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  1. Hi! Actually, I have the same issue! since update 11.2.1 not only my pencil got laggy but my eraser got problem too! (if I create a few lines, and try to erase it using total eraser, it takes something like 5 to 10 seconds to erase)

  2. Oh my gosh yeah! I hadn't updated to 11.2.2 yet so I was still on 11.2.1 and figured that would help but it didn't. I also have goodnotes but I feel like I can't get the hang of it, like the papers just too small in comparison to my settings on Notability. Honestly just glad I don't need to fork out cash on a new iPad and accessories. But still, definitely gotta wonder when it'll be fixed.

  3. kitten ! he’s 6 weeks and i found him and his sibs by their mama (she was deceased) pretty much the day they were born. i was only allowed to keep one and am currently fostering the others until they hit 2 pounds. it’s been a wild ride, they’re all so energetic 😅

  4. Oh my goodness, those sweet sweet tiny babies!!! I don't know much about kittens that little. They are so energetic. I would not use the spray bottle method til they are a little older. Lol. They are always trying to climb up your legs!! Good on you for providing them love and care ❤

  5. yes, they had no foster parents available so they’d be euthanized if i didn’t take them in. i was already attached by then so of course i had to say yes. glad i did too, he looks so happy playing with his siblings.

  6. I guess you do have a point and with leaks we get hyped up but at the same time we won’t be shocked anymore

  7. true. i’ve just never really been bothered by leaks at all. i like them

  8. They'll get there! If you make the slurry thin enough to be fed through a bottle (mostly formula with a little bit of wet food + extra water), that could help them get more interested in the taste.

  9. I’ll def try that with my difficult one ! So far im doing 1 meal a day as wet food but I’ll pick up to 2 meals a day by this weekend (have to pick some up from the rescue). Everyone except my chunky girl loves the wet food/formula mix in the morning so I’ll try to get her to be more receptive with that method !

  10. I agree with the previous poster: be patient. Guidelines on weaning and potty training are great, but they're just guidelines. Some cats will be the norm, some less so, some will be outliers, you will have to meet each kitten where it's at.

  11. Definitely being patient especially since I don’t have a cat at home for them to watch and learn from. They’re just super playful and a little stubborn haha. Im just watching them closely and making sure they’re eating and stimulating with necessary. But I agree! I can’t believe they’re going to be 5 weeks this weekend, I’m getting so sad thinking about giving them back 😭

  12. I love the website Serious Eats. It will even list any special equipment needed. Figure out what you like as far as knives. I prefer Pampered chef knives, they have a great guard, and lovely handles. But my husband prefers henckles. They fel too slippery to me. But my real suggestion is to learn the basics. How to cook pasta, how to make a soup from scratch, how to cook eggs in several different ways, how to put together, mirepoix, and the holy Trinity, etc. There are lots of YouTube videos on all these things. From there, you can learn to do more complex things such as puff pastry, and creme pat, how to spatchcock, etc.

  13. thank you ! i have a good chicken and pasta dish that i love cooking so i think that’s def my presentation dish ! im really excited to start working on this skill even more.

  14. Almost everyone overcooks their proteins when they start out. Buy a meat thermometer to help with that

  15. Proud to say that I have one lol. I’m pretty scared when it comes to cooking meats

  16. How my mother somehow came back into my life and started causing problems yet again. Gotta love them narcissistic mothers !

  17. Subnautica! The fear of the unknown, but explored in the comfort of my own room.

  18. tried playing it and realized quick that im a severe thalassophobe. it is very good though !

  19. In my experience, I actually start out with normal nipples. Miracle nipples tend to cause formula to come out much faster than the nipples that come with the bottle, so I would definitely try it and see what they think, but it might actually slow down your feedings even more haha. Sometimes they just like to enjoy their meals. You might be able to try spacing their feedings out a little more too? Sometimes that will kind of snap them into a mindset where they gobble as much as they can as fast as they can. I wouldn’t rush them though and make sure they’re getting a full meal.

  20. they currently eat every 3-4 hours ! i have a chunky girl that drank 23 mls under 5 minutes with the regular bottle nipple tbh it scared me LOL. she’s never drank that much before ! i think the miracle nipple works a little more for my difficult eaters though. so I may have the bigger kittens use the regular nipple.

  21. Ended up with a personality disorder.. seriously

  22. I feel like I have bpd some days. not allowed to see if it really is bpd because then ill get an earful about how it’s all in my head.

  23. This came to mind earlier, I was wondering if it might seem strange that I chase after coyotes. They rarely come onto my backyard at hours when I'm about, but a few have come up close to my house. If I see them, I will go out and chase them away. Those motherfuckers book it. I don't want them eating the rabbits and squirrels I enjoy watching.

  24. definitely not weird. had a coyote sneak attack my outdoor dog once and she didn’t make it :( can certainly agree that they’ll book it once you come running. i hear them sometimes at night. glad you’re protecting the little animals !

  25. I once saw a deer in my front yard.. had to move back to the city

  26. Walked around in high school for at least 2 periods with mail stickers on my back and legs and no one bothered to tell me. It’s a good thing I always had RBF and was able to shake it off on the outside but gosh was I embarrassed on the inside.

  27. if that’s the case then im wondering how he got it? he’s bottlefed and my fosters (his siblings) are healthy.

  28. they might replace, but that’s common with cheap/cheaper figures. all of them are going to have scuffs and paint issues because they’re mass manufactured

  29. Ahhh okay. I ordered two (one for me and one for a friend) and we figured out a solution for ourselves since she didn’t mind the damages. Good to know though ! I’ve seen a lot of these Banpresto ones looking particularly good from people that have bought them so it was quite a surprise.

  30. Yes, just did and provided pictures with my claims.

  31. As far as I know that’s totally fine and normal. You can help them with what they’re trying to do with a little toothbrush if you want.

  32. Thanks for the reply!! I noticed it and I thought it was the cutest thing until I started to wonder if they needed my help. I have another question if you don’t mind answering but, do you know around how old they are when I might be able to start trimming their nails/ start getting them used to nail care?

  33. I’m here in solidarity. My last litter of 5 had three butt-suckers, then once I separated them (little kennels errywhere) one started sucking her own butt. Come ON. They do grow out of it., mine quit after a week of me staying vigilant. If I can find it I’ll post the video of the self suckler in her sock onesie. You’re doing the right things. I did pick up a little battery operated heart beat on AMZ that they seem to love. It’s $15, there are cheaper ones but this one seemed sturdy and has AAA batteries. So far have not had to change them.

  34. Im hoping he grows out of it soon, we are on day 2. He has a stuffed toy in his bed but hopefully this little heart will also help keep him comfortable. This is my first foster so I’m a little anxious about him.

  35. When I separated my problematic suckler, I placed one of the females with him because if I'm correct, they tend to suckle males/male genitals are the type that are physically at the risk of damage? I'm not sure if that latter part is true, but either way, I had no issues with inappropriate suckling between those two. Maybe that's something you could try to keep him company in the meantime?

  36. Mines not picky with who he suckles, his sisters are also targets, sadly.

  37. Some of mine are like, ridiculously active. Flailing every time I pick them up. I have 1 that’s starting to relax more but the rest go crazy.

  38. They tend to chill out more once their eyes open and they can see what's going on. Otherwise they assume it's a predator and go nuts. Have you tried picking them up by the scruff of the neck the way their mama would?

  39. Ah okay. All of their eyes are still very much closed but I think they should be starting to open later this week. Hopefully they relax a little more.

  40. Personally I don’t think he’s that strong, like he’s got the average strength for his age at that time. Adrenaline is also a hell of a thing and Takemichi’s already said he’s afraid so mans definitely will be giving these punches his all. I also think maybe he had time to practice/get stronger since the battle (now) is in September and last I remember the date in the manga said July or something (currently rereading so i may edit this later).

  41. Yall gon hate me on this but... i really dont care about the haitani brothers, honestly they dont look interesting at all, just weird hair and good co-op chemistry, i dont think there is a need to know about them a lot.

  42. LOL. You’re definitely entitled to your own opinion! I wouldn’t mind seeing theirs if it came up but I really want to see Hanma’s. I’m dying over here, starved for content lol. Why is he not talking😩 I’m so concerned it’s embarrassing.

  43. I see we have the same obsession over the same individual.

  44. Nope, just those we know now. I like to think Takeomi has his on his back or opposite of Haru (so other arm, same position).

  45. I think that was correct since he was born in 1989

  46. The theories farfetched and will probably never happen but the people complaining because it “ruins their comfort character” need to go outside if they’re that attached to a character lmao

  47. Oh I definitely agree. Idk how many tiktoks I’ve seen today from mostly minors saying they’ve been crying, can’t look at Shin, and whatnot. It’s wild 💀

  48. I am not a minor but I was a bit disturbed while looking at him, haha 😄 And that was the day before yesterday when this theory was brought to reddit. I moved on yesterday after a good night's sleep 😄

  49. Definitely get that! Most of the reactions I’ve seen lately are just going too far. Like death threat level reactions 💀

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