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  1. at what point does the dry brine become a dry age? or what’s the difference exactly

  2. Never. The brine would inhibit the age. He misspoke.

  3. You can get to it without the paywall through

  4. As a born, bred, and departed Chicagoan I’m grateful. Thanks to Food Network et al, the entire world thinks Chicago pizza is Deep Dish. Yeah Deep Dish is a thing and a couple times a year, like Turkey, it’s great. But our daily bread, or at least the stuff we order at least once a week every week is Square-Cut, Crispy Thin Crust, Fennel-forward Raw Sausage on top, with lots of Cheese, Tavern-Style Pizza. It’s a huge part of our culture like

  5. I read this while hearing the voice of Lin Brehmer reciting it over the airwaves. 💕😂😭😢😔

  6. That is high praise my friend, Thank You! Grew up on XRT from about ‘76 until I left in ‘95.

  7. Have you tried Stremio with RD? My favorite. It exists on a bunch of platforms - Android TV, Android Mobile, Windows, MacOS, Linux, there is even a browser version. And it has seamless "Continue" on any device so you can continue watching a movie or show from the Android device on your living room TV to other IPTV devices in different rooms in your house, to your tablet, to your phone and computer. And it is free, unlike Syncler and Weyd.

  8. No I haven’t George but with that recommendation I’ll try it out. I’m in the Motorhome and I’ve only set up Cinema on the sets here so that’s a good opportunity.

  9. For the smoothest setup check out the 2 subs on Stremio:

  10. Ok George, it’s set up but so far I hate this thing. Are you maintaining it on a Windows PC? Because basically all you can do is search and play on the Android device and the UI is a mess. I’m trying to figure out what you like so much.

  11. Start with not using wi-fi it’s probably the biggest cause of ongoing recording headaches. If you don’t want to deal with the default 90 minute recording limit you need to format the drive with special tools. Better to start out that way than to go back.

  12. Before I dropped it in, I searched the sub for leg of lamb cooks. I believe most of them were coming in around 4-6 hours… I thought 20 was way overboard. Not at all!

  13. I’ve posted this like 100 times but… if you get a silicone cover for your remote this problem pretty much goes away. The problem is your thumb has no landmark when you’re not looking. With a cover, the edge of the cutout window for the buttons becomes a landmark before your thumb gets to the N button. I’ve reprogrammed my button (mute bc that sucks to do on this remote) but I don’t want to accidentally do that either. I like the Fintie brand one on Amazon.

  14. Would be nice to have Fiber information. Total grams of carbohydrates isn’t a useful measure on its own.

  15. Does it do so on all channels or just one? If only one it’s probably at the provider, contact them to refresh the stream.

  16. Great input. I have many things to try later. Thank you

  17. Remember to only change one thing at a time.

  18. I was worried at the first pic but your crust looks nicely thin away from the edge. There is a tradition of “cornicione” in Chicago but it is tight and crisp not puffy. This looks delicious. If there is any leftover, it’s going to be great cold. Next time we need the undercarriage color and the cantilever shot to show the crispness. Nicely done.

  19. This is the fuzziest pitbull yet. Impressive.

  20. I heard he can’t even reach his wallet.

  21. Wouldn’t this be Keto friendly Kenji? Ok, I’m being a pedant. For my penance I promise to add value to this discussion if it becomes one because I do a lot of this.

  22. When you sear, start with the fatty edge. You can get pretty aggressive with it because the heat doesn’t transfer very much to the meat. Regardless how you’re searing, the fat that renders out of the edge will help with searing the faces.

  23. Not sure I understand. I’ll be searing it on the infrared burner on my grill. How does the fat that renders out of the edge help with the faces?

  24. You’ll get a little fat fire going and the grills will have a nice fat coating. Admittedly not as large an effect as on a surface but on my modified gas grill (700°+) it definitely makes a difference. Just don’t over do it on the searer and get soot. Kind of like when my wife wants a Filet, I always have a Ribeye so her Filet isn’t left dry on the outside. Cooperative searing.

  25. Looks like you precooked your sausage, it always goes on raw and cooks on the pizza. If you precook it, it never comes out the right texture. If you want extra cheese like that, hold back about 1/3 of it and add it on top after about 3/4 of you cooking time elapses. It won’t tend to run off that way. Crust thin but not crispy. Pie cut??? Boo! This type of pizza is always square cut, that’s part of it. Sorry 4/10. Review assignment parameters.

  26. Ok revising to 6/10 for raw sausage. ;-)

  27. Been planning to make this shortly. Happy to see some.

  28. For me, it’s all about how much Mozzarella they put on in the first place, the more the better. I like the texture of the cooled cheese when it’s thicker and didn’t dry out as much during the bake.

  29. My gut says that cure-freeze would work just fine. Basically that’s frozen pizza. Wrapping them well might be tricky.

  30. Yes, our trailer had factory pre-wire for a camera so was already tapped into the taillight/running light circuit. But with a license plate camera it would be practical to tap into the wiring harness feeding the taillights.

  31. Than ks! I made one a few days ago with sausage and giardiniera in an

  32. Pickled Serranos would be closer. You might also repack in oil and refrigerate, don’t leave at room temp. I made a post that Chicago giardiniera isn’t available outside the area but several people refuted that saying they could buy it out of market from Amazon and even Trader Joe’s. I haven’t checked that but I’ll pass it along anyway. If it’s a Chicago based brand, it’s probably the right stuff.

  33. My only advice is get a fifth wheel. Hitching up solo is way easier if you can actually see the hitch. Way more maneuverable as well.

  34. Your post is fabulous! I’d like to caveat that we are talking about high safety standards here. Using the linked article, we can safely store a pasteurized and refrigerated piece of meat for at least a week pretty easily. I only go as far as using an ice bath if I plan to store for longer than a week, which almost never happens.

  35. Well you do you but the time you’re extending is the most dangerous time. Sous vide is a special case for food handling because the food is under vacuum and Botulinum grows only in absence of oxygen. It grows really well between 125° and room temperature. Botulism isn’t common but traditional cooking methods expose the food to oxygen and typically involve temperatures adequate to kill the spores. Botulism isn’t like regular food poisoning, it can be fatal. We are creating a friendly environment for it so we need to be extra careful.

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