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  1. I’d be good with Glenn. Seems like a good leader which is the #1 most important thing for a head coach and what Kliff failed at the most

  2. ASU getting off to a great start followed by a bunch of losses. Feels like an every season thing.

  3. Bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it plays out for them

  4. Ok so it’s going to be Flores then got it

  5. How would you feel about that? His defense in Miami was great, but there were a lot of offensive issues during his tenure.

  6. Results were good but I don’t think bringing in a guy who everyone hates is a good idea when we’re trying to change the culture

  7. Also for those who were frustrated at the M&M Mascots being retired, this seems to be looking less like "they are giving into the GOP in the culture war" and more "let's do a stupid Publicity Stunt for the Superbowl."

  8. It’s 100% a super bowl ad. I saw one of the new ads with Maya Rudolph and it’s cheesy in the way you’d expect from a super bowl gimmick.

  9. Check out the new centre field dimensions at Rodgers Center

  10. I was just wondering why there were so few posts about Ayton.

  11. There’s more posts up about Ayton than his number of post ups in a game lmao

  12. Why do people keep bringing up Max like it's coming out of their pocket it's so f****** stupid. Plus there are like 50 players in the NBA getting paid about the same amount of money or more than he is. He is properly compensated whether you like it or not.

  13. We bring it up because there’s a salary cap and money spent on one player means there’s less to spend on another player who might be better with that cap space. No need to make it personal

  14. Almost none of what is holding him back is physical ability, it’s all between the ears. That’s part of why it’s so frustrating.

  15. I usually hate Kenny but he said it best at halftime: Ayton is paid like a scorer but he’s not a scorer

  16. 90% of it is just me being salty he has a ring and Chuck doesn’t haha

  17. Ben Simmons camps in an obscure corner of the map, doesn’t take any damage yet still finds a way to lose his lives before the end

  18. The Saints never would have traded Payton within the division

  19. Crazy that the Dbacks mascot is helping break the story. Never thought of him as a serious reporter, but props to him

  20. Side point, love seeing you in most of the AZ sports teams subs bro.

  21. Haha thanks I’m cursed to like all these teams

  22. They'll have to wait for the Disneyland version to close first because it's not quite defunct yet.

  23. Nothing better than going to splash mountain after sundown when you can walk right on to the ride with no wait. And then instantly regret the decision freezing your ass off lol

  24. Let Sinclair die. Kill it, if you have to

  25. You know who would have been a great replacement? Tyrese Haliburton. Wish we’d have had a high enough pick to draft him

  26. I just distracted myself with other things. I knew the team was injured to all hell and that the product on the court wasn’t going to be pretty.

  27. Congrats, that’s a huge accomplishment!

  28. Should have been Dallas v LAC instead of the suns

  29. Nobody besides the Kings, Nuggets, Grizzlies took advantage of us being injured.

  30. Good thing you gave Javale McGee 3 years lol

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