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I have a sick dog so I ordered £70 worth of groceries from Morrisons via Deliveroo. Morrisons accepted the order but cancelled almost every item. I paid £5 delivery and £5 tip. And I got an onion. Deliveroo refused to cancel. Behold, the world’s most expensive onion.

*Lowers face into palm*

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To determine the zone of location acceptability for our new house, I checked every single street on the edges to see if Five Guys and Wagamama delivered. If they did, I moved it one street further out to see if they still did. It took me a week.

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  1. My gran had papers about the Queen dating back decades. It's just a keepsake thing. She also bought a paper about Diana when she died. They'll have commemorative plates and cups, spoons etc too . It's the same kind of thing

  2. You know you aren’t the favourite grandson when you get the Prince Andrew plate.

  3. People who don’t pick up their dogs shit should have it posted through their letterboxes.

  4. Have also found to helpful to put on the bar and chord shape and then put the pressure on all at once.

  5. importantly for WORLD news context this was NOT an election, this was a party already in power voting internally

  6. *to clarify for those not aware, the pool of candidates was a cesspool.

  7. I would say 'Ah fuck, at least it's not Sunak', but then again if Sunak had won I'd be saying 'Ah fuck, at least it's not Truss'.

  8. Each of the candidates was more unpleasant than the other. Impossible? Yes. True? Also yes.

  9. TikTok my friend, a lot of talent over there.

  10. I’ll never see it then unfortunately.

  11. My introduction was Dual Survival with Dave and Cody. Man I loved that show.

  12. Was that the one where one guy just refused to wear shoes which made everything infinitely harder?

  13. To his credit, it didn't make everything that much harder as much as it just slowed him down, which was a small part of the point. It slowed him down which conserved energy and allowed him to be more observant when it came to foraging and what not. In some cases, it gave him an obvious advantage over Dave

  14. Makes sense. I only ever watched one episode where’s he was walking over snow and ice in socks and it looked miserable.

  15. Living in turkey so hard only the death motivates you

  16. Does explain how people drive in Turkey.

  17. If you are getting collection, call directly as even if the prices are the same, the take away place or restaurant doesn’t have to pay the just eat fees. Often it’s cheaper for you too. Same goes for delivery at some places. It’s cheaper if you call directly for delivery. Stops money going to a pointless middleman.

  18. This. I've complained so many times about missing items from my orders that they literally blacklisted me and won't answer complaints any more.

  19. Sounds like you should stop paying for a terrible service?

  20. The average person might be slightly less fit than you’re assuming but I’d imagine most would get about an hour, especially younger people with smart phones

  21. They said relatively healthy person not average. Sadly the average person is not very healthy.

  22. I call them Alan vans because a friends dad called Alan used to drive one when I was young. I don’t think that is the correct name for these vans but I shall never call them anything else.

  23. I doubt anybody cares but if you dress like a roadman with one of those handbags and talk like you live in tower hamlets but actually live in rural Surrey you will be judged.

  24. Opposite issue for me. I live in a suburb with an extremely high amount of social housing in the uk with pretty high unemployment rates and despite slowly gaining the area's accent back, i still sound like i went to a school in southport for 7 years because i did. The amount of american content i've assumed isn't helping.

  25. You seem like you have a good attitude and a kind heart. Don’t worry what people think. Be friendly. It genuinely does suck that people will judge you as unfortunately there’s a lot of little shits out there which you are not one of. It will get easier as you get older.

  26. House is cold as a fridge to keep all the piss at optimal temperature.

  27. I still have no idea what he is talking about, why he is moving where and what this is trying to achieve.

  28. Whose ass cloud was that?! Glad you had a good trip. I’d like to go to Rio one day and then go into Amazon too.

  29. It’s nothing to worry about. Though you should start just boiling as much water as you need as you are just wasting extra electricity and time boiling more water.

  30. It’s the same people who still haven’t got to grips with decimalisation, I mean it happened when they were about 20 years old when their mind was it’s brightest and sharpest, yet they still can’t grasp 100 pennies to a pound, you know, a 1 to 10 system, like actual real life numbers, yet they still insist it was better when it was ‘217 Florithretts to a pincelock’. Christ on a bike.

  31. Created this list on a long car journey with my parents. This is in order of increasing value. I don’t know how correct it is but my brother and I still laugh about how complicated it all seems. I still think my parents were just making things up.

  32. Old pennies were “d” because of Latin. Libre (Pounds and still seen in the abbreviation for pounds of weight (lb), Solidi (shillings) and Dinari (pence).

  33. Interesting, didn’t know that and neither did my parents! They had never questioned it until we did.

  34. So long as they all come with a sigh of disappointment as they are placed down it’s authentic enough. Tacos especially are quintessentially British.

  35. Those who ordered Uber are "actual customers" though? It wasn't robots ordering the food...

  36. It’s mostly that the dine in experience in a restaurant is so much worse than before. We have something to compare it to.

  37. Yeah, I'm a student so I'll definitely get a railcard.

  38. Also travel off peak is a lot cheaper.

  39. Always wear small bells warning of your approach to avoid alarming the bears so they do not become aggressive. Additionally, carry pepper spray for your defense. You can tell you are in Grizzly bear country by their scat or poop. Grizzly bear scat is easily identified because it smells like pepper and has small bells in it.

  40. Not only are bear bells incredibly annoying for anyone you hike with they are also not effective and a waste of time. Make loud noises. Clap your hands. Carry bear mace and know how to use it.

  41. Sausages cooked on the radiator too.

  42. Lots of people were celebrating Boris stepping down but failed to factor in that it would just be another scummy Tory taking their place. The pool of candidates is a cesspool.

  43. It's a shame that Wagamama and Five Guys are mediocre.

  44. And sub mediocre if you happen to be one of the few who actually want to eat out at these places as the poor people working there are having to spend all their efforts on the delivery orders so you feel like an afterthought whilst still morally feeling the need to tip. I don’t blame the staff. I guess I don’t even blame the restaurants as it’s how they stay open now. It just sucks that eating out at anywhere that also does the just eat/Uber etc is so much of a worse experience.

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