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  1. What makes him special? He has nothing good to contribute but stupid opinions based on his distorted views.

  2. Both great albums, if they wanna compare kdot to pink Floyd. I'd use The Wall vs TPAB

  3. Make the problem individualistic rather than systemic. Cool. This comment will certainly lead to the reduction of TENS OF THOUSANDS of fatal car accidents each year.

  4. Yes, by being fully aware of my surroundings while driving I can save 5 lives a week, 20 a month, 240 a year. And that's just one individual, imagine what a city of millions could do if they paid attention.

  5. And, imagine what happens when people do the opposite which is literally every second of the day. Imagine what that does in a city of millions who realistically DO NOT pay attention. You don't save lives when driving. Driving is not a factor that leads to the safety of millions.

  6. I said be aware of your surroundings while driving, no different than if one is walking. Whether speeding or not, that's on the individual. Just be careful.

  7. The emerald necklace is a thing, go ride the river trails and you'll see.

  8. Any club that gives any Brenner a shot, I'll watch them play. Unfortunately, my beaner Jimenez is getting to scared to play like before.

  9. Sounds like you weren't paying attention to the road 😏

  10. Please elaborate how dedicated desert road that has been been used for OHV since the 60s is delicate?

  11. Can't win with these hippies man, enjoy your version of LA. Love this place when it's empty!

  12. There's no discourse with this subreddit. Whether you hate it or love it, someone always has something to say.

  13. So do i, idk why people want to remove that luxury from the area. Especially transplants looking to ditch the car and walk everywhere, move to a walkable city!

  14. Like others have stated, what's the problem.

  15. Thank You, I appreciate the sources. Not just dumb ass blanket statements.

  16. Marvel digital has chronological order of Marvel Novels (Civil War Series etc.)

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