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  1. The supplement isn’t going to work as sulforaphane degrades rapidly Most people grow broccoli seeds and eat the sprouts

  2. What are you running? Testosterone should severely alleviate anxiety, and DHT derivatives should make you feel like you don't even know what anxiety is. Are you sure your anxiety isn't caused by elevated E2?

  3. I dont think its clear-cut like that though. I have mild depression and anxiety and when running simple cycles it disappear completely. On the other hand, some compounds make it worse and estrogen control makes a difference. Some compounds affect people conpletely differently.

  4. I think the anecdotes about androgens relieving anxiety are misguided. I believe a lot of people are mistaking low self esteem/confidence, that androgens will often improve, as anxiety. I’m referring to “legitimate” anxiety disorders, characterised by an inhibitory excitatory imbalance - of which steroids will exacerbate.

  5. Im in A similar situation and my thought process on this is that I'm doing 12 wk cycles with 8-10 weeks cruising in between. I feel like I stop gaining mass substantially after 12 weeks as well as could use the mental break from stuffing my face 24/7 and extreme amount of training. That said I'm 3 weeks into a post blast cruise and am already itching to blast again.

  6. Your not cruising if your taking 200test 400primo, anything above ~75mg exogenous test/week is clearly supraphysiological, once you pass ~150mg/week your health markers are barely going to come back into range

  7. Lol. Anything above 75mg of test isn’t supraphysiological, heard of SHBG? 125mg of test e puts me into the top end of the natural range. 955ng/dl

  8. Exogenous test lowers SHBG leading to increased free T/DHT.

  9. 50mg/ml 1.2%ba 20%bb oil of choice, I prefer MCT

  10. Never said it’s good. Stuck around the same weight for 2 weeks in a 500 cal surplus , start sdrol , weight came up , lifts went up , more gains

  11. If your weight is not moving up by definition you are not in a surplus

  12. Can you still donate blood even though you are taking prescribed narcotics?

  13. No but yes. After you donate call them within 24hrs and tell them you’ve come down with a fever. They’ll trash the blood. Otherwise just blood let at home.

  14. I’d recommend instead to use 20mg telmisartan + 1.25mg nebivolol. The combination is safer, and more effective.

  15. ARBs, like telmi, if taken for a long enough time lead to ‘aldosterone breakthrough’ which can cause damage to the kidneys. Combining an ARB with nebivolol prevents this issue. Also the combination of ARB + nebivolol is a 1+1 = 3 situation. They are synergistic in the best way possible, meaning you can use a lower total dose of each and get even better results than either alone.

  16. Inability to experience orgasm speaks to high prolactin levels; lack of sunlight, insufficient b6, broken dopaminergic system etc

  17. Yeah that’s true, but anecdotally every good batch I’ve ran has been golden yellow. The light color tren I’ve ran has been shitty and I had to run more of it to get the same effects.

  18. Dark coloured tren just means the brewer doesn’t know what his doing and has oxidised it. Have fun with elevated CRP.

  19. Cardarine shifts muscle fibres to slow twitch, aka makes you less explosive over time - opposite to the goals of most users of this subreddit

  20. Metformin longevity myth has been busted

  21. Subcutaneous fat in the hips, buttocks and thighs is correlated to reduced mortality, diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk, among other things.

  22. The specificity of where that fat goes is largely hormonal related; hips, buttocks and thighs are largely correlated with high(er) estrogen. Estrogen is anti-inflammatory and improves insulin sensitivity. It isn’t that the fat is ‘protective’ it’s that it reflects the healthy hormonal state of the being.

  23. Getting worried I’m immune to test? Been on 13 days 250 prop a week,500 e a week! No sex drive can get hard but feel aroused! Aromasin 12.5 eod and proviron 50mg a day Read somewhere that 5 percent of people don’t feel test even when levels are elevated and e2 in check!

  24. Too much asin, no sex drive is low e2 symptom

  25. Call them the day after and let them know you’re coming down with the flu. They’ll trash the blood.

  26. Given that freshly squeezed orange juice consists almost entirely of fructose and water there is little difference between consuming it and coke.

  27. I will enjoy seeing legetimate peer reviewed science that maintains that juice is a important, healthy beverage compared to soft drinks.

  28. You’re moving the goal posts and ignoring the proven benefits of micronutrients. It’s obvious your mind is set in dogma so I won’t bother wasting more time.

  29. Start using cronometer as it tracks your micronutrients.

  30. This looks like fungal acne, easily treatable. Save yourself the money on a derm and try the following first. Go to the pharmacy and buy 2% nizoral shampoo. Apply nizoral shampoo to damp skin. Wait 5 minutes then wash off. Do this 2-3 times per week. Within two weeks you’ll know if it was fungal acne because it would have disappeared completely.

  31. Keeping this link here for reading later when I can get full access:

  32. Makes sense mechanistically, and personally my hair is regrowing on deca solo (no fin/duta or test)

  33. I doubt it's 100%? What are the % scores for people who claim they have gaydar?

  34. It was pretty accurate. Above 90% for males and 80+% for females.

  35. Visionary: SOTC / Yung Lean / Dev Hynes


  37. You guys wanna share your bulking shakes? Back on the tren train and eating 4500kcal clean a day isn’t happening so I’m gonna drink a lot of the cals. My current shake is:

  38. Why would you put oats in a bulking shake? It’s literally the most dense and filling carb source I can think of outside of psyllium husk. Replace oats with potato starch flakes or dextrose or sugar or literally anything else.

  39. I just imagined someone with taste buds around their ass.

  40. DIM is literally an androgen antagonist, the last thing you want on a blast

  41. Cruising on anything other than Testosterone is unwise..

  42. I’m forced to perma-cruise due to a pituitary tumour

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