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  1. My sister: the current voice of "I peaked in highschool"

  2. Every time I finish a shift at my fast-food job, I feel like when mark got smashed into that train by Omni-man.

  3. Tfw your ex was a Tobias and you were a Karl....

  4. Steven Crowder gets the electric char?????

  5. Is it just me or does it especially freak you out when people are speaking behind you? The voices are muffled and I can't see them? That feels so weird

  6. God yes, my anxiety brain is wondering what horrible things they are totally saying about me

  7. I put my airpods in transparency mode so i can hear everything around me bc it gives me anxiety to not hear my surroundings but people dont bother me bc they think im listening to music

  8. Currently looking at buying some, I use android tho, so it'd be annoying to have nother cable, but the seem like the best option tbh

  9. Just an FYI, you can be arrested for having meds in a container that isn't the one they came in.

  10. Yes. autocorrect 'saved' the day once again

  11. My school counselor told me "maybe you should think about why people are bullying you". I was in special ed.

  12. It's hard hating cars and living in the middle of nowhere, cause people REALLY look at you sideways here if you don't like cars. You literally need one to get groceries or even just get coffee. There are no busses to our neighborhoods unless you are in elementary school. I'm in one of the cheapest areas for gas and I am still barely affording the gas to and from work

  13. The lil ^ _ ^ on the circuit board, this is a true nerd lol

  14. Do you have a second account You know it's only one island per switch and you can just make the second villager yourself Transfer all your stuff to the new you and then move your old self out Though I don't know if you'll be the island representation anymore

  15. Sadly, there's no way to change island reps or names one the save is started

  16. I misinterpreted this and thought it had to do with the 43rd President of the United States

  17. Oml, I still thought it was funny. Just further proof I have exactly one brain cell lol

  18. Grey (potato) wedges, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's an apt description

  19. Grey (potato) wedges, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's an apt description

  20. Ehhhhh, I find these are usually put up by other gender queer folks, or people who are supportive. I get how it can be dehumanizing, but I feel like it's more of a light hearted way to say "all gendered" than it is insulting. Just me opinion here, yours is still correct.

  21. And what clothing do you use to represent "does not conform to gender norms"? It borders on an oxymoron

  22. I dislike the door sign that has the half dress half pants symbol more than these kinds of signs for that reason

  23. "ugh, another recontextualised superhero narrative" there are literally like 3, fuck off, It's compelling!

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