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Ukrainian MP says on Fox News, ‘you care more about whether you pay extra 50 cents for your gas’ than ‘how many people die in Ukraine’

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  1. Started them in smaller pots and moved to larger about 4 weeks in. Had them on 18/6 light schedule (6 hour off during peak eastern WA and gets hot here). Maybe the smaller containers did it? In a grow box in my garage temps fluctuate about 10 degrees from night to day. At least I'm learning quite a bit!

  2. Probably waited too long to transplant. Seems to me autos are inclined to start flowering shortly after the roots find the edge. When I can I start my autos in the same pot I want them to finish in.

  3. Going for two nights in September. Hiking the wildcat ridge then up mount Washington and down passed mizpah to Bretton Woods. Tent camping. Any tips?

  4. That sounds like more than two nights' worth of hiking. Where are you going to camp? That's a ton of very steep elevation. Bring a warm sleeping bag.

  5. No problem, it’s my pleasure!! Dry River has since been rebuilt from hurricane damage since that guidebook addition. It’s in much better shape and is easy to follow except one mildly confusing section near the Iso West junction. It isn’t a big deal unless you are might hiking. Not to pat myself on the back, but Isolation West is in excellent shape as of last year bc my wife and I extra focused on it. We aren’t getting out there until July this year, but it should still be ok other than new blow downs.

  6. Iso West was in stellar shape this past weekend. Been to Isolation 3 times and I've gone DRT and Iso West each time. One of the best trails in the Whites.

  7. I should of added some detail. This is a random seed I found in a bag of bud. Tried to germinate it and a tap root grew. I’m aware it’s looking rough. I don’t have people around me that are informed on this kind of stuff and I would like it if people weren’t making fun of it. Thank you to the redditors that gave me information without criticizing

  8. Ahhh okay. I'd suggest r microgrowery or r cannabiscultivation instead of this sub dedicated mephisto seeds, which are all autoflowers.

  9. You don't need to change the light cycle for autos, that's the whole point

  10. Mine hermed out when I grew it. Seeded the hell out of itself. Got like 30 or 40 seeds from like a half ounce pull in a real small windowsill sized pot.

  11. Please don't deliberately spread your herming genetics to other people's grows

  12. Unfortunately only have this weekend off until mid summer and was hoping to do something in the Whites.

  13. Welch and Dickey is always beautiful and is very likely free of snow and ice. The higher you go the more snow you'll find. And I don't mean a little bit, I mean feet of snowpack.

  14. Would you recommend another loop similar in length for this weekend?

  15. I expect the 4ks will all be similar when it comes to snowpack, but maybe Whiteface and Passaconaway will be bettee since they're the furthest south? Moosilauke up Gorge Brook Trail and down Carriage and Snapper is a favorite loop of mine. They're all gonna have real snowpack starting no later than 3000' if I had to guess. Check out for up to date info.

  16. You'll be okay finding a site, but it will be busy even during the middle of the week. Plan to start your days early to arrive at camp early. Do some research on available campsites and then figure out a plan. This is really a hard hike so make sure to plan a bailout route if you get hurt or find it's too much

  17. Pritchard has "non-elite" agility? He's great at staying in front of his guys

  18. You think he's one of the most agile players in the NBA? What?

  19. I'm in Canada too, I use king brites, there's a couple other quality sellers on Alibaba, but honestly you won't find anything domestic that will come close to matching the value of straight from China. I got mine 6 days from order to doorstep. Worth looking into.

  20. In the US, but if you can get kingbrite in Canada I highly recommend them

  21. Very nice! Grown two of these so far, one green and one so dark it was basically black. This one looks like a combination of the two. Hope you enjoy!

  22. My outside impression is that he spends money, hires good people and then gets out of the way. Not sure what else you'd want.

  23. Mostly. Ownership group has mettled a few times, like the Crawford signing was ostensibly driven by Tom Werner as a means to fix low TV ratings.

  24. I don't hear a bell, but it does sound quite scratchy under the freshies

  25. 🤣 yeah, don't get it twisted I wish I was there right now.

  26. Very little research has been done, but it's very toxic? Did this person really have a doctor diagnose them with "sinus ulcers" caused by this specific compound? I sincerely doubt this is anything more than someone hyperventilating on the internet about some perceived cause and effect without any evidence whatsoever. On Amazon half the time these comments are thrown up by competitors. The more pertinent issue here is that the light looks like a poor choice for growing cannabis.

  27. Yeah, initiating a no fly zone in Ukraine would be effectively a declaration of war to Russia and anyone doing so should have their fear of nuclear relatiation greatly enhanced.

  28. Kind of a bail out call, but still technically the right call.

  29. Love this place. Royal delicacies at peasant prices!

  30. I know. What from ya think? Ppm to hi?

  31. 2 weeks? Maybe more? You still have a ton of white pistils

  32. Literally just ask her! There is a ton of good advice here, but there is absolutely no substitute for asking your daughter what you can do and how. And keep asking! Her needs and attitude will change as she grows.

  33. Definitely not nute burn. I always check my runoff EC to make sure it doesn't get too high.

  34. Ahh the updated bugbee method! I'm still using the old one with supplemental calmag. Great work!

  35. If by decently prepared you meant you'll be bringing gear to survive overnight, then maybe. This is practice for Denali type cold and wind. Do you own a -20F sleeping bag? Have you ever been outside in weather like this before? How well do you know the terrain where you're going? Have you ever seen how it looks in the middle of winter? If the answer to these questions is anything but a resounding yes I would wait for safer conditions. Remember, you aren't just putting your life at risk, but also the lives of first responders.

  36. Buds look nice and I love that color. How does the star pupil smoke?

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