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  1. Oz's ads seem to be working against Fetterman without the truth being present. Fetterman wants to release people in mass who were convicted of non-violent marijuana convictions.

  2. With all the safety concerns in the news we will probably see the train 🚂 for the rest of the race

  3. Isn't their licensing up after this year and they are most likely not going to get it renewed

  4. there are older customers at my store that still dont know how to use the MTO screens

  5. Except they wouldn’t. You would still need NBC/CBS/FOX + TNT/TBS for other sports so you would still need some kind of cable, so why would you pay $20-30 for espn?

  6. I’m not saying me or you is going to buy it but with the amount of posts I see on this sub asking about direct to consumer cable channel options I could see some people getting suckered into paying for ESPN directly.

  7. I’m not sure how people would pay tho. You would need other stuff to watch the other sports, which would defeat the whole purpose. You wouldn’t be saving any money

  8. When the new Big 10 and SEC deals take over it might make sense for someone wanting to watch football.

  9. Definitely recommend applying to any place (not just subway) where someone you know works. It could be a friend, family member, or even an acquaintance that you’re friendly with.

  10. The issue is that I don't have any friends nor know anyone personally in my current area; so basically, I would not know anybody at whatever job I take.

  11. Yall seen the Carvanna stock recently? (Down 92% this year)

  12. Suarez has been having a banner year for him and two of his best tracks are coming up though…?

  13. With the unpredictability of parts failures that we have seen a 1% of making the final four seems too low

  14. I would bet we will see this or something like it passed after the election

  15. Are you saying it would pass in the lame duck period or once the new legislature is sworn in?

  16. What’s Clare been up to post 538? She on any podcasts?

  17. She did this one podcast series on celebrities. It was completely unrelated to politics.

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