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  1. One of my teachers first didn't let me go to the bathroom when I wanted (my mom had told the school to let me use the bathroom when I asked), then when the school told him to let me use it, he said to me once "If you have these special privileges, I want you to do well in my class".

  2. If I knew you in real life I'd phone if there was heavy rain and say let's go for a walk!

  3. Yes. Does anyone else just in bed and scroll Reddit for like an hour before falling asleep? I do this and I know it’s unhealthy lol

  4. No meds worked for me. Still have to constantly pee and wet myself daily.

  5. Oh I’m sorry :( Have they offered you anything? I’m not inconstant or anything just need to go all day.

  6. They're not harrassing anyone. You're very rude, there is no place for rude people here.

  7. I use BetterDry and they're really good. They fit well for me and absorb everything!

  8. Just a thought, but it might help to have a dedicated pair of pants to wear over a pull up in such situations.

  9. I used molicares before I switched to betterdry. They're really good.

  10. Yup, Betterdry are my long distance driving and I don't want to change half way nappy. Downside is they can get a bit bulky. I drink so much water, coffee along the way :S

  11. I thought it was my imagination. There was something very slightly different in the new ones.

  12. I told my current partner the first time I slept at his place. That was the 3rd time we ever saw each other face to face. He was extremely understanding and did not mind at all.

  13. You need to get out right now. He is a psychopath and can hurt you or your kids.

  14. Avocadoes. Everyone seem to love them, in my opinion they taste like a damp cellar.

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