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  1. I mean, to be fair, in all those different versions, it is her fault they were stuck on the tower.

  2. The tides come in, O'Reilly crows,

  3. There was a story from my area a long time ago about a guy living under high-tension wires stealing electricity with a big coil of copper wire in his garage. They caught him because his electricity bill suddenly dropped to almost nothing.

  4. I'm pretty sure this isn't illegal. Do you have a link to a story or something?

  5. The Kap Dwa is considered to be a hoax produced through taxidermy.

  6. Guns are mostly just steel. If you oil them and keep them in a locked box with decent environmental conditions, they could theoretically last forever, and most guns barely get used at all, if ever.

  7. How powerful is everyone else’s windshield wash sprayer? Mine just spays my own windshield.

  8. It doesn't matter; at highway speeds it will blow over the roof of your car and get on the guy behind you.

  9. There's a phrase for the description.

  10. She wasn't book smart and practically dumb. She's a smart person who really has her shit together and actually has a lot of common sense.

  11. If way too far is the 2nd paragraph for you..

  12. I had to read way too far into this to figure out which mega franchise you were even talking about

  13. And wait until you start looking into mushrooms... A particular species has 20 000-36 000 sexes. Most of them can reproduce in a myriad of different sexual and asexual ways.

  14. Look up bees if curious, they dispensed with chromosomes completely (well, never evolved it would be more correct)

  15. I feel so bad for the rest of the party, stuck dealing with this outrageous case of Main Character Syndrome and a DM who seems happy to oblige.

  16. I mean this is fine, but I feel like "fruit stickers" is probably an offensive term and you should just stick with "LGBT" or "gay."

  17. This is great. We definitely need to make it harder for people who have committed crimes to reintegrate into society and get jobs. That way, we can create more crime and give the police more work, costing us extra money and creating needless violence.

  18. Thanks, I have added the link in the description. This is one of the 3 church in whole world, sharing common architecture design.

  19. Hey, I'm not sure if it's a mistake or what, but are you sure the word "conman" is correct?

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