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  1. Try letting the sap dry and running a lint roller or duct tape over your clothes meticulously. this was what we had to do.

  2. Same thought. that is the sickest piece i’ve ever seen. really cool! thick diaper too. is that antler? where’d you get it, OP?

  3. I don’t think you’ll be able to get that answer here. See rule three of the subreddit, there’s a policy against diagnosis of any kind. If you have concerns with your friend, the best policy may be an awkward but open discussion.

  4. stems from my fecal incontinence basically -nerve damage, sensory processing issues.

  5. Irish coffee man plays games really loud. also likes potatoes.

  6. I have found weed makes that easier yea. it’s a different “kind” of dissasociation, if that makes sense. the framework it gives me lets me put a lot of myself in perspective, and we all communicate a little more “lucidly” under weed.

  7. Good pic! Random question, but do they still suffer from the tiny pinhole leaks all over? Many moons ago I used wellness and had to switch away for that. I remember them being moderate and pulpy-like though.

  8. oh sad face. Dang. At least they’re comfy.

  9. Nice! Using them as a stuffer or do they just fit as is?

  10. Awww thank you! Sadly only as a stuffer.... They're a size 4 so I dont think anyone over the age of like 3 fits these.

  11. No worries! Yea, honestly, we've been using Luvs for the same thing. We get cheap diapers that are..thin, but manageable, and a simple stuffer makes SO much difference! The thicker crinkle and powder smell doesn't hurt either.

  12. Neat diaper. loving the shirt! dinos rock

  13. great video! what diaper is that? looks thick.

  14. Thick diapers are good! I love the fact that you can constantly redo the tape on those. makes getting a good fit so much easier.

  15. This is a Kink 3D Cobra. I love it. Smooth out of the box, and I got thne sizing right so except when I wake up in the morning I don't even know I'm wearing it

  16. Nice. i’ll definitely have to look into that. thank you

  17. you and me both =p the community around here is super friendly, maybe you’ll find someone. Might help to have an idea of your interests and chastity preferences, what kind of cage and such you like, etc. best of luck

  18. best combo there is. spanked, red, and crinkly.

  19. That’s beautiful! Which trail is that? I’ve seen some bridges like that down near Townsend / The Wye

  20. It’s off of the Little River Trail! It was a gorgeous day for a hike :)

  21. Looks like it. Next chance we get, might wander up that way. Also, happy cake day!

  22. If you want discrete, you'll want goodnites or pullups, or a similar cloth backed diaper. The actual "diaper style" diapers are in general thicker, more obvious/louder, as they hold more. Basically, the lighter your continence needs, the more discrete of a product you'll be able to wear.

  23. I’m thinking of buying a pack of goodnites that I’ll use most of the time and then a small pack of diapers for when I want them

  24. That could work well. A note on goodnites - depending on your hip size, they can have a tendency to tear. Might want another adult brand pull-up, or actual diaper on hand just in case. Most of the diapers you'll find in s tore are going to be of around the same quality - cloth backed, mildly useful, and leaks after two or three wettings. But they'll work.

  25. Yes there are daily logs for data, kegels, fluid challenges, the use of an alarm system, and basically behavior therapy to wake you out of the deep sleep. It's a lot of data collection and requires consistency, but in time I was able to wake up from my deep sleep.

  26. I took a look at their website, and I think a lot of insurances say this is a self-pay sort of deal. Is the cost prohibitively expensive? While you're in the program..basically, how does the alarm work? Can I still wear a diaper? I am fecal incontinent as well, and that could make just sleeping on a pad..problematic.

  27. this is why i don’t trust pull-ups. plastic diapers or bust for me. that sucks that happened. leaks are a common occurrence but it never seems to feel any less..frustrating. i know the feels.

  28. Is it possible you are not emptying out fully? This was my issue and why i would sometimes go through three diapers in half an hour.

  29. my support worker helps me with getting things ordered and put away (diapers,food,medicine) and assists with changing. it’s just about what kind of support you need.

  30. it will come as you spend more time out. don’t stress on it. just let it develop naturally. me and my brothers have distinct inflections and accents. you can, with effort, tell who is speaking.

  31. To understand this, it’s useful to get an idea of how the brain stores memories like this. Now this is just my personal experience, so take it as anecdotal.

  32. I have some incontinence advice, i’m on mobile right now and will comment later - but allow me to blow your mind about the post nasal drip.

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