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Situationally aware skier saves the life of snowboarder stuck upside down in the snow (NSFW: language)

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  1. I was thinking about this too, I wonder if he had to call for backup because I doubt he had the energy to get down by himself.

  2. Yeah my adrenaline was actually pumping watching this shit.

  3. Tbh, I really had really high hopes for him as for a wile in phoenix he had superstar caliber written all over him. His 36 was incredibly good. But so was javale mcgees. I guess one thing I learned is that Chris paul has that effect on you.

  4. Lol fuck fantasy basketball. Had Jrue, Olynyk, and JJJ miss games already while my opponent has had none

  5. This is the most generic question ever, where do you find the audacity to call this your content?

  6. Like a lot of foreign fighters at the time, through Lebanon im assuming

  7. If I remember correctly, I tried looking them up later. I think one of them died and the other left Syria. I'm not sure if the source is credible though.

  8. I’ve quit the last three years. Always come back lol

  9. Biggest fantasy payday over the last 7 years and I made 8 trades to get it done. I’m on a sick one right now

  10. I put names in the post. I don’t know how to make it shorter than that.

  11. Can someone explain to me how Hayward is the only healthy player in Charlotte? How is this even possible?? The most injury prone player of the league is going to crush me in the semis.

  12. Need blocks miracle. 1 add left for util position. Looney gafford or rob williams.

  13. So you can’t trust a man who’s using his phone sitting down on the toilet?

  14. Waiting for the big font Kessler fire comment so I can upvote :)

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