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  1. I'm not in the same boat as such but I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant with my son, I also have a 3.5yo daughter. This pregnancy I've been a lot less enthusiastic, I've had worse symptoms and it didn't help that I had a missed miscarriage last year. I'm worried I might feel the same as you once he is born. I also have ADHD and a history of depression so that could also be added to it. It sounds like you have some PPD, and I'd definitely recommend getting checked out. Also, maybe your expectations were up? I read in one of your comments you thought it was going to be the same as your daughter so maybe that has impacted you as well? I'd say don't be too tuff on yourself as well x

  2. I told him first of all I need time to process everything, since he fully blocked me and I thought that meant we were done for good. I had to go through all of those terrible emotions just for him to come back. I told him before anything happens he needs to finally go to therapy to talk about his issues. I'm going to therapy as well. I'm not sure if I even want to get back together with him. I have a lot of love for him but those few hours apart felt refreshing and free.

  3. Get away from that man. Protect your baby! From what you've said I'd be scared he will hurt her. She's the problem in his eyes :'(

  4. That is f'king disgusting and i too would be repulsed by video like that. You're not a snowflake. I'm sorry but I think your friendship is over. He lacks empathy.

  5. Jfc that's not how I'd thought this would go. I'm so sorry OP but I am extremely glad you're out of that awful relationship. Good luck x

  6. I don’t know how to say no to this without coming off like an evil witch. He’s already moved some stuff in so I just want to impose a strict time limit but my husband is being a pushover and won’t set a boundary. Which means I have to be the bad guy!

  7. When it comes to my family you better believe I have no issue with being a witch/b*itch/whatever nasty word you think of! You set up the boundary that if he moves in you move out! Absolutely do not let this happen. You are a mother, you are carrying a baby! Your husband needs to step the F up!

  8. I'm sorry but what you're describing is an alcoholic. She is an alcoholic. There is no other way to describe it. She can't handle her booze at all. She drinks too much and doesn't know when to stop, yet she keeps drinking on nights out. This is an alcoholic! She needs rehab. Addiction and alcoholism lead to 3 places: jail, institutions, or death.

  9. I'm pretty sure I've read this exact same story somewhere else on Reddit. That guy also didn't have a backbone. If this is real those two dudes should meet up and compare jelly spines.

  10. You can't stop her, short of resorting to highly illegal and immoral actions. What you can do is sit her down and say:

  11. I've seen stranger things than this. I mean I have pepperoni and pineapple pizza with a BBQ base so I get that extra sweetness is nice.

  12. Could it be because you're pregnant? I'm 26 weeks and my 3.5 yo has been showing signs of jealousy. She was a bad sleeper since birth so we resorted to a sleep consultant and now she's much better, but still very clingy to me before bed. It's better than it was but it's still not good.

  13. I didn't tolerate it. I spoke to him I just don't understand. I feel embarrassed. I dont know if its my looks or my personality or something else

  14. Don't place the blame on yourself. This is a him problem! Not a you problem. He's acting like a bad husband. You have done nothing wrong.

  15. Divorce sounds good to me. You're already a single mum. Just make it official.

  16. OP in a few months time "my wife went on holiday with a man who said he's in love with her. Now she's coming home late and is ignoring me. I don't understand what's happening. Should I be worried?? I don't think she'd cheat on me. But we haven't had sex in 3 months"

  17. She really does, but I honestly can’t tell if she meant that to be a zinger or if she thought Bob was actually calling them anuses.

  18. Hey, person with ADHD here. This “ADHD” excuse is complete BS. He’s just selfish in bed and/or sucks at it. It’s not on his ADHD its on him

  19. Also have ADHD and your boyfriend's excuse is BS! He's just a lazy pos. Pls leave him

  20. I love American procedural crime dramas like Law & Order, SVU, Criminal Minds, Castle. And the medical dramas are much better!

  21. You look lovely and happy. Your, hopefully soon to be ex, boyfriend is a total bellend. Plenty of good men out there, don't settle for this wanker.

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