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  1. I just remove these now because no one tries. This has been answered here a million fucking times.

  2. No lie, I spent at least 20 to 30 mins this morning scrolling and didn't see anything.

  3. You're welcome. I apologize. You are right. I am a mod here and this one is asked so much it's stupid. It's not your fault though and the reason you didn't find her is because I remove the fuck out of her. It's been answered here so many times.

  4. Why is the video so blurry compared to the clip?

  5. Because you're an idiot.

  6. You asked this 2 hours ago. Don't ask it again for a few more.

  7. That's Brooklyn Gray from here -

  8. The first one is Sophia Torres from here -

  9. Stella Cox, man - Ask for the video like any cultured person would do.

  10. Kenna James and Leah Gotti, man -


  12. Relax, man. Jean Michaels from here -

  13. Thanks. Looked my my posts were getting taken down

  14. I approved your shit. This took me 2 minutes tops. You're welcome

  15. Source of what? You have a 5 minute video. What are you hoping for?

  16. I think people here confuse source with name. It's a pretty easy distinction to make. I mean one is her fucking name. So, name.

  17. Not into big tits? 👀 As a boob man, I'm baffle, but to each his own. Thank you for the work you do here.

  18. Butts and legs for me. You're welcome, man. Thank you.

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