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Request: Help me create a master list of companies BCG has bankrupted, is actively trying to bankrupt, failed bankruptcy attempts, and other various scandals they’re tied to.

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  1. Boris won't care anyway. He'll lose an election, resign as leader of the Conservatives and do what old Prime Ministers always do - go on the motivational speaking circuit and charge £10-20k to show up for an evening and give an after dinner speech.

  2. Wrong. He will get hired by BCG and live happy ever after.

  3. I hate how the axle is connected to a single shock absorber. It can't bend. It's 100% going to tip over

  4. Isn't that's what it supposed to do?

  5. I dream of an AI smart enough to not require 5000 commands distributed over half the keyboard. But some basic ones would be fine

  6. Yeah, or imagine voice commands like "Squad, follow me", "Hold fire", "engage" etc.

  7. Engagement should happen automatically when the squad leader fires too.

  8. That's a valid point. What I mean by engage is for AI to go forward and attack target in front as well, not only open fire, like giving them a bit of flexibility when it comes to approach.

  9. Can someone translate title for me?

  10. 30 Dollars paid tech demo? No thanks.

  11. If it goes to kitchen staff then I think it's alright. Not many people tip kitchen staff, only waiters and bartenders, but kitchen work is the hardest and in awful heat most of the times.

  12. Do bare minimum. If they show their employees that they can do more, they will exploit them.

  13. I wonder if you could in theory heat up a piece of metal with a lighter and cauterise the wound?

  14. You might bleed under your skin, but more likely you could get a poisoning from charred tissue. It's a big myth that you can just burn and melt wound close created by Hollywood, sure you have a chance of closing the wound but you would probably make the wound worse and infected.

  15. the only thing that comes remotely close to that in the US is unemployment. unfortunately if you quit your job, that automatically disqualifies you from getting unemployment. you have to be fired or laid off, and it cannot be for cause... so if your job can show they tried mutliple times to help you improve but you still fell short - usually by documenting performance improvement plans (PIP) or multiple training opportunities, or because you were a no-show/no-call one day, then they can refuse your claim.

  16. Wow. It's worse than people outside the US think. You are basically thrown away to die on the street when you deny being a slave, that is horrible.

  17. I would change 1st point. Average income is almost always higher than most people do, simply because it's easily influenced by the people that are making millions of dollars a year. It's much better to use median. I checked and it seems to me that average income is higher by about 30% than a median income which is the amount of money that a person in the middle of income ladder does. Or even better, why not make it affordable for everyone that works full time 40hrs a week job? Years ago when Gaddafi was still ruling, he would give every citizen that got married $50k to build their own house which is plenty of money for their local prices.

  18. P2W, ridiculous amounts of DLC, turn based combat, pre order "perks"

  19. Nice. I watched your first video where you were making chainmail. People have no idea how much time it takes. I've never had sore palms before I tried to do my own chain mail. Respect. I'm saving money to make furnace and try to make some armor. I just don't understand why you heated rings. Is it to make it more flexible? When I was doing mine, I made O rings and manually "closed" them with pliers one by one lol.


  21. Because self sufficient farmers are the biggest threat to the rulers.

  22. It seems that this fellow has taken it upon himself to just start straight up copypasting SC marketing material links and spamming them on the subreddit. Star Citizens are a strange bunch, aren't they? These posts are all just from the last day as well...wild.

  23. You can check profiles of people posting on that subreddit. Most of them only post on star citizen subreddit. It wouldn't surprise me if majority of them are bots or paid people.

  24. Haha yes you can. It becomes tricky to identify what not to research though without having some slither of knowledge.

  25. They never been trustworthy. What is the main goal of a politician? To stay in the office and get re elected. They only vote and do stuff that let's them keep their job. They don't care about anyone else but themselves.

  26. Jenga is a symbol of roadmap. Remove as many pieces and see if it's still holding up.

  27. Yeah but they won't get away with it. Evolution is inevitable.

  28. Fuck evolution, we need revolution and Blockchain based market.

  29. You're mixing 2 different shapes. If it goes to some machine, it might clog it with the wrong parts?

  30. Wonder what she was on then, not weed as some other person implied cuz ive smoked a lot of weed and have done many different types of drugs as i was an addict for 12 years, and the only thing i ever had that i dodnt know where i was, was probably ketamine

  31. GTFO, this man is talking about doing ketamine and you are gonna say " have you done edibles?" Lol for my sake im gonna assume you are a child

  32. Wow, I'm not a child that gets triggered by a random comment on Reddit lmao.

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