately there's a small percentage of male gamers that are outright vile to women gamers. And there's an even larger percentage that let's those things slide and occasionally say hurtful things.

  31. You'll likely hit a ceiling in the automation and instrumentation industries if you don't have a degree. It'll an uphill battle to achieve a significant promotion past the supervisor or manager level. Earning a degree really doesn't mean much, but not having one will make your resume stand out and not in a good way.

  32. Previously I'd give up pretty soon or "get bored" but with my new medication I've been able to put a bit more effort in without giving up. This effect has been wavering the past few days so I'm not sure if it's temporary or not.

  33. Have you given thought that maybe the issue is that you're acting for the sake of acting, instead of acting with a purpose or destination in mind? Emmanuel Acho has some great thoughts on this, about understanding what you're unique thing is, and how to capitalize on whatever it is.

  34. Yeah humanity has a chance of surviving but it really depends on what you're definition of surviving is. They way we're heading our future wars will be fought over resources like water or farm able land.

  35. Yup. If you are a good driver, then a dash cam will pay for itself after the first accident.

  36. It would be pretty easy to get rid of the footage/evidence you had a dash cam. Most dashcams can be taken down quickly and tossed under the seat or in a center console. Even if the mount is still visible, all you have to say is oh yeah I keep forgetting put it back.

  37. I'm guessing that's a per company decision. I work at a printing company and we absolutely would have stopped production, or refused to print it altogether had it been caught beforehand, mainly because had something like this gone out, there are people who would make it a point to find out who printed it and that wouldn't be good at all for the printer, even if they don't believe in whatever message it is, people will automatically assume you side with their beliefs. It took one time for us to find that out the hard way and since then we vet everything we print, especially political pieces.

  38. It's definitely a smart company policy because, as you said, people will absolutely investigate the people/company that did the printing.

  39. You're welcome. I try not to give out advice, only when asked, because everyone needs to live their own journey and discover their own path, but if you'll allow me one small bit of advice, and I don't know your situation at all, and please don't feel pressured to share, but be with them, call them, hold them, talk to them, sing songs they loved with them, laugh with them, tell jokes with them, hug them, cry with them, be scared with them, do as much as you can with them while they remember themselves and all their loved ones, include all their friends, your friends, their pets, their photos, their music, their clothes, their smells, their everything, every day, because each day, one of those things will go away and you won't get it back. Just don't leave them, no matter how angry they might get or however they change, they're just scared and they need you... They've always needed you, more than you've needed them... hugs

  40. My biggest fear in life is that my loved ones or myself will have to suffer through a drawn out cognitive decline because of this disease. To me its the worst terminal disease to have. The little we know about the disease is terrifying.

  41. Are you an introvert by chance? Because I am and my life mirrors everything you said. My office at work could be described as organized clutter. My desk will never be clutter free, mainly due to the nature of my job and the amount of items people drop off, but I know exactly where everything is. Even with roommates, our kitchen is immaculate and organized based on how often items are used. So pots, pans, spices, large utensils, etc are within arms length of the stove. The island is mainly used as a prep station so the cabinet is stocke with cutting boards, knives, bowls and such. It does help all of us enjoy cooking.

  42. What blows my mind is that Fox News executives went on the stand and said that Fox News (in reality it was Tucker Carlson) isn’t real news, it’s news entertainment. That’s why they can’t be sued for causing people to believe in their own bullshit. CNN and MSNBC have been sued for slander but didn’t use the Fox News bullshit line. Fair and balanced my ass.

  43. What's interesting is Alex Jones tried to use that same tactic is his divorce, child custody or Sandy Hook trial, and he got absolutely murdered by the opposing lawyers and the judge. Obviously Fox has access to a lot more lawyers who are in a different league than Jones'. But both took the stance that viewers know that neither should be taken seriously. Besides the quality of lawyers, Fox benefited from Carlson, at the time, being viewed as more credible than Jones was. It would be interesting to see if that would still fly if the trial happened today

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