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  1. Don’t have one. I got Omicron 3 days ago and really, had way worse colds…

  2. Really? Downvoting someone with covid ATM telling you Omicron is nothing to fear from Experience? Are you that stupid?

  3. I’m boosted. 3 days in, I’m ok. A bit of runny nose, some muscle aches (slight) and trouble sleeping, like a common cold I guess.

  4. For me it’s been a runny nose (kind of), and difficulty to sleep. Had if for 3 days now I’m boosted.

  5. Holly shit, I want to see Punk vs Joe 4, “20 years on the making” please

  6. He’s Austin and Rock potential. With better wrestling skills. And he’s better than me

  7. About 40% of children tested with the fast antigen tests, found negative for Covid-19 and later went to get tested by PCR test, were found to actually be positive, which calls into doubt the ability to detect Omicron via antigen tests.

  8. If I could marry again, I want the Bunny to be it

  9. Lock all room doors and prevent outside access. They can run away or pee on a random room’s floor

  10. “Because it was easier than staying Jewish”

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