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  1. I can't believe she's making me agree with Kevin fuckin O'Leary

  2. I heard that guys ass has its own congressman!

  3. This guy is missing being with his (supposedly) dying child to do what? Get some PowerPoints done?

  4. Good to see the Michelin Man accept Allah and convert to Islam

  5. I wear an 11.5 shoe but wear size 9 skates. They're comfortable and I like the feeling of my toe brushing against the cap. It's personal preference

  6. These people will not change until they feel the same fear they inflict upon people

  7. A simple "Lol, no. Scheduling is your job" would suffice

  8. They're redeploying staff from hospice care at Ronald MacDonald house to the childrens hospital. Absolutely sickening that the UCP is so callous as to throw dying children out of hospice care to fuel their charge toward destroying public healthcare. They are an unimaginable evil.

  9. The UCP are not going to do anything unless we match to their homes and protest until they're driven to madness. Do not let them sleep, they're letting children out to die. They need to live with the same fear and terror they are inflicting upon us

  10. It’s Canada. He will get a slap on the wrist.

  11. It's using them to suppress wages. Isn't that the goal?

  12. That's always been the goal. If it was for the betterment of our society we'd have ways to get these skilled workers in their respective fields in a timely manner. Rather, we have a pool of immigrants fighting to work for $15/hr at fast food joints and cleaning jobs.

  13. Marge's station wagon should get an honorable mention. That thing has logged serious miles

  14. The wind... Is blowing... From the east.... At 5... Homer: "Miles per hour"... Knots!

  15. Ronaldo, Christian Vieri and Javier Zanetti were my all time favourites. Absolute world beaters in their prime

  16. A penguins Jarome Iginla jersey. Or a Kings Iginla jersey... Or maybe a Bruins Iginla jersey.

  17. The problem is he's going to continue doing this until he's stopped. I hope there is a way to punt his ass out

  18. Well Health Care has been broken for quite a few years now. Perhaps those who have an idea could share opposed to haters who just hate. While DS is BS perhaps it may be time to look at something along the lines of the Netherlands system? Our current system is not sustainable. Get off you high horses and give up some solutions

  19. Fund the system adequately, stop launching attack after attack on healthcare workers and jail those who want to privatize health. Simple effective solutions that ensure world class care and get rid of the rat fuckers

  20. I for one applaud the MAID expansion in Canada. With so many unproductive mouths entering the economy we're going to have to start tightening our belts and getting creative. The future is always the most important thing for a country to look after you know.

  21. I sincerely hope your bloodlust is mere sarcasm

  22. The people doing this to us have names and addresses. Just saying.

  23. Yes Smingers did it. I'm going to the outhouse

  24. Jaromir Jagr. Mario was the man during the Penguins cup run but Jagr brought something special to that team.

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