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  1. Great post pepino! Did anyone appear to notice them and/or treat them like "celebrities "? I'm guessing no as it's NYC.

  2. They wanted to be noticed! She was screaming all the time haha. Yeah ppl were taking pics but somewhat discreetly. No one went up to them for a pic etc. I mean, why would you do that and risk being yelled at by Hiilz?

  3. I had the exact same experience seeing them a several months ago, I’ve been meaning to make a post! She was surprisingly attentive to the kids (they were all there) and was speaking in Spanish to them. My friend who is a native speaker noticed her before I was there to tell her it was Hilaria, and she actually thought Hilaria was just kind of loud and flashy, but definitely a native speaker. That’s why I haven’t posted about it in the sub yet...I feel like I would get shit on so much for seeing them and having surprisingly positive observations 😂

  4. Ha! So interesting. Yeah my observations aren’t entirely positive but even then I don’t get why some folks think that I’m lying lol. Why on earth would I do that? As in, what’s in it for me? This sub has changed so much (I’ve been here since griftmas!) and I don’t get some of the comments. Oh well!

  5. Funny thing is that she did all the work

  6. Just saw this on YouTube last night. The comment section is pretty funny and spot on about her grift. One comment on a different video bashing Eelaria said "Poor Alec, he wanted paella but he got doritos " 😆 💀 🤣

  7. I doubt that he can get it up in the first place. Unless it’s with Claire penis

  8. I used to have fake eyelashes and it takes 1 HOUR every 2 weeks to get them done...although I'm sure she has someone come to her house but still its 1 HOUR flat on your back. The schedule of her upkeep alone :BOTOX, Fillers, procedures, Nails, Eyebrows, addition to taking pics and posting??? It's mind boggling. How does she even have any time for her 7 children? Does she know them at all?

  9. For years indeed. So many different HB faces here hahaha

  10. Meh whatever. She’s still not Spanish and a miserable person. And also a terrible mother. Fyp

  11. Oh man, I hate this fucking dumb bitch. Go to hell, Larry

  12. Also this is the worst that I’ve seen her brows ever

  13. Also I love all babies but I have to say this: she was not cute as a baby either. Unfiltered pics of marilu are way cuter than this imo

  14. So sorry to hear that! Sending you much love! Hope she gets better soon!

  15. Who the fuck names her kid malibu barbie? Horrible parenting starting day 1

  16. Ay ay ay. Hola Hilaria or one of her paid “friends”

  17. Also she looks high as a kite. And I’m not against being high. But not when you are “pregnant”

  18. And the thing is she doesn’t even look like that! 👆🏽She edits herself to that improved “version” 😬 Watching the Jeffrey Marsh “coaching” session IG interview thing I was amazed at what she actually looks like. It’s totally different than this.

  19. But the eyebrows still suck. With or without editing. Worst fucking microblading job that I’ve ever seen

  20. Where are all her previous strollers? Mother of six children doesn’t have a stroller for seventh child?

  21. Wonder if Hillary pays an additional $100k to the surrogates to not comment on her pictures or make any comments about her moon bump? 🤰🏻But regardless, what a slap in the face to the people actually doing the hard work

  22. If anything, I bet that these surrogates are’s not like she cares about her kids or their health - she just wants her prop baby for a few months, that’s all..

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