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  1. the issue is that they purchased products with IP and reverse-engineered it to make cheaper copies. If you run a garment shop that makes unique styles and then someone buys, copies and makes them cheaper and worse and sells your designs, you would be pissed too. It's not the ingenuity or "hustle" it's just not right.

  2. This is absolutely legal and has been for decades. There is no such thing as IP in fashion (aside from trademarks.)

  3. Honest question from a noob: why DOES the 2000's synth seem more capable on paper?

  4. You could load up two patches and there was a dedicated knob that let you morph between them.

  5. I saw Bones UK open for Smashing Pumpkins earlier this year and they were awesome.

  6. I did some background acting in S4 and was in a scene with Jason, and props to Mason Dye because I really hated his character 😂 even without knowing the whole story of what had already happened. It’s something about how smug, arrogant and condescending he was. Also, I grew up in the eighties and remember the Satanic Panic and so that storyline this season really resonated with me.

  7. I kind of enjoyed leveling up PVP but I got to a point where at a certain gear level every group I joined was toxic AF. During one game some dude was just screaming at me and I said fuck this, not what I need during the short time I have to play.

  8. Stubbs is the only survivor, and he does the fidelity test on the MIB in far-flung future, and only makes him think he is Emily.

  9. Where did you get the display for the TX81Z?

  10. An eBay seller called “glitchscience.” It was like $30. He doesn’t seem to have any listings for this display right now, but you could try messaging him.

  11. I think the Minilogue is a fantastic (and underrated) synth for Synthwave, but most of the patches I use, I programmed myself

  12. It almost wasn't the ending, curiously enough.

  13. Yeah, I believe the R1 ending was part of the extensive rewrites. For the better, I think. It stands out as one of the best Star Wars movies.

  14. There are mounts you can get in every expansion. Some are awards for certain quests, some are drops from certain bosses/enemies. Typically when people are talking about grinding, it means they want a specific mount that only has a small chance of dropping from a particular enemy. You have to camp that particular spawn location and kill them a bunch of times until it drops (or whatever the particular mechanic is.)

  15. How do they find out that the specific enemy drops a mount? If I know in the future about what enemies drop what mounts I’ll definitely start trying to grind a mount off it. Thanks.

  16. My suggestion is to find a guide for whatever content you are playing through on wowhead or a similar site. Often you can find mount specific guides for that content. You can also look into addons that might clue you in.

  17. There are optimistic nihilists and pessimistic nihilists. Nihilism isn't really to determine that, it only contributes to what personality one already has.

  18. I would say that nihilism is about the nature of our existence. It is neutral. Stoicism is about how to live a good life and that is more of a normative philosophy. Ultimately how you react to nihilism is up to you. I would say that if this one life is all you get, you might as well make the best of it. Some people fill their lives with the pursuit of knowledge, others with family and social connections, others with hedonistic pursuits. All valid choices. Moping around and being depressed about something you have no control over just wastes what little time you have. It is as useless as getting depressed about where the sun rises and sets.

  19. I’ve got a lot of gear, but I’ve collected it over 20 years or so. It sounds like you got more than you coul assimilate into your workflow. I still buy gear, but I try to focus on stuff that will provide utility that isn’t covered elsewhere in my setup. I’ve got several polysynths, several monosynths, several drum machines and groove boxes. I don’t really lack for much, but for instance, I just ordered an 8bit Warps because i don’t have anything that really does lo-fi 8 bit sounds. It sounds like you definitely have the basics covered, but if something comes along that you think my fill a gap, don’t feel bad about getting it.

  20. I was in a similar position as you are when BFA was new. I felt like there was so much content that there was no point in forking over the cash for the latest expansion.

  21. I know it's cliché but I recommend the Korg Minilogue/Minilogue XD. Small, inexpensive, 4 voice polyphony and sounds great. It sports mini-keys which is a pro/con depending on who you ask.

  22. I was just listening to some of my old recordings and there was my old minilogue sounding fine. Now I’m thinking goddamn why did I sell that? It was to trade up to an xd but I liked the OG so much better. Prefer the multimode filter and two ADSRs.

  23. I bought the XD but kept the OG, and honestly, for certain sounds I prefer it.

  24. I second this suggestion. The Minilogues are the best starter synths on the market right now. If you are considering used items and your budget is $500, an original Minilogue and one of the Volcas would be a pretty good combo. You could opt for the Volca Keys or FM to expand your synth palette, or one of the drum machines if you need rhythm help.

  25. How would it determine where to snap to? If you are a half step off, you could snap either a half-step up or down, right?

  26. I think the DX7 and the Minilogue would be just an inch or so too wide side by side. If you had anything a touch smaller than either of them though you could dual mount them on one tier. I hope whatever you go for serves you well, in this space and the next :)

  27. Thanks. The OB-6 could probably sit next to a Minilogue or something like that, since it is 49 keys. I’ll figure it out eventually. I am having a new house built and I was excited to have some dedicated studio space, but it is a complete shitshow and kind of up in the air right now. 😂

  28. Oh yeah they’d definitely sit next to each other on there! Wow, congrats on the new build, I hope it pans out the way you want it to 🤞🏻😊

  29. We are definitely moving somewhere. Exactly where remains to be seen. 😬

  30. Townhomes / condos historically benefit from economies of scale. More living area per land area always results in lower construction cost per living area, especially if one builds to 3 or 4 stories. I wasn't suggesting pricing townhomes below market for townhomes. Condos often command a higher price per square foot than single family homes because they are more affordable to buyers who can't qualify for a single family home. Proof is in the condo and single-family market in Hawaii where single-family home median sale prices are generally 2x that of condos, however the median condo has less than half the living area versus the median single family home. Thus the economics of condos are a win-win for both builders (less land, denser, better $ per sqft) and buyers (more affordability).

  31. Places that have condos in huge apartment blocks tend to already be denser than Huntsville is. Economies of scale probably do work for those types of projects- but I doubt very many people would want to live in a condo building like that. They probably already live in an apartment.

  32. The historic value proposition of high density / condos / townhomes is to pay a higher price per square foot of living area, give up a back yard and live in a much more desirable location than would be possible in a single-family home for the same budget. In the early 1900s before the automobile was affordable buyers demanded excellent proximity to jobs, stores and public transit. This continues in states like CA and HI where the weather is nice, land is more expensive and land use is heavily restricted keeping condos / townhomes popular among builders. Same thing in Huntsville's medical district where condos were built in close walking distance to jobs and shopping. There's about $500 million in redevelopment projects underway in Huntsville right now with old buildings being torn down and replaced with hotels, apartments, condos, stores, etc. Obviously this good land is limited and condo inventory may sell out before it even hits the MLS system.

  33. That is basically what I am referring to- these subdivisions where there are a handful of plans they build, and the home and lot sizes tend to be smaller and the housing is fairly dense. I don’t see a ton of practical difference between that and a bunch of row townhouses. Condos are clearly a different animal, and I think that value proposition is highly circumstance dependent.

  34. Thanks for the reply. I hadn't seen the NI Maschine before but it looks interesting. Is it considered a groove box? Basically I don't want to use a computer DAW so I would have to be able to do all the composing/editing within the hardware itself.

  35. You can use Maschine 3 as a standalone app outside of a DAW, although it still has to be connected to a computer because that is where the software lives. But you can control all the parameters from the hardware itself, so you don’t have to interact with the computer very much if you don’t want to.

  36. Not enough to be helpful, I’m sorry. I have a Model:Cycles and I find the workflow to be very unintuitive, unlike Maschine.

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