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  1. I do this to but I’m not sure why but hopefully someone has a good answer for you

  2. Crystal sword. Really good early Int weapon, that you can get in Liurnia without killing anything.

  3. I got Margit in 2. I got the Godskin Duo in 1. I got Malaketh (sp?) In 3-4. I got Melania in ~10.

  4. That's my favorite part of Elden ring — same bosses, wildly different experiences. Shoes you how varied the gameplay can be.

  5. Yeah definitely, I was able to beat most of the ones you mentioned in a similar amount of try’s but Margit was ridiculously hard

  6. I don’t agree because you could have a future at some point where you’re glad to be alive and I want to say something to try to stop you but it’s your life and I suppose in the end it’s your decision as well. I wish you the best either way

  7. I am exactly on the same way you are but changing my profession helped me a ton. A was tring to find a job as i had graduated from business administration i found corporate relations terifying. But now im going back to school to be a teacher which makes me feel more content. Maybe try a different work field if thats possible

  8. Comparing yourself to others is even a bigger mistake than feeling disappointed at yourself. It's a vicious cycle. There's always someone doing better and also worse than you.

  9. Yeah but I just can’t help but think what if I never had to deal with this and I’d just had a regular life and already made all this progress, but I know the what if doesn’t matter I just think about stuff regardless

  10. I don’t have the ability to suck my own but if I did here are some tips, make sure to actually suck, try getting a little past the head, use your tongue around the head and just underneath, also if you are ok with a little roughness just barely allow your teeth to hit the edge of your head adds texture, also use your hand on the shaft in tandem with your sucking motions. Tips from someone who definitely isn’t flexible or long enough.

  11. That’s something I’ve been having a hard time with as well is basic functions, and yeah it is difficult cause sometimes even when you remember you just end up putting it off and saying I’ll do it later or just not doing it entirely and as someone who has been through this and somewhat still is going through it I just want to say great job! Also try your best to keep it up

  12. I’m on Xbox and I had previously owned bo3 on disc but had some problems so I had to buy it digitally but they only sell that bundle and I already own chronicles but I had to pay for both

  13. I’m sorry but the way he slides in at the end is hilarious, still good though

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