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My wife and I both tried to draw a map of the US from memory.

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  1. Yeah, I'm not going to get rid of any of my devices I'm using currently simply because they're not USB-C but I have been avoiding anything with micro USB as the clips holding the plug in seem to break randomly. Then I'm having to twist the cords around to make the weight of the device hold the cord in. I simply do Not have this issue with type c cords.

  2. I had so many micro USBs get demolished by my old headset... the new USB-C one hasn't destroyed one yet. Never had my phone destroy one either.

  3. I desperately need something better for notetaking... I struggle with normal tablets.

  4. What's impressive about the top one is I couldn't even guess which state the artist is from. Like... you'd think you could at least draw your own state and have a cursory knowledge of which states touch yours... but, damn.

  5. I'm throwing a guess in for North Dakota. Feels like the most "obscure" region to get relatively correct.

  6. I have endometriosis and taking oral birth control consecutively without getting a period is the literal only way I don’t suffer from debilitating (literally), paralyzing (literally…sometimes would lose feeling in my hips and legs), horrifying menstrual cramps. I haven’t even had sex in like 2 years!! Birth control is MEDICINE first and foremost to a lot of people, along side the actual birth control aspect. It’s so fucked up.

  7. My birth control is the only thing that kept me sane for a decent number of years. I'm on a medication that drops it down to 4 periods a year, which is wonderful, but I'm unsure if it helps with my pain at all. I don't have as bad of symptoms, but I still rely on it. Aroace here and never want to have sex.

  8. Look into blending stumps if you want to continue with graphite. They may help with the shading smoothness.

  9. Ohh yeah I never thought of that, I’ve heard of them but I’ll have to try it, thanks.

  10. Unfortunately I have none. It's one of the things I still struggle with.

  11. I love the Cavallini’s! I’ve done 3 and I have 2 more in my stock to do. They do often have a lot of blank space when they are ones like this. But I love how pretty they are.

  12. I've done one and was in love. I liked the challenge of the blank space.

  13. I'm curious, how big of a marker collection do you have to get this range of colors?

  14. The kid with a copy machine. Business is booming

  15. My teachers' trick seemed to be printing it on colored paper. A bit harder to fake.

  16. Weighted blanked with a cool to the touch covering. No comforter any other blankets. You get enough pressure to sleep without feeling like you're roasting.

  17. I offhand either my fortune or silk touch pick and have the other in my first slot

  18. They will "work" but be much less effective. Adblockers like uBlock still works because Chrome still allows V2 extensions to run.

  19. Do you happen to know if the lite version will block YouTube ads? Because that's really all I care about.

  20. I hate Cinema 4D with a passion for what is likely partially biased reasons. Can't speak entirely for animation purposes (as I've unfortunately only done significant animation work in Cinema 4D), but I've found Blender to be the most stable and crash resistant. You'd think that wouldn't be that significant of a detail, but I and my classmates in college lost so much work to Cinema 4D and Maya crashing and corrupting files.

  21. Entirely depends on your field of work.

  22. I seem to get bad side effects with SSRIs. I dealt with leg spasms for two years while we tried to find out a medication that didn't cause that. Turns out that's just my reaction to SSRIs (as well as severe nausea for the first couple of weeks I'm put on one). They did actually work for my anxiety though.

  23. If I had to choose, it would probably be vintage Springbok. There are many great ones. Art & Fable, LePuzz, Cobble Hill…

  24. I hope I get my hands on a vintage springbok at some point. I've heard nothing but good things about their quality.

  25. I loved putting it together. Would absolutely recommend.

  26. The pieces don't lock together well, which made my attempt at doing this without looking at the box quite tricky.

  27. This is the second hardest puzzle I own. I don't recommend this puzzle or this puzzle brand. Maybe they've changed manufacturers since I got this puzzle years ago, but the puzzle cut isn't unique enough for an image like this. It's so easy to put pieces in the wrong spot. I did it at least a dozen times. It wasn't frustrating enough for me not to enjoy it, but my hardest puzzle came from this brand as well and was torture to put together. Pieces also don't lock together well, which isn't great because you'll have to move sections around constantly.

  28. Thanks for the warning. I have a few Eurographics and had no problems with them, but as you say, there may have been changes made.

  29. The bane of my existence is their gray wolf puzzle. The forest path one took me 4 days. The wolf one... it took me a month, if not more. That is incredibly long for me considering most 1000 piece puzzles take me less than 4 hours straight. We'd had it for years, taking it out every once in a while and giving it an attempt before giving up and throwing it back in the box. I started getting into puzzle YouTube (Karen Puzzles of course) and decided to give it another shot. All the problems get compounded when all of the pieces are so dark that all detail is lost. And at some point during those many attempts to do the puzzle, I lost a piece. It was crushing. I taped it all together and shoved it back in the box. I likely will buy the puzzle again at some point, do it on top of the other one, because god no I'm not doing it again, then hang it on a wall as proof of my accomplishment.

  30. This looks like such a fun image... I need to resist the urge to buy it for myself.

  31. Asteroids was first for me. It was the exact right difficulty.

  32. For a Gen Z native speaker, this is actually helpful.

  33. Having done it, definitely start at one color corner and work through it (or alternate working on the two opposite corners). You end up working in a diagonal line across the puzzle and pick off the pieces that are closest to the color you just put in. The teal pieces are also really useful because there's no actual teal section in the gradient. All the teal pieces go in the box holders or lay on top of other colors. Gives you more edges to work off of.

  34. Yow, my head is spinning looking at that. Was it fun? Or did it freak you out?

  35. The puzzle pieces in the image are a good amount smaller than the real puzzle pieces, which helps a lot for avoiding head spinning. I liked it a lot, but I've already fallen in love in rainbow puzzles. :P

  36. This is one of two fears I have in my life, a ceiling fan falling down and beheading me. The other is tripping while ice skating and another person with ice skates then cuts off a few of my fingers.

  37. Well, at least the second one is easily avoidable. No more ice skating.

  38. Merging into one does, but I'm perfectly fine once I'm on.

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