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  1. This isn’t how it works. The water comes in at the same time from the same pipes. It’s just that the water that is in the pipes have both settled at room temperature (assuming they have been sitting for a while). Once the water is running, the water in the hot pipe becomes hot because it is fresh from the water heater. The water in the cold pipe will typically become colder as it comes from the ground, but this is a less dramatic change.

  2. Please don’t judge the rest of the country based on Florida.

  3. At least until they try making masterbating illegal. Its already illegal to own more than six dildos in Texas. It was ruled as unenforceable, but its still on the books.

  4. Texas - the state where they can’t wrap their heads around the concept of too many guns, but have a clearly defined metric for what constitutes too many dildos.

  5. The panels themselves last 30+ years. The inverters range from 10-25+ years, but they can be replaced for a much lower cost than the original installation. That said, ROI in many locations is 7-10 years, not 20+.

  6. My kids love Brian Regan (his energy level seems to translate well for kids) and Jim Gaffigan. Nate Bargatze is great as well.

  7. I remembering reading an account of a modern British soldier who got hit with an AK round during one of our forever wars while wearing modern body armor. He said he felt like getting hit with a sledgehammer, but he'd like to buy the armor's inventor a drink since it unambiguously saved his life.

  8. The Brits still allow 16 year olds to enlist under certain circumstances IIRC

  9. Ugh - so jealous. I can’t find ER anywhere near me.

  10. Me either! It's so weird. My local stores here in Champaign IL used to carry it all the time. Now I can't find it anywhere and it's been more than a year. Any idea what happened?

  11. Seems like everyone else realized how good it is and now it’s one of those allocated bottles that get hidden in the back for special customers.

  12. I can almost guarantee you that this was not done via cable length but was done by flipping the phase on the 2nd mic (a function that many mixing boards have). Cable length has no measurable effect on audio phase. Distance from the source to the mic capsule has a far greater effect.

  13. A delay is mathematically a linear phase change, not no change.

  14. You’re absolutely right. I was thinking about a sine wave where a delay of the correct duration is functionally the same as a phase reversal. The human voice is a far more complicated wave form and a delay would not have the same effect as on a simple sine.

  15. You should be able to access people’s emergency contacts if they have it set up. On an iPhone, try to swipe open the screen, click “emergency” and then “medical ID”.

  16. I live on Long Island and I really think we should get the Lyme test at every wellness check as well as after any bite or having symptoms. I don't get why ignore it.

  17. I’ve been saying this for years. The long term effects I deal with are no joke. And it took me years and multiple docs to get diagnosed.

  18. The house was destroyed in the fire so there is no inverter. Good to know those are solaredge DC optimizers though. Seems like a solaredge inverter will be necessary? Thanks for the insight and input!

  19. You don’t need to use the optimizers if you use a different inverter, but it’s nice that they are there if you want to stick with SE.

  20. If you’re looking at putting them on your house, SolarEdge or Enphase are the big players for residential rooftop scenarios. If you’re looking at keeping them as a ground array, you can use a string inverter and eliminate module-level electronics. I’d recommend SMA for reliability but there are many options.

  21. Great! Glad I could help. This same situation was a head-scratcher for me the first time I ran across it.

  22. Without MLPE, how would you meet rapid shutdown requirements?

  23. I understand an inverter going bad but can you help me understand what part would need to go bad for an Enphase microinverters system to go down? Like what specifically messes up where the string terminates?

  24. They probably mean the breaker(s) where the micros tie in to your home’s AC, which would also exist for SolarEdge.

  25. It's so interesting. I'm in California, and have dealt with similar amounts of ticks in my 24 years, mostly bird banding. Never had any problems, but most of the time I caught them before they bit me. Never had any symptoms from it. Seems like Lyme Disease is a lot more prevalent out there on the East coast

  26. Lyme is more of an east coast issue (for now), which makes sense considering it’s named after Lyme, CT.

  27. Pulled 5 baby ticks off me last year but thought “ahh they’re only poppy seed size I’ll be fine”, I’ve had a long list of health problems and just googled Lyme disease, I tick pretty much every single box and the doctors have been testing me for allergies and vitamin levels whilst throwing random things at me for treatment.

  28. Absolutely get tested. I had undiagnosed Lyme for years. I don’t know that I will ever be back to normal.

  29. Nice collection. I owned just about all these records on CD when they came out. I guess that makes me old…

  30. There will be highlights on F1 TV but no live coverage.

  31. Smashing Funko Pops is going to be every sanitation worker's job for the next one hundred years.

  32. The Stockholm syndrome around here cracks me up. The halo is an invaluable safety upgrade, but it’s ugly as fuck just like that enclosed cockpit.

  33. I genuinely like how the halo looks. It adds a wedge shape where before was a hard step.

  34. lCt says:

    I wish to continue to antagonize you further so you continue to post cooler and cooler sustainable houses. So just so everyone knows if you are not connected to the grid the police are authorized to shoot on sight.

  35. Hahaha. Fair enough. That’s all I have off the top of my head for NJ but I’ll keep you posted if I find any others.

  36. lCt says:

    On my project list is installing solar on my shed myself to run a couple pumps so I can turn my backyard pond into a sort of aquaculture for my garden and orchard. I will make sure to bother you when I get to that checkbox of my to do list.

  37. That’s a fun one. Probably easiest thing to do is determine how much power/energy you’re going to need and get a kit. For a couple of pumps, I’m guessing maybe 3 panels, a charge controller, and a lead acid battery or two. Obviously, bigger pumps will require more.

  38. CFD computes the airflow over the car and gives you quantified downforce numbers. I guess that the teams translate these downforces into loads on each tire based on their suspension setup.

  39. I really really really miss being able to have this as my go-to. It’s not overly complex, or unique, or demanding of special attention, but if I just want a really enjoyable whiskey to sip while having a great conversation, this would be my choice.

  40. I’ve bought it twice now. It’s a good bottle.

  41. I haven’t played ACC but I just picked up AC with all the extra DLC for $7.99 and I’ve been really enjoying it. I think it’s definitely worth it at that price.

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