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  1. Step 5 clearly states cut grooves in the topping like a clam shell. I don't where where the "swirl" came in at all.

  2. Because Deborah is one of those people who thinks you just add an a or o to the end of an English word and get a Spanish word. “Hence ‘concha’”. I bet she probably says it “cone-cha” too.

  3. But... Cone-cha would be the correct pronunciation. What am I missing here?

  4. Con. Not cohne or kahn. Not pronounced the same as a vessel for ice cream or those orange things on the road sometimes, and not like “con”-man. I can’t think of a comparably pronounced English word.

  5. Not for law abiding citizens who are decent human beings.

  6. Mainly because left handed guitars are expensive as fuck and hard to find?

  7. Beautiful, but that is a seriously unrealistic height differential between Simone (5’8 1/2) and JB. (5’11).

  8. Man I thought that soulless ginger thing was dead. Although there is my ex boyfriend…

  9. My grandma always did this, especially for kids, because one of her younger brothers died from pesticides (they were migrant farm workers in the 1920’s).

  10. That's why I used to watch "Hoarders". It made me feel better about my house. It was really sad a lot of the time, though.

  11. Same reason I watch My 600 lb life - even at half that weight at least I wasn’t as bad (off) as them?

  12. There’s a penis on that cow, which makes it a steer…

  13. It’s very clear when he gets cranky at the horse for jumping, then runs past the camera person and his blanket was higher on his right side, basically the last 6ish seconds of the video.

  14. This happens to me a lot because I’m bubbly and nice, and when I’m not bartending I’m hosting karaoke, and I’m a regular customer too. When someone asks me for my number if I can’t think of a reason not to give it or I feel pressured, I’ll give it and never answer phone calls or texts.

  15. If someone wrote this for me I probably would go out with them, at least once.

  16. Haha, 'lidless' is pretty awkward but I couldn't think of anything better. Topless? Open water?

  17. TOPLESS? At least it’s not full nude…

  18. I used to only let myself watch TV at night after my kids went to bed if I was excersizing in some kind of way, even just walking in place. It actually worked really well and I stuck to it for months. My ex husband ruined it, as they do everything.

  19. I think I vaguely recall Alexis name dropping Kristen Stewart in an episode…

  20. Same… but perhaps the Mandela Effect? But yah I swear Alexis says something about her in one of her stories. She name dropped a lot of people!

  21. Only if you get caught, just like parking and blocking someone's driveway...

  22. True, but damaging property seems a lot worse than obstructing one household (not that they should in the first place).

  23. Parking on the public street in front of your driveway isn’t trespassing though. And even if they were on your private property depending on where your located you still don’t have the right to intentionally damage their personal property.

  24. But he’s, you know, going for that 1950’s diner, you know, meatloaf. And even though he, you know, makes his own bbq sauce with, you know, real ingredients, you know, he also, you know, never considered that people, you know, wouldn’t have a bottle of bbq sauce as a, you know, pantry staple. You know?

  25. You don't know what that rock said. They may have history. Lol

  26. There’s a sheep dog that has serious beef with one particular fence post to the point where the tiktok creator set up a camera and has caught him something like 100+ times barking at it as he runs past. Eventually she figured out

  27. I know an older gentleman who I converse with from time to time. And everytime he says “Yikes!” I cringe. The secondhand embarrassment is so real. Be better, Don. Be better than YIKES!

  28. i had clocked out of work the other day and was setting myself up at a table near guests, and i heara lady who looked late 30s to 50s complain that she loved the food but we seemed to add spice to everything.... while eating a non-spicy sandwich. we only have 2 official spicy sandwiches like what????

  29. Some people find black pepper too spicy, like my children. But they’ll eat chorizo, mole, and pork tamales which all have actual spice like chili powder in them, sometimes to the point where it makes my nose run! They’re so white, but so Mexican.

  30. When you get older your appetite decreases a lot; I’m 60 and probably eat half the volume of food I did when I was 30. Also once you retire you generally have less money.

  31. But the labor is exactly the same whether you order a half portion or a full.

  32. I always thought my dad made up this song. I should have known he’s not that smart.

  33. Even if bf didn’t go through the stuff and politely asked for hot sauce, OP probably would’ve said no and it would’ve been a fight anyways. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  34. Maybe OP thinks his food is the best and pulled the same thing to boyfriend on his turn to host.

  35. You were also raised in a ridiculous manner, then. Who cares? What inconvenience is it to you? Is it that big of a blow to your ego that someone wants hot sauce as a condiment?

  36. But NONNA was dining with us! Shes liable to have a heart attack from the impropriety!

  37. I'm glad you did! To taking it seriously: yes and no. Bakers are very serious about it, and they use all the types of flour for various dishes, but consumers are very lax about it and will use the mildest flour (best suited for delicate sweet recipes) for making pizza and focaccia at home without batting an eye. There's also no "bread flour" in supermarkets here, though there is dedicated pizza flour (which isn't typed, but 12% protein).

  38. So what you’re saying is Germany does have an all purpose flour. You literally just said it. After that big rant up there complaining that other people don’t know the exact protein content in flour. Enjoy your Ludacris Area Codes of flours.

  39. Did you even read what I wrote? 9% protein content flour (the one used for most purposes) is FAR from ideal for savoury recipes. It's not hard to come by this information, and I'm at most an amateur baker.

  40. “Wheat 405 is used for all purposes by most home cooks”

  41. No. Children who have a nick name as their legal name are far less successful in life. Just leave it.

  42. Do you have a link to any studies that prove this?

  43. My legal name is Amanda, but I go by Mandi everywhere and with everyone and have since I was a kid. I’ve considered changing it legally, but to be honest as much as I’m not a huge fan of Amanda for myself, I like having a more formal name if I ever want to use it. I would leave it, Theodora is a beautiful name, and she may want to go by it or another variation of it as a nickname like Dora when she’s older.

  44. I would not be able to relax. Unless all of this invasive “hospitality” was agreed to in advance, it’s inappropriate.

  45. Sure, I totally see the comparison between my decorative pillows and Lil Kim. Are you okay?

  46. Expensive =/= looks good or tasteful. Have you seen your decorative pillows lately?

  47. My grandmother has multiple siblings,amongst them are Patricia, Patrick and Patrick … as Patrick I was a sickly child and they didn’t think he’d make it, so they had Patrick II who they refer to as paddy. Both Patrick’s are alive and well. Also their father is named Patrick. My grandmother is named Bernadette, as is her mother.

  48. Do the two son Patrick’s have different middle names? I think it’s a little different when they’re named after an older relative, especially their mother or father. I’ve read about a good number of families where all the sons were John _____ LastName and the daughters all Mary _____ LastName. A little extreme but not terribly uncommon in the 1800’s and early 1900’s

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