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  1. I feel like This goes the same for Iran. The Ayatollahs were not a part of the group, therefore chaos and protests and violence till something changes….

  2. Nibiru is an old name for Jupiter.

  3. Never knew its one of those “cycling” ones. Interesting.

  4. Collapse of Canadian government perhaps

  5. Ummmm… will turn into a societal chaos

  6. I would like to have some of whatever this guy is on. Lmfao how tf did you pull this out of your ass? True American moment

  7. Spoken like a true paid governmnt tinder agent. We're on to you.

  8. Thats op London bridge (queen’s death protocol). “London has fallen” was a movie with a similar story.

  9. The ones who don’t care are the problem ;)

  10. Either China/Taiwan or some major escalation in Russia/Ukraine (tie for 1st place).

  11. Its a very sensitive time, the supreme leader of Iran canceled all his meetings due to “ease off his time” which is very odd. Iran already started maximizing their rocket head manufacturing and JCPOA is going to he up soon. chances are the supremes leader is going to use his little rockets to fuck with Israel before JCPOA is signed.

  12. Lmao. Show this PDF thing to another persian. We love stupids like you

  13. You can be financially independent if that's what you want.

  14. The problem is the “financial” thing. Why money? Why currency? I will make you an example:

  15. Look into Reciprocal altruism and game theory.

  16. I was there. Iraq 04-05, Infantry. my platoon was in charge of perimeter security and tower guard the months before and after the photos came out. Shittiest post of my tour in iraq.. we didn't have anything to do with all the scandal and pictures, but I can say that intel that was gathered at the prison did save our ass while doing patrols in our sector before we got there, so mixed feelings. However, the inside security was crap. Almost every night we had prisoners trying to escape that would make it to climbing the wall, then my platoon stepped in.

  17. Meh. even if you were “one of the good guys” I still have lots of Questions about the photos.

  18. Anna Wintour’s dad looks exactly like this. “Its a big club and you ain’t a part of it”

  19. Holy cow just went and watched the video for the first time since teen.


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