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  1. You can catch them all through out socal and northern Mexico. They are a salt water species native to the pacific ocean but only reallt seen em in mexico and socal. They fight harder than regular bass and will pull drag on my locked down bait caster with 65 pounder braid. They are so fun.

  2. Locked down bait caster with 65 braid. Okay buddy, what’re you fishing for? Sharks?

  3. Nope js my heavy frog rod and light swim bait rod i caught em on. Your set up is for inshore and yellows id say.

  4. It’s my go to rockfish / jetty. / shore/ cattle boat line set up. 20-30lb mono. On a 6’5 pacificstik by fenwick 20’-200’

  5. Well they kinda just dive, usually in saltwater, with this rod and a proper reel in hand. Then you swim around near the surface to find fish near the bottom and you drop your vertical jig. There are some video on youtube of people doing it.


  7. It’s literally a Diablo reskin of a Chinese mobile game. That was pointed out when they dropped the “don’t you have phones” line.

  8. I was taught to say “I’ve been disfellowshiped” and they’ll leave you alone immediately.

  9. It’s never an issue with specialty cocktails or original recipes, but when people order the «classics» they often want them made a certain way, and will tell you you did it wrong if it’s not how they prefer it.

  10. Had an old man do this to me. Twice. He feigned ignorance and tossed me a range ball he had “picked up on a different fairway”

  11. I'm okay with most of these, except for the ones where you pay and another team has to do something. If someone paid so my team couldn't use a cart I would demand a refund and walk out. That's just stupid. I'm not going to walk 18 holes for a charity scramble.

  12. Agreed, this event was just going to be among us so I think most of these proposals are there for the comedy factor of watching another coworker get frustrated.

  13. The thunder and lightning is bad idea. At least reverse the prices. 1$ to fuck someone else’s game, but 2$ to fix your own?

  14. Do you have a bike or a friend with one? The DMV motorcycle courses are free to practice on if they aren’t in use. Enough room to shift up and down a little, and the “agility” course is painted on the ground.

  15. Every time I go fishing off the coast I come back with shredded fingers.

  16. This right here. Someone steals your ball you don’t get penalized. Drop one where you think it was and play on.

  17. Cept the fucker took my 5$ ball when confronted he tossed me a range ball and said it was the one he picked up.

  18. I'm absolutely shocked that the government hasn't stepped in on businesses suspected of price collusion and/or gouging!

  19. In the city gas changes on every corner. Could be 4 gas stations on one intersection all with different prices. Usually 10-20 cent differences from highest to lowest.

  20. Ending discrimination encourages discrimination.

  21. I mean. A lot of groups argue that yes, ending discrimination encourages discrimination.

  22. I don’t know. But I know they should go inside of an “over the shoulder Boulder holder”

  23. Easiest way to tell is to place your hand over the ball (so that it blocks the above light source) and then look between the balls at an angle parallel to the table.

  24. Yep! Eliminate top down light and the balls will have different light areas/ shadows on them since they face different way.

  25. "Phone, wallet, keys, knife." tap, tap, tap, tap

  26. Serious question, if you eat right can you drink pure water and it not take your minerals like a robber stealing diamonds?

  27. If you drink too much regular water, you will lose enough electrolytes and your muscles will stop working properly. That number is at around 3-5 gallons or so, depending on the person.

  28. But it’s less dense because it’s grown quicker. So it isn’t as packed with energy. Also not as good for building.

  29. When people die their insides start to decompose and release gas, this will make them float. So a dead body can be used as a kind of pool float for a while. At least until the pressure builds up too much and they explode like a beached whale in the sun.

  30. I think there is a way and there are tools that will drag the fish down to where their air bladder equalizes and the fish swims off then. Unfortunately I didn’t have these tools as we had no idea anything other than a lake trout would be down that deep.

  31. A pinched hook with a large weight on it. I’ve seen people just use a hook with the point completely snipped off. Lip hook the fish and drop it down. Bounce it a little and the hook should slip right out.

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