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Update: Chippette, who refused the vaccination because of “microchips,” among other things, lasted 120+ days on ECMO until she figured out she was never going to get a lung transplant and there was nothing left to do except collect her award. Nomination post in comments.

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  1. Good point, drivers licences should not be required unless you were at fault for an accident.

  2. We're not instantly born with the right to drive a ton to multiple tons of metal at 60 miles per hour. Turns out it's dangerous, not only to yourself but others. I for one enjoy having a process that ensures I can travel in relative safety and offers a means to prevent those with a tendency to put others at risk. Retroactively acting on accidents is nowhere near as effective as preventing them to begin with.

  3. Oh shit okay I found that but I was actually looking for a documentary nicee it’s all on YouTube

  4. I would stay clear of youtube if you're looking for documentaries. Not that there aren't good ones, but there are a lot of bad ones that look great. We're talking well researched, well produce grade-A bullshit. The problem with youtube is that much of it is independently produced and can be done anonymously. This means that if a video is deliberately misleading, it is very unlikely to be disproven. The more obscure topics will go unchallenged to the point where people can go on tangents about how the earth is a hollow sphere, or that it's flat, or that Regan is alive.

  5. People don’t realize that shit doesn’t smell because it’s submerged in water. What you did was wet your stinking shit, crack it open so that it was extra potent, and allow the increased humidity and warm air open your nasals and carry shit molecules into your nose.

  6. It was harder for me to get my driving license than it was for me to walk in and buy an SKS and a thousand rounds of ammo for it.

  7. Good lord, he looks old. He's literally the type of person all of us were trying hard to protect.

  8. When a girl does that thing where she tosses her hair back while it's wet and it flies off.

  9. i also don’t think that keene is bright enough to be fair sometimes people walking come out of nowhere at night, and it is a traffic risk

  10. I absolutely agree with the problem of people being hard to see walking. But the answer isn't more lighting, it's better lighting. A lot of times I can barely see people crossing the street but it's because the light from oncoming traffic backlights them. This problem exists even in incredibly bright cities.

  11. everything you've said is sound but unfortunately less and less commonly the case, in both my experience, and that of the broader community i have access to. i do not think this is the same as any medical procedure, as most hinge on fairly dry data. transition is a very emotional topic because there is an assertion of some deeper truth, some inherent state that is being pursued, which would be unethical, evil even, to deny. this is why it is harder to have honest conversations about our experiences within and outside of our community, because there is a very specific narrative being pushed forward that imo is completely false, and hurts trans people more than is believed even by us.

  12. I never said I don't think detrans isn't real. I said "I'm not even sure if detrans is even legitimate". Not being sure of something and doubting something are two very different things.

  13. I'll say then look at the writing of real people whose experiences are raw and honest (and well-documented) enough to lend some credibility to this issue, beyond anon posting on reddit. If you're genuinely interested in understanding this issue beyond the superficial (which may sound rude, but provided you yourself are not trans, you do not have insight into the depth of this experience, just your external observations), check out lacroicsz.substack for a female perspective, limpida (also on substack) for a male one. You don't have to agree with everything they say, but consider their how their experiences inform what we think we know about what it means to be trans (which notably fails to define itself in concrete measurable ways).

  14. I do appreciate your recommendation for reading further but I would caution against claiming that my only source is "just your external observations". I never said I wasn't trans nor that I don't know others who are as well who offer insight of from their own experiences. Also not all physical feelings of dysphoria from one's own body are related to gender. There is BIID body integrity identity disorder and apotemnophilia for example.

  15. These people will never admit that we had a chance to fight back against this shit-show and instead of doing their part and helping stop the enemy, they actively contributed to its spread. Celebrating their own selfishness while calling it freedom.

  16. I mean on the one hand I don’t like taxes, on the other, these churches are ran by the least Christian people to exist. Quite the conundrum

  17. It's actually quite surprising to many people just what can qualify as a church for tax purposes.

  18. Years ago I would have thought this person was simply joking. Now I'm not too sure and that makes me worried for where things are going.

  19. They began expanding it around 2017, took 2+ years, built a secret courtroom where 2 judges will preside starting in 2023 (

  20. Ffs. Pretty sure writing them a check for 40 billion is already direct involvement.

  21. Not the same as troops on the ground. While as stilly a distinction as it may seem, actual soldiers escalates things quite a bit. It's the difference between a cold war and straight up war.

  22. I know your right. Just seems like who we trying to kid at this point. Dose Putin really look at it that way? Like hes cool with the 40 Billion in aid? We are basically aiming the guns while Ukraine pulls the trigger.

  23. It's not so much as what the other person thinks as it is what the other person thinks other people will think to their response.

  24. You’re projecting. What parent, regardless of their side of this conflict, brings their infant out at this late hour. A parent protects their kids and keeps them safe at home. I never justified anything and I will not be your political tool. Fuck off.

  25. It may have been for a bad reason, but it may have also been for reasons that are unavoidable. Some people also work at hours that others consider odd or things come up. My parents once had to take me to the hospital at like 3 am when I was little. I also have fiends who work very late at night so they only can buy groceries either before work or after while it's still dark.

  26. Question: Who in their right mind brings out an infant at night in the middle of ongoing violence?

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