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  1. Submission Statement: The World has become a very difficult place. Fortunately, there are some good people who are genuinely awake.

  2. And then there's the awake who are so tired of it that they are beginning to feel like pulling a Cypher.....(The Matrix)

  3. Cameron Day says we must end this Enslavement, and also take back the energy that was stolen from us.

  4. This is more true than we can even imagine . After beginning to meditate I really started seeing things with less of a filter over's all true

  5. Hi. David Icke goes mega deep into this in his Mind Expanding masterpiece "The Perception Deception":

  6. I had a great teacher who thought "outside the box". He had us read the book, and we then watched the movie in class.

  7. Submission Statement: The Mind Control of Society comes from all angles. Many who think they are awake are still Deeply Programmed.

  8. This was's actually cool to see people waking up...the younger the better. The sooner we wake up to this bullshit place and our predicament.

  9. so we're doing propaganda for the elites now?!

  10. The Moon is an Artificial satellite that has not always been here. There are ancient writings that talk of the time of "peace and prosperity" before the moon arrived.

  11. Belief Systems should not be teaching humans anything. That is the problem.

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