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  1. How does this device compare to other eink devices in your opinion? Is this a good implementation of the color eink screen? Can you give your thoughts ?

  2. Ok, so I've played around with the Nova Air C for a few hours now. I'll start by saying that I read quite a few of the reviews and blog posts I could find before purchasing, and some of them nailed it pretty well. Here is one example of a well-written review for Nova Air C:

  3. I would suggest giving Relay a try, might perform better than the Reddit app.

  4. Just rebooted the Boox and it started working properly again.

  5. Nice! Thinking about getting the NAC myself. Do you find that for basic web tasks and even text editing, etc., it is a relatively viable substitute for a laptop and/or even smartphone?

  6. Oh and btw, this (“Why Does Existence Exist”) is an excellent, excellent, excellent (yes excellent x 3) question to meditate/ruminate/reflect on. Ofc, there is no “answer” to be found, but doing so with enough rigor just may serve as the “diamond drill” that spins your mind enough, so as to blow through the conventional paradigm of “duality” and bring one through the gateless gate and into the profound vista of the non-dual…something like that. 😉

  7. Nope. Something cannot come from nothing. Existence Is, Has Always Been, and Will Always Be. YOU Are Forever.

  8. Yeah. They’re kinda nice. It’s pretty spacious. You should try to take a trip on trains too.

  9. Well, if you think about it, a horror story is just a story of unexpected betrayals and getting betrayed at the end.

  10. What a duet you two are singing here. Bravo! 🤣

  11. He tried using reverse psychology on a mirror and only perceived his own reflection that reveals what he fails to reflect on.

  12. Crocs is a traitorous company supporting a terrorist state and genocide in Ukraine by opening stores and paying tax dollars in Russia.

  13. I do sometimes but then I remember that if I do that I’ll never be able to enjoy

  14. lol. In the Puritan American days it was well understood that women had a significantly higher sex drive than men and it was a husbands duty to keep her satisfied to keep her sane. And they were right.

  15. I respectfully disagree about a lack of free will. If I choose to drive home at 8pm rather than 7pm, the atmospheric composition I encounter will be different. We are not only products of our genetics but of our experiences as well. Those experiences inform our decisions, and in so doing change the course we decide upon. Those experiences were the culmination of every interaction of everything in existence, and that is simply too many variables to track. Also, in attempting to track any one of those variables, that variable gets changed. Just as you can know either the position or velocity of a particle, but never both at the same time. If you measure the velocity, you change the position, and if you measure the position, you change the velocity.

  16. But you didn’t choose to choose, right? You didn’t choose what informs your decisions? Perhaps you “decide” what is most probable to result in the best outcome. But in that case still… you didn’t decide to decide, right? You just decided. You didn’t choose to “want the best outcome”… or if you happen to want sabotage instead… you didn’t choose to want that, no?

  17. It absolutely baffles me that awareness exists. Even if the scientific explanations exist for it, it's very surprising that such a thing can exist in this world. It would make sense to have a world where there's just elements, stars and other celestial objects in space, just a place where things happen, but awareness? That is some seriously next level magic.

  18. What if… awareness is actually all that exists? 😉

  19. “Why are you so sure that others have this first person view as well? You cannot be so sure. Actually you can never know.”

  20. Truly is. I have “Con Todo El Mundo” as well, which is also excellent. But I think this takes the cake. (However, that’s not counting the collaborations with Leon Bridges. Also, can’t wait for the collab with Vieux Farka Touré… “Ali”, to be released next month. 🤤🤤🤤)

  21. “The Universe Smiles Upon You”, by Khruangbin.

  22. O lordy lordy lordy this is good stuff right here. Wish I wasn’t melting in a hot sauna with my phone about to overheat so I could jump in a bit with my two cents on this one right now… 🤣

  23. How are you assigning “value” to an individual human being here?

  24. I’m implying that we have no idea what comes after death, no? Why do we have any reason to believe we don’t simply wake right back up into it?

  25. We ARE the universe. There is no universe without us. Without YOU, specifically. There’s no escape, no, but you are completely free. There’s nothing to escape from. (Actually, there is no universe. Not like you’re thinking there is. Just the ever changing appearance of one.)

  26. Lots of red flags if someone tells you they don’t like Crocs… 😆

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