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  1. CinemaHD is running perfect for me on my chromecast.

  2. Not for long. They were sued by SKY and shut down. The service is gradually petering out, days probably.

  3. I don't see how they can make my app stop working, they can't force an update and all it does is get links.

  4. All it does is get links via their servers.

  5. Probably needs to be AT that temperature for at least 4 hours. If you must peek, try tearing with two forks to see if it’s tender.

  6. Ours eats American Journey, a house brand from Chewy. She likes the Salmon & Sweet Potato or the Lamb & Sweet Potato. We alternate per bag and she’s fine switching. She virtually always has nice neat stools that are easy to clean up. She’s always eaten these since weaning (4 yrs) and has stayed healthy.

  7. Thank you. I read about American Journey on another site as well. I'll give it a try!

  8. Hope it helps. Pro-tip: Their “Limited Ingredient” flavors are just expensive enough to qualify for free shipping on a single bag. Normally we’re on auto-ship for two bags but recently needed an extra due to travel so I figured that out.

  9. sorry, "with extra protein" just doesn't sound right

  10. Just glad this wasn’t an insect story

  11. BBQ Bone-In, Skin-On Split Chicken Breasts 145°/4

  12. pork tenderloin is the best, unable to fuck up, shows off sous vide cooking dish that you can do. And 2 tenderloins are perfect for 4 people. 2 hours 137-140f then dry off and season and sear in a screaming hot pan on all sides. Remove, add shallots or garlic to the pan, saute till soft, little dijon mustard and white wine and reduce. Add a little cream if you want to make it extra rich.

  13. IF your guests won’t freak out about pink pork.

  14. Are they really though? Do you get a minute of video, or even 10 seconds? Does this happen every time? Im guessing there’s no actual data file. If not then most likely this is file permissions for the folder you’re writing to. Try using the “system picker” to choose the folder if that’s offered to you. If it only happens sometimes then it’s probably the stream not starting fast enough.

  15. There’s casual fishing at Rancho Jurupa Park which is just over the river towards Rubidoux. Check their website for Trout stocking dates.

  16. There’s a small entry fee but the park is nice.

  17. For half-size people: Wide foot size up, narrow foot size down. Tight Crocs squeeze relentlessly.

  18. I've done that several times with no success. It just cant find signal after nvidia logo. Its like android kicks in with some type of configuration that is not compatible with my beamer

  19. Benadryl @ 1mg/lb is enough to calm but not knock them out.

  20. Significantly different! All the comparisons we’ve been seeing lately have been really close so this is interesting.

  21. Based on a look at the other pictures the fur looks Akita. No curl at all in the tail so I’ll add Lab.

  22. I wish! That’s a no go for my husband but will definitely file for my next solo dinner!

  23. It’s just such a great cupboard meal. Tomato paste, dry seasonings, stuff you have.

  24. Confit Turkey Leg Quarters or bone-in Thighs are mind blowing. There’s a good description on Chef Steps.

  25. It will be delicious but will it be tender? It’s not a popular opinion around here but for the generic Choice tri-tips from the supermarket I’ve gone to much longer cooks. They kept turning out annoyingly tough and that was how I addressed it. The last one I did Dry Brine 24hrs then 131°/24 hrs. I also cooked it untrimmed with the full fat cap. I feel like it keeps the meat moister. If you don’t want to sear with the full fat, it’s easy enough to trim once it cools. I’ve done it both ways. I’ll probably get downvoted because this isn’t the accepted standard but for me this made a better end product.

  26. Looks good. It may sounds crazy, but I highly recommend you try tr itip 132F/20hr. It will change your life.

  27. Yeah this area is where I’ve gone to as well. Tri-tip is tasty buy it is not a true tender cut. If you’re buying the typical Choice supermarket ones like I am, they need some tenderization.

  28. Take it for what it’s worth but steaming eggs is so much faster and easier that I never do them any other way anymore. Plus the shells nearly jump off them. Saucepan, butterfly steamer, 3/4 inch boiling water. 1-6 refrigerated raw eggs. 7 min covered. Ice bath 15-30 sec. Soft boiled perfection and never look back. 10 min if you need Hard Boiled.

  29. It doesn’t LOOK like it would work but this $13.00

  30. It was a present for my birthday if I remember correctly, don’t know what model but on the knife it says western boulder made in the us on the third pic. I know the title is pretty unbelievable but it happened I’m not kidding, he had two 1911 in a box with red velvet in the background

  31. Oh man, you better start working on recall. That dog gets on a scent and she’s gonna be GONE. Beautiful girl!

  32. These are much better grilled on a hot dry pan first until they have a little color. I count them as 1g each.

  33. Carolina dogs typically have somewhat curly tails and eyeliner. As previous poster said, need better pics and description. Head on for face, Head on for chest, side profile of whole body including tail, legs/feet, then any interesting details. Age/weight too.

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