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  1. I listened to a podcast he was on with Michael Rosenbaum and he really talked about religion for 25 minutes. He could not stfu about it even when he was being steered away from it.

  2. Back when chuck was on, I was a fan and id watch those blooper reels of them. There’s this one clip from a season where he goes (I’m paraphrasing): “I’m a Christian and I believe in spreading Love everywhere. It’s my utmost priority as a Christian.” And I was like: buddo no one asked anything remotely related to your religion. Why did you feel the need to inject it into the conversation that way?

  3. Little story about Tim: My family was invited to a party at the governor’s house. My son was 2-3 at the time. Tim spent most of the night not mooching up to important people but “playing” piano with my son or helping him find the cat in the house. Tim is not in it for the power or politics, he is an educator turned politician he just wants to help kids.

  4. No no no. Natasha is one of my all time favs but I would not like to see her as Misty. She’s doing great work on Poker Face as a perfect Natasha Lyonne-esque character. Misty is sickly sweet (and psycho) and Ricci is perfect for that. Natasha is best as snarky, laid back loners.

  5. She has the ability to tell when someone is lying. She is going cross country for a reason that’s quickly evident and “solves” crimes. It’s on either Peacock or Paramount, I think. Great show!

  6. Oooh yes mam! I need my fix of Natasha since Russian Doll. This will do quite well.

  7. The old wagon, and the old man and the tree. Former because of its sweet sweet nature and physical comedy. Latter because of its physical comedy (again, thank you PHIL!)

  8. Bernie Eccelstone thought to spice Monaco up to put sprinklers in the tunnel or at least during wet races put sprinklers in the tunnel to keep the track consistent

  9. At times where a partner’s idiosyncrasies might be deemed endearing, Mitch would be on the side with his eye roll. Pissed me off so much. I remember in the early days of the show, it used to be a common — and correct — critique. That they were dysfunctional, and often written as stereotypes of that tv era’s gay characters. I’d say it was slightly one dimensional of the writers, really, and the characters slowly did evolve (thank god because I love Mitch).

  10. Moments like this when I wish Seb were still on the grid to stand with Lewis in these situations. Bit sad to see everyone toe the company line with only Lewis standing his ground.

  11. I’ll work on AirPods if you give me shorter wait time on tourist visa appointment

  12. I'm sure its been said before on here....but whenever I see Roddick now, I can't help thinking that he looks like the pilsner guy from Brooklyn 99

  13. What about the kid he had with Margaret?

  14. its easy, they just hate "those people" more.

  15. I can't believe we won't be getting it after the set up they left us with. Such an underrated show, I'm so stinking disappointed ☹️

  16. The season 2 opener is one of my favourites ever, second to Killing Eve’s opening scene perhaps.

  17. NTA - they know what they’re doing because jokers like this have been doing it for years - undermine your accomplishments, question your abilities and then act shocked when you stand up for yourself. I’m happy (and somewhat surprised) that the faculty and administration is treating this as seriously as it deserves.

  18. They’re climbing the ladder and greasing it behind them. That’s what their dads did and that’s how it’s done in their minds. Seriously, kudos to OP and her supervisor.

  19. You don’t deny breakfast to this orange floof, Leslie Knope, and Ron Swanson. It’s a rule

  20. I loved the Haunting of Hill House. It’s on my annual October watch

  21. Same. My heart breaks for that family every time. And I still watch it. And torture myself.

  22. Tushar Mehta is such a snivelling little scrotum sack I swear to god. if I ever see him in person I will then follow him around producing fart noises anytime he opened his mouth

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