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A squad saved me from killing myself

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  1. It's weird how the world works these days. Kids gets bullied and he has to take medication and go into therapy. Not saying I'm not glad that he got help. Just saying the bullies should have been dealt with. That being said, I have made amazing friends with squadmates over the years and wish I could contact them now after my year long hiatus. I still talk to one and he's an azing friend even though we never met

  2. I want to do this next season, but I don’t know if I’ll have the patience lmao

  3. I do it because I just buy the crew pack to get 2 skins and the battle pass. So here I am about to be Dec 1 and still don't have the BP level 178

  4. It would be too op traversal. Think of the line that would be created in lobbies of people traversing snow, mountains, desserts and forests. Everyone would lay down their arms and join the techno Viking movement

  5. A minor thing? How many posts are on here about having two right or left hands? This makes the figure difficult to stand because the shin has a bow to it that curves the wrong way

  6. It's OK. It's so minor he has decided to send you his if you send him yours.

  7. Do you have examples of individual users that are doing this?

  8. yeah actually (just an example, no beef with the dude who im using as an example) Same guy, days apart

  9. The initial remark was just talking about Anthony customs remark.

  10. This is one of those remarks that's fun to think about but there's no real value in it. Like those flat earth theorists

  11. They’ve basically confirmed AoA dedicated waves are finished. Apparently the sales weren’t good enough to warrant more. I imagine House of X is in the same spot. The themed waves might just not have the universal appeal that Hasbro is looking for. I wouldn’t rule out individual figures popping up in various mix-match waves though.

  12. Well, now that I’m trying to find the source of the info, I can’t. There was some panel at SDCC or NYCC in 2021, shortly after Wave 2 came out, where someone said (not one of the main three NL guys) that they really had to fight to get Wave 2 made, and that sales just weren’t there to justify it with the retailers. I’m guessing they expected bigger numbers for X-Men specifically.

  13. Well either way, I hope they do a hox wave. One just doesn't cut it

  14. The good news is you only need to be Level 184 for that specific style, you can unlock the last three pages in any order this season.

  15. No because he's still all over here in Asia. I can go to the store and buy him for $90 right now.

  16. Unfortunately the taxes out of my country are quite high.

  17. I would stick to one or the other unless you have a shit ton of money. Comic characters have different variations from different authors. Mcu figures have costumes that change per movie.

  18. Very solid. Nighting is one of my all time favorite heroes. He held it down in obsidian age

  19. Give me Captain Britain, M, Sunfire, and Agent brand now!

  20. I heard somewhere that there would be 3 mutant waves and the Forge card leaked X-Force. If true about 3 waves than the X-Force wave would defenantly be the Sinster/Apoc/Stryfe? Box. The other mutant wave would likely be Hellfire Club/Dark Phoenix

  21. Forge is from x factor though... I guess he was in x force recently

  22. It wouldn't surprise me if he was in both. TBH I always forget the difference between X-Force & Factor

  23. X factor was the government connected X-Men team and x force was the new mutants turned cable run X-Men team that used guns and stuff?

  24. Hasbro does this stuff all the time and you guys still like hasbro, just saying. Try getting in touch with them over a haslab issue. Something wrong with your order, oh here's a shitty 10 dollar figure thats marked on clearance. I get that sometimes they fix the issue but how many times do you have to ask and how long do you have to wait? Not saying what dorkside is doing is acceptable BTW, just offering other perspectives.

  25. Aren't they already? And I think that Spiderman is more reknown as the ryv spiderman. The 60th Spiderman I believe is the af Spiderman.

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