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I received an urgent message from Hasan today at work. I had to respond.

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  1. I've never had a pay rise where percent has been taken into account, it's always just been seen as a £X per annum increase. I've never worked at a company with pay-grades and I've always been on salary rather than paid per hour so other companies may operate differently.

  2. Does britain still count as europe. And yeah i saw the fact that mussolini was recast as a female.

  3. Britain is still in Europe. Brexit did not physically move the island to another continent.

  4. My beard grows fairly quickly so as long as I'm not actively trying to grow it out I'd at least consider it. I had such a horrible beard when I was 17 and had no idea what I was doing I wish somebody had told me how awful it actually looked.

  5. Will be, and also to a convention here in England which will have a couple of the Red Dwarf cast (Danny John-Jules and Chloe Annett). Been really looking forward to it!

  6. Which convention is this? I'm in England also and have been looking for things like this to go to. If I see you at a pub on Halloween I'll give you a proper Rimmer salute!

  7. Em-con in Nottingham, tho it's still a pretty long way!

  8. Oh nice, I'm up in Nottingham for Halloween so I'll have to look into it!

  9. And Family Guy and the Simpsons are in the same Universe.

  10. I'd love to see Stewie meet Rick, they'd become either best friends or mortal enemies.

  11. Maybe this works in cities and urban areas, but then this change happened I tried to stick to it, pedestrians wouldn't cross, so I carried on. It's also not always obvious if a pedestrian is intending to cross a road or not, they may be waiting to cross the other way (i.e. the road you're coming from) or may just be loitering, especially if there's a shop or something on the corner where the crossing is.

  12. You should always be slowing down before signaling expecting that the car in front of you might have to completely stop for a crossing pedestrian. That should have been happening before this new rule.

  13. Technically you should signal first before slowing down, so other cars know to expect you to slow down. The problem really is that I'm required to have faith in the drivers behind me to be paying attention to the fact that I'm coming to a complete stop rather than just slowing down to turn. It really can be dependent on things like road layout and whether the guy behind you is an idiot or not.

  14. All of you are using terrible logic and critical thinking.

  15. If you see somebody walk into a school with an AR-15, are you going to stop to look up the school shooting hotline, or just dial the 3 numbers required for immediate help? Either way you'd get the same response. You don't need a hotline separate to 911 to report a school shooting and creating one could potentially waste time while somebody tried to remember it or looked up what it was rather than just pressing the 'emergency call' button on their mobile.

  16. Flat earth, shapeshifter-reptillians, Mandela effect, hollow earth, space doesn't exist, just to name a few

  17. The Mandela effect is not a conspiracy theory, but a real effect that many of us have experienced. To deny the Mandela effect is essentially denying that a large amount of people remembered things differently to the way it happened.

  18. Still going strong unjabbed here. My work asked everyone to provide their vaccine info (but as per law in my area they could only ask, not compel us to tell them) and I refused to disclose. I advised my medical business was my business and I did not want to face discrimination for medical decisions made. Obviously from my response they can assume, but even if I had got the shot I'd still not tell them because it's not their business.

  19. Imagine actually being against free thought, and being for mindlessly doing and thinking what other people tell you to do and think without checking if it's necessary or even safe first. Now imagine being so supportive of that mindset, that you feel it necessary to attempt to insult and belittle anyone that doesn't share it.

  20. So they admit that they can’t think for themselves…. and they’re proud of it.

  21. They're genuinely proud of their lack of research and thought about what they're putting into their body, "the TV said it was safe" was good enough for them.

  22. Anyone know a single unvax person in the icu because of covid?…whereas I do know vaxxers that have ended up in hospital for blood clots on the lungs and enlarged liver. And a bunch of “sads”.

  23. Best mate ended up hospitalised with a blood clot (trippe jabbed, in good shape, 25 years old). The doctors told him it's because he'd spent too long sitting down the day before.

  24. “Spend too long sitting down the day before” what the actual fuck? When I was your mate’s age of 25 I was fat and I recall a period when I couldn’t get a job that I have sat all bloody day watching tv sometimes for days! I never got clots and your mate would be way fitter than me if we shared same timeline.

  25. I get you, I'm 24 and work from home in a desk job, I'm overweight and spend most my time at my desk or in front of the TV, but he's the one that got the clot because one day he was sat down for a while, apparently... I asked him about the doctor's explanation and I don't think he was buying it either, I don't think they really elaborated further to him because obviously it was bullshit.

  26. Glad they were here to correct me. I've got less money left at the end of each month and it's looking less likely I'll be able to afford to build my home when the fucking government finally actually decides to give me permission to do so on my own fucking land after I've been waiting for a year due to the planners all quitting because inflation made their wages worthless, but good to know that this is all good for me...somehow...

  27. When people don't have religion they tend to replace it with something similar to fill the gap. As the post states, some have used COVID to fill that void. Many use politics, almost always leftist ideas as they're generally about collectivism rather than individualism, they go this way because they want to feel part of something bigger than themselves. Leftism is a cult and covidianism is an offshoot.

  28. Actually somebody in sales fell for this where I work a couple years ago. They used the director's name and he actually was in a business meeting with a client at the time. The shopkeeper asked her to make sure it wasn't a scam but she insisted it wasn't. She paid with the company card. We were never told how much she spent but luckily no serious damage was done and she wasn't punished for it to my knowledge.

  29. You'd feel like such a twat if your whole company knew you fell for this - that would be punishment enough I reckon.

  30. Yeah that's true, she was definitely very embarrassed but it became something that could be looked back on and laughed about retrospectively.

  31. when you download telegram (or signal) then anyone with the app who has your number saved gets a notification that you have the app now

  32. Personally I'd wipe and rebuild PC and change all passwords saved on the PC/browser.

  33. Not a solution to your current problem but a good way to stop the problem reoccurring, keep them in your car or by your front door so you see them when leaving, before going to the supermarket move them to the passenger seat so they're visible, less chance you'll forget them that way.

  34. Shut up. I’m a plague rat but I have a heart. You are just as bad as the vaxhead tyrants. Do better.

  35. Really glad people are downvoting that guy, it show's we're better than HCA.

  36. Gordon Bennett! Yes, Chen. Everyone. Everybody's dead, Dave!

  37. Wait... are you trying to tell me everybody's dead?

  38. He's still a deviant sicko, joke or not. Doesn't that school have a dress code? If a student went braless I bet she would be expelled.

  39. Honestly I'm quite right wing and was appalled when I first heard the story, but the fact they're "gaming the system" doesn't make it much better really, like at least their goal isn't to corrupt the kids, but making them uncomfortable isn't really an acceptable side effect for them to make their point.

  40. I don't see what he would accomplish by getting fired and suing the school. I feel bad for the students.

  41. I think the logic behind it is to essentially play them at their own game, he voiced his opinions and got in trouble, so take their opinions to an extreme then if fired sue them, I guess it gets him money and also makes it look like they're intolerant of his personal identity. Honestly I'd laugh if it was in an office, but this behaviour shouldn't be tolerated around children ironic or not.

  42. All of his era is forgettable and the memorable stuff is all memorable for a bad reason

  43. Yeah that's true, I remember the season finale to Flux sort of, but nothing good about it, was mostly just trying to work out wtf was actually going on.

  44. The only one I remember is the fucker with the teeth in his head, just because it’s such a bizarre character design. Couldn’t tell you his name or what he does, though. He’s probably called something stupid like “Tom”

  45. Smart plugs, I live on my own so I have the lights on timers so it looks like there is always someone in - plus I'm lazy and I like that I can stay in bed and switch the bedroom light off.

  46. They're also great for making dumb devices smart. I used to have a heater plugged into a smart switch, I'd have it on timer so I'd wake up in a warm room (but I'm not a billionaire so no more of that). I've also got a disco ball connected to a smart plug that turns on, and my smart bulbs change to blue and red at 17:00 on a Friday to mark the end of the week.

  47. In theory, somebody who wants to lower our taxes, so yes.

  48. If the NPC theory were true, wouldn't the NPCs be deeply against it? Either programmed to deny it or simply unable to process and accept it due to being an NPC. If it were true it's not like the NPCs would acknowledge it to be true.

  49. I got this from EE once on the live chat. It was a while ago and I'd been out of contract for a while so I just outright asked "I've got 40gb data and worldwide roaming for £8. If I lock in can you reduce it?"

  50. I've had something similar before, it was £12ish for 30GB I think they kept calling me once a month or so asking me to sign up for a new contract but could never offer me anything better SIM only, I wish I stuck with it but my phone broke and at the time I was in a bad financial position so couldn't quite buy another outright, now I pay a stupid amount of money after they randomly increased the price 3 months into the contract. Assholes.

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