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Ghislaine Maxwell won't fight to keep John Doe names sealed

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  1. Youngkin lifted the public health order. But there was a law passed year (SB1303) that says schools are supposed to apply appropriate mitigation strategies based on CDC guidance.

  2. Definitely has nothing to do with 42% of the American population already obese before covid and eating garbage all day

  3. Your argument doesn't make any sense. Fat kids with covid are getting diabetes at 2.5x the rate of fat kids without covid. Its the same population, the difference is covid.

  4. There's a couple of things here. First, New Zealand has a substantial geological history. See

  5. Can you even believe that there is a list of names - of known people - who committed felonious acts and the government has it and they aren’t attempting to prosecute those people?

  6. the difference between investigating and prosecuting is huge. If someone is on the list and you have Maxwell and others saying something happened, then the people investigating will have a pretty high confidence. But if there is no physical evidence, then the chance of successful prosecution is fairly low and so it will never come to trial.

  7. Better insurance would be to just publish the entire list everywhere all at once and roll the dice on your own life as otherwise you're just putting your attorney and blood relation as very high risk of "accidents".

  8. This isn't a one-and-done type situation. So she makes a list of people on it and releases it; then what? By itself, the list isn't much. There might be investigations, which would require the authorities to interview her, get the details, exactly what happened and when, determine how to get physical evidence, etc. If a rich / famous person was on the list, then they would have a very high motivation to have her die before the details come out. Then they just deny, deny, deny.

  9. Don't know about that. Didn't Apple tell the feds that they were not going to help get into an iPhone?

  10. Devil's advocate: If everyone gets sick at once, then (after a bunch of them die) they will be back at work in a week or two.

  11. If they aren’t too sick to actually perform the duties (ie the asymptomatic positives) then they aren’t closing because of sickness. They are closing because of logistics.

  12. (Not a criticism, but for people reading this: as others have pointed out, this analogy is useful but limited. We understand 3d space and can conceive of a 2d balloon surface getting bigger within that space. For the universe as a whole, the expansion isn't really 'within' another space.)

  13. That doesn't make any sense, at least for Fredricksburg, VA. It's a non-tiny city, with a diverse population and a substantial set of people that travel to / from Northern Virginia and DC. They are nowhere close to 100% evangelical.

  14. Nuclear was the answer 40 years ago; why a sudden change? My skepticism for the global warming crowd has always been based on their outright rejection of Nuclear as a viable solution. That and Al Gore was their spokesman.

  15. Yes. The percentage of non-fossil fuels keeps going up and up. People have been yelling for years that you can't use more than X percent because the grid will collapse, or we'll have blackouts, or something, and they keep being shown to be wrong.

  16. When articles use alternate wording such as “electricity consumption” you should be very wary. Scotland annually produced almost as much renewable energy as it annually consumes. That does not mean that Scotland is almost self sufficient on renewables. This is a very important distinction. Scotland regularly imported energy when they couldn’t produce enough energy and regularly exported energy when they produced too much. The real numbers on how much renewable energy Scotland consumed is closer to 56% with nuclear standing in for 30% and fossil fuels for 13%.

  17. Well, that's stupid. There are categories for a good reason, because they provide us a way of understanding the world by classifiying like things together. The fact is that Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, etc. are sufficiently different from the 150+ objects that these scientists want to call planets that they should be in different categories. Dwarf planets seems like a reasonable term.

  18. The answers that have been given (the somatosensory homunculus) are mostly correct. See:

  19. Yes yes the technology will trickle down from wealthy to the poors like it always does and it never gets squeezed out for every last drop of profit..

  20. Cell phones, flat screen tvs, electric cars, etc. etc. etc. They start as luxury goods and then mass production hits and everybody gets them. In healthcare, just about everyone can get a mammogram, an MRI, an ultrasound. Currently, just about everyone (in the US, YMMV) can get monoclonal antibody if they get covid.

  21. You just countered your own point at the end. Think of immortality more as a rocket to orbit. Will everyone get the chance to go? No, never.

  22. Will it be a rocket? Or will it be a pill? Pills are mass produced, rockets are not.

  23. Yeah 99% of cops are good. But only the few bad apples made nationwide news.

  24. What exactly is wrong with a private company that already has the infrastructure in place to manufacture this?

  25. Because google has poisoned their results with ads, changed order based on business relationships, and biasing the response with what they think you want you to see, rather than actually directly answering the question. In addition, search engine optimization (SEO) companies have successfully subverted googles underlying algorithms to sell you things rather than providing informative answers.

  26. i don't see renewable energy making a leap. i don't think perovskite solar cells or solid state batteries are even close to being commercialized. i don't see generation iv reactors appearing in the 2020s.

  27. Point taken that working at a restaurant is not simple.

  28. Remember that the USA in a group of United States. The Federal government is not a union of the people, it is a union of the states. In any federal matter THE STATES are the entities that get to vote, not the people.

  29. But there is no particular reason for the states to be the way that they are.

  30. They are in the house of REPRESENTATIVES (mostly), the senate is where states are represented.

  31. An underlying issue is that what area is a state is flexible over time. Consider Virginia becoming Virginia and West Virginia (and Kentucky), or the Dakota's splitting in two. Or the rather arbitrary splitting of the Louisiana Purchase.

  32. Not quite. I can't find a good reference (ugh, my google-fu has failed me), but you can calculate the length of the day based on the formula at :

  33. The other thing that needs clarification is how the forms Lieber was accused of lying on were worded.

  34. I am seeing a lot of complaints about the process of this research; I have no idea if they are valid or not.

  35. I think the page may be down...I'd love to see, would you mind taking a quick look to see if you also get an Error 401 message?

  36. It's up, but you have to use http rather than https. If your browser defaults to https, then it will not find it.

  37. The basement crap proposition. Anything that you are required to store long term becomes more annoying to get rid of later.

  38. Seriously, if I have to keep something for more than a couple of years, it will be with me forever, because I'm not going to go back and decide what can be thrown away. I literally have tax returns for decades.

  39. Well, anyone that has followed him at all knows that he has literally no political beliefs whatsoever. The defining philosophy of trump is 'whatever will bring me power and attention'.

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