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  1. fake asf ewbaite white and maladroit are amazing

  2. the beginning of all virginity... theres no turning back now

  3. tbh we'll probably just get a rap/pop album then they'll split up from a mishap or something

  4. Omg?!?!? No one knows?? by the queens of the stone agw?

  5. Bro how did you even know that 8 months ago was January!!

  6. It’ll be on the market soon for $459k. FiXeR uPpEr looking for the right owner. 😂

  7. I will always be a C. I love exploring abandoned houses overgrown with brush. There’s a LOT of really old abandoned houses here in southwest Kentucky that are way back in the woods. You’d never know they were there if you didn’t get off the road or trails.

  8. How do you demolish something like that though? Do you just knock it down then pick up the rubble?

  9. yeah i know right? howd it just, disappear? Can't have shit in Detroit. They stole the overpass

  10. Just looked it up and apparently it collapsed into the road in 2019. Whoops!

  11. Im confused. Did the vandals in my question have tools to demo that section of the building, then clear the rubble?

  12. im assuming it was tooken down or possibly collapsed

  13. A. i'm downright obsessed with abandoned commercial buildings- what things got left behind? what happened here?

  14. It was a porno store. Got shut down and brought down the road, one main reason being due to being next to a gross and graffitied abandoned water park. They left it abandoned, and it looks like that now.

  15. a is def abandoned, and last sentence indicates you are young

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