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Canada will soon offer assisted suicide to the mentally ill

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  1. Ok, I resolved it. For the record, this is what worked. During the installation, the pi hole will be activated. While the installation is waiting to do some dns thing and before the timeout, you need to disable the pi hole password, log into the pi hole Admin website and then turn off the dns blocking on the website. The installation will finish and you can either use the password provided or remove it again. After that, it worked!

  2. I… still don’t feel like that explains the Weirdness of David’s face

  3. I did…. I didn’t see anything in it that explained Jordan’s facial expressions

  4. Did you see Charlie's face, under a hoodie with tape across his nose?

  5. I mean ... the same could be said about Toronto and its suburbs like Scarborough.

  6. I would say, the telecoms (Rogers, Bell) the grocery/pharmacy/gas (Sobeys, Weston's) oil etc (Irving's) finance - Power Corp (Desmarais), thompson Reuters (David Thompson). Onex (Gerry Schwartz) Probably a bunch I am missing but really a handful of very wealthy families own a lot of this country. - look up Power Corp or Irving to see all the companies they own.

  7. Onex is this countries largest employer. Get the picture? One company you've never heard of.

  8. If you don’t like that you don’t like Purdue football

  9. On top of being a fantastic recruiter (people will say it's easy to recruit when you're the king and blahblahblah but he built it and they came) he just has an understanding on another level.

  10. Do you have any links to threads when this happened? I would love to relive the hot takes.

  11. Maybe I don't understand the basis for valuing gold at all. It strikes me as a the definition of an inflated investment bubble. It has almost no intrinsic value, and is purchased only because people feel like others will want it in the future. Those future people will on want gold because they feel still more future people will want gold.

  12. You basically can't counterfeit it (in before the tungsten gang proves me wrong).

  13. This isn’t pedantic - he didn’t say not to give raises.

  14. That’s the quote. But context matters. If the PM had said it - I’d completely agree.

  15. So if the PM says the exact same thing it's political? I hate to break it to you, but everything, everywhere, by everyone is political. Tiff took a side here that I haven't seen a central bank governor take, and it's against the working man.

  16. Am I being trolled? That's a Simpson's reference.

  17. Idk where you got your information but its not true. If you file for personal bankruptcy you cant keep your house or car (unless your car is useful to earn income and even then the value cant be important). In Québec, i think you can protect up to 7k$ of household goods from the bailiff and thats pretty much it.

  18. OK, so please read this. I'm in Ontario, things are a little bit more relaxed. RRSPs, house equity if it's less than $10K, a used car are all shielded.

  19. AN house equity of less than $10K ( having less than 1% of a GTA house) and a used car of less than 7K$ (if you have no car mortgage on it). Do you really think its a good deal?

  20. I don't think it's a good deal. But there is a gap between declaring bankruptcy and a consumer proposal, where you do pay some of your debt but also keep the above mentioned items. I'm slaving away in the GTA, and for what? I rent, real estate is becoming more unaffordable, and now nurses are leaving the province. If I could amass $200K in cash I could live like a king in Thailand.

  21. For the record, I did vote and I didn't vote conservative. I was appalled that at the beginning of the pandemic they chose money over public health and I will likely never vote conservative in future. But I agree, this is a leopards ate my face scenario.

  22. How the fuck do you end up owing $40,000 dollars on a credit card?

  23. I suggest you follow Scott Terrio on Twitter. He's a licensed insolvency trustee in Toronto, and he posts stories about people who routinely his that amount, and much higher as well.

  24. I suggest you follow Scott Terrio on Twitter. He's a licensed insolvency trustee in Toronto, and he posts stories about people who routinely his that amount, and much higher as well.

  25. TIL "Young people" include people who are in their mid 30s. This situation is completely out of control.

  26. Hey, I'm 42 and all my friends have left the GTA. There is trouble brewing.

  27. Wait what? I live here and was always told it was a 2 consent state? Holy shit I just realized that I was completely tricked by a Dr that I should have sued for malpractice.

  28. Is it faster to reply to a comment or Google it yourself? Decisions decisions.

  29. Is it easier to just say nothing than to be an asshole to someone on the internet?

  30. It is easier. But this person posted twice things that were factually incorrect that a simple Google would have fixed. They have wasted the time of everyone who read their comments. I come to Reddit to waste time learning, not waste time reading things that aren't right.

  31. Depends. If you work in a corporate environment, I wouldn't care about backwards compatibility as most companies nowadays use Office 365.

  32. I always thought it was an issue of the past. The original post I've seen this described in (

  33. What makes you think things change just because the problem is described?

  34. Because it was fifteen year ago. That's like a full generation of new developers joining the fold.

  35. Just to play devils advocate are racism or sexism solved? Are they arguably bigger problems, for longer? Things change very slowly in real life, and what you are describing is a social failure to educate people that mathematics has actual consequences in the job market.

  36. Unless something has changed in the past 2 years this is incorrect. Dementia is not currently covered under the guidelines because it is considered a form of mental decline not physical AND you need to be of sound mind right up to the moment of assisted death to consent. There is currenrly no provision to "pre-consent' although it sounds like this is what they are taking onto consideration. You have to have been given a terminal diagnoses to qualify and usually people with dementia are too far gone mentally at that point to be considered mentally sound enough to consent at any point during the evaluation.

  37. If they were really smart they should wish they were wise.

  38. Not interested in the interview. However, I do have 2 cents to add. Both PFC and the original sub,

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