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  1. It is where I'm from so...yeah that's where I'm from.

  2. Not sure about other places, but here if you legitimately can't make it you just call them up and say so to get removed from that jury call.

  3. It's certainly food. I think it is, anyway.

  4. Don't you have to wash the blanket more often because it's in contact with your body?

  5. This is why duvets are popular so many places, yeah. The removable covers are easy to wash.

  6. I haven't carried cash in over a decade

  7. Uh... They're fine, I guess? My issues with soy milk and tofu are in the taste and texture, not the ingredients. Soy bean oil is pretty common.

  8. My marriage? Not at all. My kids, quite a bit but they're worth it.

  9. In college once or twice. Our dorms had the toilet and sink in a shared area with the next room that could be locked so at least once I remember rushing back to get to the toilet and being locked out of it. Desperate times, etc...etc...

  10. Medium roasts, no flavors, plain or with a splash of milk.

  11. Don't have the confidence to do it in front of an audience lol. Which really sucks, but I've had social anxiety for ages and I've been working on it so hopefully one day I can do that too.

  12. You can go to a public karaoke night and not sing yourself right away. Let her have a crowd while you get used to it or get some liquid courage down.

  13. I don't think I understand what you're talking about

  14. Hell if I know. I don't remember not knowing they were a thing. Picked up some detail over the years, obviously, but that's not really the same.

  15. Skyrim is a giant game of "follow the cursor" with badly, BADLY broken balance keeping it from even being a marginal challenge to distract from that. It's BIG, but you know the chestnut about quality and quantity.

  16. It was revolutionary just by existing, it wasn't popular on story merits.

  17. Ha. Nobody cares about that place.

  18. Most people I know don't eat much of a breakfast at all on weekdays, honestly. Maybe they grab some cereal or instant oatmeal, toast or a granola bar or something. Often just coffee.

  19. I've never had service bad enough not to tip at all. I've dropped the amount now and then, but even that's pretty rare.

  20. People are people, wherever they're from. Some suck, some are awesome, most are just sorta there.

  21. I'm not a vigilante therapist. Sobbing folks are on their own.

  22. I know it's an obnoxious standard in certain languages that doesn't seem based in...well...anything.

  23. You call a pro when you're not comfortable doing it yourself, when you don't understand the implications of doing it incorrectly or when it's just too big a pain to bother.

  24. Oh wow a public bathroom authority on YouTube, cool. What's this channel?

  25. There are MUCH worse reactions to seeing something questionable on YouTube than asking about it. I'm glad to see so many posts like that since it means at least some folks aren't taking it all at face value and moving on.

  26. They vary drastically from place to place. The closest complaint to universal truth (it's not, but it is the closest) would be the gaps around stalls which some people REALLY hate.

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