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  1. The edgy music, slow mo, and ridiculous looking villain at the end really killed it for me.

  2. The fact that you could still see Lupin's face in that outfit made the whole thing hilarious

  3. Can anybody comment on whether the upgraded tiers are worth it, or if the basic deck is sufficient?

  4. Base model, easily. The difference in speed between games on the internal drive vs an external SD card is negligible.

  5. It's mostly a tactic to gain temporary support, once they become useless they will be deposed

  6. I find it hilarious that just a few hours after the video released, we get news that Suicide Squad will be.delayed again due to overwhelming fan backlash.

  7. There were also so many people so mad that the OP didn’t include Samus/Lara Croft/Aloy, as though there’s a law that dictates who to include. Dude just picked his favorite characters and most of the thread (that isn’t transphobia) is yelling at him about it lol

  8. Americans: "Canadian healthcare sucks because you wait forever to see a doctor!"

  9. Japanese Godzilla 1984 (aka Return of Godzilla): A harrowing study into how the horrors from the start of the nuclear age can still harbor devastating effects even on contemporary post-industrialization Japan, as well as the entire world.

  10. Stone is porous, so if enough people did this, it would seep into the stone and make his grave permanently stink like piss.

  11. Yeah tbh I was thinking the same thing. His reviews have gotten kind of predictable. An open world game with stealth and crafting? it’s a “jimeny cockthroat” and that’s bad! bad! bad!

  12. Or he could review different games? It doesn’t make sense in this case that he has to review this one to stay relevant to the algorithm or whatever. He’s like 3 weeks late on that, maybe just two. But either way, he could just review different games that aren’t the triple A kind he always hates. Just do indie games or whatever. And then he wouldn’t even have to complain about the controversy in this case either.

  13. I don't wear shoes when I go outside because they might get caught in the railroad tracks like that scene from Fried Green Tomatoes.

  14. I eat ramen uncooked. Crush the block in a million little pieces, sprinkle some of the sauce powder, and eat it like a snack.

  15. FitGirl vs Empress sounds like one of those Asylum originals you'd see on the SyFy channel

  16. Y'all in this thread have an extremely rosy view on what happens to kids who get taken way from their parents. You have an especially extremely rose tinted concept of how well any system at all can take care of a low functioning autistic child.

  17. "You kids should just stop buying frivolous things and focus on necessities!"

  18. I love how the question "Would you let a surgeon operate on you without a mask" gets asked multiple times in that thread, yet no one would answer it directly. Almost as if they're afraid to admit that even they know masks have medical.utility.

  19. Complete with Girlfriend Reviews drama too! Incredible

  20. I feel so bad for that channel. They put out wholesome content, and now both ends of the gamer spectrum decided to dunk on them.

  21. This is just the beginning of the Hogwarts Legacy release drama. Only going to be more after Friday.

  22. "She would be happier as a housewife" is the kind of line you'd see in a show that's parodying 1940's misogyny. So peachy to see people unironically think this.

  23. They made a trans character the bad guy who tried to bring about the end of humanity? Hooray, the game is less political!

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