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Taylor Swift - Carolina

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  1. Don't get the hype about WCS - I usually skip it 😬

  2. The production is what irks me. I hate how it’s so loud all the time and there’s not enough contrast to make the bridge or choruses really hit.

  3. Karma. The lyrics are so... predictable ("Ask me what I learned from all those yearsAsk me what I earned from all those tears" is such an obvious rhyme), and the bridge isn't catchy at all

  4. Paris needs a huge final chorus. The bridge/outro with the "confess my truth" part feels like it's building up to something and then it just. ends

  5. The distorted synth melody during the instrumental break in "You're On Your Own, Kid" — it reminds of me Lorde's "Hard Feelings"

  6. this is my favorite song on the album BUT it's far from perfect... the bridge had so much potential — what is that awkward vacuum sound that leads into the last chorus? also, the outro of this song feels super forced, like she's trying way too hard to replicate the outro in ATW10MV

  7. if the standard version of Midnights is folklore but pop, this sounds like evermore but pop.

  8. i hope the lyrics get better than these 😭

  9. It'll sound a bit like "folklore" and incorporate the indie pop aesthetics of august/mirrorball and the indietronica of my tears ricochet/epiphany — but in an overall more upbeat and mainstream indie pop aesthetic.

  10. she’s really coming for the archer, mirrorball, this is me trying, nothing new girlies with this song

  11. sorry there’s a typo in the title 🤨

  12. so what solar power was supposed to be ?? 💀

  13. not yall making everything abt Taylor … especially considering she does the absolute bare minimum when it comes to polticial advocacy

  14. The director of “Someone Great” was directly inspired by Supercut!

  15. what is the time stamp of where she talks about jack?

  16. Absolutely loving her take on early 2000’s pop. Way better than what Lorde was trying to do with this sound.

  17. This is in no ways early 2000s pls

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