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Taylor Swift Announces 2023 Tour of U.S. Stadiums

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  1. I couldn’t even get through the book because of the style it was written in, but the show was absolutely amazing. The whole concept works much better on a screen in my opinion, since the music was such a huge part of it! Wish they would’ve given Eddie a happier ending though :(

  2. Me me me, I’m so proud of MYSELF. Like girl your baby is fighting to gain weight in the NICU… she doesn’t even mention her….

  3. I think it’s a call out to people on here speculating he’s gay lol

  4. Just call it by its name girl.. it’s Evrysdi. That’s a fun name on its own lol

  5. The case will be open till they feel the child is safe. I’ve had DOCS (Aussie version of DCFS) involved because I left a DV situation. They weren’t bad at all and there are many branches within the service. My kids weren’t in danger once out and were involved for 18 months - so good luck to her thinking it’s a quick thing

  6. I completely agree. Organizations like that help ensure that children are safe in their homes! If I were in her shoes I would almost expect a visit from them given her inability to physically care for her child and the fact that her partner is definitely a flight risk as well as an addict. If she had some really great supportive partner, I don’t think they probably would have been called. It’s just a variety of factors that cause concern for the child, and the child is more important than their pride at the end of the day!

  7. She shouldnt feel bad, its my worse fear but i try to be on top of things. I take kid to appointments. i go to school when teachers want to talk. Kid is clean, house is semi clean, Everyone know kid is my priority. I receive services from Family Department ( Our equivalent of CPS) and i have a social worker that can appear at home just to check on me. I haven't any problem with them. She just need to be open and honest, they can send help if needed. She want to be seen as the victim when she is not. I really doubt they remove the kid, in the worse case scenario they put someone to supervise her. If she really dont have anything to hide there is nothing to be scare. Being a mom is hard for everyone even for able moms.

  8. I completely agree, sometimes people just need some extra guidance and check ins to help give their kids the best lives possible. I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of as long as you are prioritizing your kids and their safety, health, and wellbeing. The reality of the situation is that she is severely disabled with a partner who is and addict and may leave at any point. And in the case that he does, she will not physically be able to care for her child. It makes perfect sense that DCFS would check in on it.

  9. He prefers Alex’s finger over her crusty discharge vag

  10. Comments like this are just bullying and shouldn’t be allowed. We want to prove her wrong that this sub isn’t just full of a bunch of hate, but rather a place where we hold her accountable.

  11. Out of the literal thousands of photos she has of herself, this is the one she chooses to hang on her wall? 😂

  12. Was he just logging in or was he actively posting content?

  13. Looks like he hasn’t posted content since 3/1 (when he was in rehab). I think he probably only has a few subscribers because his pics (which are blurred because I don’t subscribe) only have like 1 or 2 likes on them. He’s probably making maybe $30 a month off OF 🤣

  14. Did I do the math wrong? 6:30 + 3hr plane trip - 1hr time difference = he arrives 8:30 Chicago time?

  15. Florida is in both the central and eastern time zone. It depends on where in Florida he is, do we know?

  16. it is, if i’m remembering correctly it’s several years old though. she hasn’t gotten any dental work and it’s just continued to decay.

  17. It could be decay or it could me from some kind of trauma to the mouth, getting hit, getting intubated. falling over, etc. She needs a root canal.

  18. I noticed it too, I think it’s a dead tooth. She probably needs a root canal or an implant 🥴

  19. It’s extremely tone deaf. She needs to acknowledge that she does absolutely nothing that would inhibit her healing. Her entire body can be focused on that. She’s not feeding, changing, rocking, picking up, putting down, etc etc. Things as simple as walking to the toilet are going to put pressure on someone’s fresh operation incisions. The closest I’ve had to a c section was hernia surgery and a lap.. and both times, it was okay if I wasn’t moving at all!

  20. This is a gross question, but do you know if she has a catheter? Or does her live-in nurse have to lift her on and off the toilet every time she needs to go? Cuz I feel like the latter could put some pressure on the incisions. Either way though I totally agree. I was really annoyed by her tone…

  21. She pisses into a cup rather than be put on the toilet it’s more convenient for her and Noah apparently. Poor Nina having to hold her piss cup while she goes.

  22. I just read that on another thread.. yikes. There has to be a better solution than that! Nina is her nurse right? Is she planning on keeping her around once Noah “steps in” (let’s be real though he’ll dip before the baby is 6 months old I’m sure)

  23. Her bragging and saying how happy she is to have her pre-baby body back… girl your daughter is in the NICU.. read the room!!!

  24. The artist isn’t making any more but there are some bootlegs for sale online for like $20. I bootlegged my own (for personal use only!) since I needed it so bad. I printed it out using an on demand print website and it was like $8. I would have definitely preferred the real deal and to support the artist, but they will not be making more so it was the next best thing! If you want I can send you my version so you can print it as long as you promise you won’t sell them since it’s someone else’s art!

  25. Scroll through this sub- it’s been answered several times.

  26. Hmm weird I looked up psychic in the sub and didn’t see anything before I posted this, I’ll have to do some more digging

  27. Thank you! Yeah we went back down into the pit with an employee, not there. He took us to lost and found, not there. I called the lost and found today, still nothing. Really bummed about it because it was my only warm winter jacket. Makes me sad that someone would do that :( the show was great and I thought the crowd was too.. but I guess someone decided they wanted to take it.

  28. Im so sorry that happened what the heck :(( who would steal a jacket ugh. They suck :(

  29. Right?! And on a 30 degree night none the less :( I had such a great time and then the night was tainted by that. Really makes me sad someone would do that because if I saw a jacket on the ground my first thought would be to try to get it to its owner ASAP

  30. There aren’t nearly enough dates!!! Also where is Portland?! I thought there’d be 2 nights at each 😖 stressed!!!

  31. It is so incredibly jarring in an otherwise perfect song

  32. For real!!! I listened to the leak and was hoping that she would change that lyric ahead of the release but it looks like she didn’t lol. Very creepy and odd.

  33. Maybe it’ll be the next spelling is fun and it’ll disappear from streaming with no explanation 😂

  34. I haven’t listened to anything yet and I’m so confused haha. Everyone in the pop heads mega thread is absolutely trashing this album and now I’m scared

  35. It’s pretty disappointing tbh but it’s not a bad pop album. It just doesn’t hold a candle to folklore/evermore in my opinion.

  36. I felt so bad for her, she really looked like she was in pain. The way she was just walking in circles and leaning on her band members :(

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