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  1. Let’s say you’re a sports fan. You and your friends all fans of your local team that’s playing, and you’re arguably one of the biggest fans. You follow the team religiously knowing every player’s jersey number, stats, recent performance, hell, you even know each player’s partner’s name.

  2. I thought they edited all the assholes out of the Cats movie, but when I watched it, there he was

  3. That’s a pickle sandwich with a lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and burger patties.

  4. I don’t care if my partner lets days go between shaving her legs.

  5. Haven’t listened to them since the DVD where they all cried.

  6. And I’ve eaten turkey at least once a year my whole life.

  7. Man that last sequence in the US Goal mouth really spiked my blood pressure.

  8. No joke my cardiac loop monitor went off and I received an email from my healthcare provider.

  9. Why would they 20 Iranian flops during the game and you want him to award one at the end? Flopping isn’t a strategy. It’s embarrassing and sad.

  10. Honestly, this is why I never understood flopping so frequently, particularly in a winnable game.

  11. Gregg tried so hard to let them win. Too bad Iran didn’t want to.

  12. fervently hoping to never see Jeff Traylor's name on here

  13. I think Gregg subbed in Shaq so Walker wasn’t the worst on the field. Big brain stuff.

  14. Bet Greg had that play in the notes next to “sub Shaq in for Dest”

  15. Seeing a lot of them green seats all of a sudden

  16. Gotta get on your private jet to get to the LIV golf event in Doha.

  17. Says the person who thought that comment was race-based.

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