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  1. You obviously don't work in canada or usa... and yes it is very dangerous to approach someone you think may be stealing to check their bag.

  2. Yes your right I’m not from North America, and neither is OP. So I’m not trying to be rude but my point is that you’ve completely just assumed that OP is American in your initial comment, and without that assumption your comment is irrelevant since in most developed countries it’s not dangerous at all

  3. Okay and? You still assumed that OP was and therefore it was dangerous to check bags

  4. Probably the 5th time I got ghosted but I feel like the conversation is going to go normally and I don’t think I’ve said something weird or anything so why do I keep on getting ghosted? :/

  5. It’s not ghosting if you’ve never met or developed any kind of relationship. It’s impossible to ghost someone after exchanging only a single message. You need to chill a bit I think, and not jump straight to asking for a date so soon. Actually engage in conversation first, and give her something the she can reply to

  6. Nah, she was more skilled than other people that were included and invited along. Jack just didn’t want her to go because he had feelings for her and didn’t want her to get hurt. The fanbase’s response of hating on her for going anyway is pretty misogynistic because Jack has no right to tell her what to do like that, and peoples failure to recognise that is a problem. If a male character (like Hugo) had have done what Kate did then no one would give a shit.

  7. I'm not sure because I saw almost as much hate for Jack as for Kate on this sub.

  8. He might get hate as well, but he also gets a hell of a lot more love than Kate. He’s consistently voted in polls as one of the top characters, whereas Kate never even makes top 5. There are definitely double standards going on by fans towards Jack and Kate, to me it’s pretty undeniable that people are far harsher on Kate than they are on Jack

  9. They don’t look anything alike. Both girls look gorgeous though

  10. I know, the dresses don’t look anything alike. Not even slightly

  11. She wants the interpreter to be positioned in a place that allows her to see the ceremony while also seeing the interpreter at the same time. That seems pretty reasonable to me. Every other guest will be able to look and listen at the same time.

  12. No they won’t, you often can’t actually here the vows anyway. They’re very intimate and often are spoken more quietly. It’s reasonable for the bride to want it to be just the two of them on the stage in that moment. If OP had an interpreter nearby or a written copy of the vows they’d still be in a better position to understand than a lot of the guests would be. Wanting an interpreter on stage during that moment is okay to ask, but it’s also okay for them to say no when there are plenty of alternatives.

  13. When women talk about disliking nice guys, they’re not talking about genuinely kind and caring guys. It’s a term to describe the men who think they are owed something just because “but I’m a nice guy!” Check out the sub

  14. The commenter said that he might want to settle in the next two years, hence her being 22. I think you might be thinking of earlier in the comment when they mentioned him being 40

  15. The way Chris Hemsworth was portrayed was done in a way to enhance other aspects of his character. Thor is meant to be a god, so portraying him as strong and muscular was important to establish his character in the first few movies. Once his character was established they could break out of that mould a bit more and expand on him - hence why ‘fat Thor’ could exist and more of his struggles could be shown. Often when male characters are shown shirtless it’s not done in a way that sexualises them. Marvel is a predominantly male audience, and as a result there are inherent differences in character portrayal and intent that can’t be ignored.

  16. I hate to break it to you but those things on James Bond are also done for the male gaze, women definitely do not find those things seductive. Just like with Thor’s abs. There has been lots of commentary on this, and if your interested there are a lot of resources out there that explain this in more detail.

  17. If I had a dollar for every time this was posted…

  18. Simone is on theme. All the celebs wearing Moschino were.

  19. I love Simone, but she is definitely not on theme. None of them were

  20. Number 3 would actually be super cute without the god awful bag and denim vest. And I thought she looked gorgeous in the wedding outfit, orange was so her colour

  21. Most people aren't ready to commit to exclusivity with someone after only 4 dates.

  22. Agree with most of this, but exclusivity has nothing to do with ‘the one’. All exclusivity means is you see enough potential that you want to keep getting to know someone one-on-one. 3+ dates is definitely enough time to know if something might be worth pursuing

  23. Marshal was only able to become those things though because he was a student for years while Lily supported them both. Lily stuck by him through all that for a long time, so despite her faults she clearly loved him a lot. So I don’t think you can really ‘do way better’ than finding someone who loves you that much

  24. She always gets things done her way. Marshal has to supportive all the time. Apart from being with marshal she [email protected]@*ng broke up Ted and Robin because of her freaking selfishness. Ted and Robin!!! .it's like nobody even remembers it.

  25. Ted and Robin were adults and made their own decisions. Lily may have had a hand in it, but they had conflicting life goals and that wouldn’t have been resolved. People always hate on Lily so much for that but the truth is, even if Lily hadn’t of done a thing they still would have broken up

  26. People resolve conflicting life goals all the time, or sometimes they just learn to live with it.

  27. The show made clear time and time again that Robin was never going to want kids and that’s something neither of them were willing to compromise on. Their relationship was doomed everytime they tried, that’s not something either of them could have just ‘resolved’

  28. Phoebe talked about David since season one. David was it for her. I love Paul rudd. But it should've been David she chose. I think they played the , people don't always end up with their first real love angle.

  29. They barely even dated like a week, and he wasn’t even mentioned until he reappeared towards the end of the show. There was no build up or chemistry to it. I honestly have never gotten the love for David, he made literally zero impact on me and Phoebe and Mike made so much more sense.

  30. We've had this discussion with our kid. They get a job, they pay us a portion. Really it's just us matching and stashing away a percentage for the future, but it also reinforces that bills will happen when they reach adulthood. We're trying to make sure our kid is waaaaay more responsible with their finances than we were. Anyone who legitimately charges a minor rent is a momster.

  31. You seem confused why people are downvoting you, but it’s really not hard to understand. Minors should not have to pay ‘rent’ for any reason, even if your going to pay pack a percentage when they move out. When they turn 18 then it can be a good idea to match that and save it, but before 18 it should just be considered their money. You’d be much better off actually teaching them to be financially responsible and how to save and budget. Taking their money and giving it back to them later (whilst still being better than just taking it) doesn’t really teach them anything

  32. You need to work on your reading comprehension before you go attacking people you've not understood correctly. The percentage refers to how much of the kid's paypacket they want to "pay"/save, NOT how much of it they get back. Essentially parents are teaching them how to save/put money aside for future or larger expenses, and ensuring they will have some savings to start college or whatever, rather than allowing them to spend everythinng on frivolous whatever and suddenly being out on their own at college with NO idea of how to manage their money. Maybe if more parents were like this, there'd be fewer financially irresponsible adults making a mess of things.

  33. Fair enough. They probably could have explained that better though. Phrasing it as “they get a job, they pay us a portion” implies that they don’t have a choice though, so I think that could be where some people take issue with the comment. Once the commenter explained in further detail I understand more of their process, however I still stand by that minors should not be forced to ‘pay’ any of their money for any reason.

  34. she's in her 20s and they're both post-grads, so they're most likely 22-24 at most. Granted people get their degrees later but that doesn't sound like the case here.

  35. Yeah, op is being weirdly cagey about their specific ages. I think it’s because she’s like 22 or something and he knows if he says that people will tell him he’s being ridiculous for expecting a 22 year old to have it all figured out. Not having a ‘real job’ in your early 20s is completely normal

  36. This has gotta be it. 22 and recently out of school is pretty different from 29 and more set on a path. She could be burned out from school and just likes her chill job for now (as chill as retail can be, I guess). Or she could be perfectly happy with that job forever and OP will have to deal with it or leave. As usual, the OP just needs to communicate lol.

  37. Agree with all of this, couldn’t have said it better! I also prefer someone a bit more ambitious, but your right that if someone doesn’t already have that drive then there’s nothing you can do to change them. Although if OP’s girlfriend really is in her early 20’s and just graduated, then there’s a good chance she’s just a bit burnt out from study and needs a break before joining the workforce. Which to be honest is a smart move

  38. Do you even like your son? You comments just reek of disdain, and your so clearly just an all around shit parent

  39. Haha yeah well since it’s been removed for ‘not reflecting true events’ I think your right on the money for that one. Definitely a troll

  40. She won’t buy property with me unless we are legally married. She wanted a larger place.

  41. So pay her rent for now, and then eventually if things get more serious (which I hope they don’t since I recommend she dump you) then you can both pay together for a larger house. She’s bought this condo with her own money and you paid nothing, so it makes complete sense that you pay her rent.

  42. Info: how much do you both currently pay for rent? It seems completely fair that you pay her. You keep saying “she’s not paying rent” but she literally bought the condo? So she still paid a hell of a lot of money, more than you will be by paying her $600 rent each month (which seems like a discounted rate too).

  43. This definitely should not be illegal, it would cause all kinds of issues and injustices. For example, women often drink before realising they’re pregnant. Additionally, there’s no reason women with abortions booked shouldn’t be able to drink. This proposed law seems like it would make it very easy to penalise innocent women, and could very easily be abused to restrict women’s freedoms and rights. That doesn’t even get into miscarriages, and a variety of related conditions.

  44. Ryan and Taylor were a lot healthier, and I actually really enjoyed their chemistry. Marissa had good intentions but she was also incredibly self destructive and Ryan was often left dealing with the fall out of that. He could never just relax and be happy with her, she was always getting into too much trouble

  45. More of a focus on Benedict. And unpopular opinion, but I’d love to see how Daphne and Simon are going.

  46. I still hate that it’s peoples guilt that sends them to hell, not actions/intent. It doesn’t account for anxious people that feel guilty over every little thing thing, or people who do terrible things but don’t feel guilty about it. A lot of people that commit sexual assault for example don’t feel guilty about it, instead they feel entitled to other peoples bodies.

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