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  1. This mid fucking production from Fox is KILLING me this year

  2. The insane thing to me, is they did a great job with the Xfinity race.

  3. What country? Did they literally go door to door and collect them? Not trying to be a dick, just curious.

  4. became a blaney fan this year, getting sick of chase being all business, have to change my flair, but i’ve noticed he’s almost too much of a team player

  5. THANK YOU! Got two bottles as gifts two years apart. Both trash. Can't even use it as a mixer. I've asked people to test it to tell me whether I'm crazy and they have confirmed. I don't understand how they sell it.

  6. I honestly have never heard this critical of a report. Some people can take it or leave it but trash?

  7. I suppose I used an unpopular word but it's my honest opinion. I find it undrinkable. I drink and enjoy essentially the entire spectrum of whiskey. I don't have an explanation.

  8. There's got to be way more to that story than you're aware of, because I had no problem using my business income to get a mortgage in 2020. Well, some problems, but mostly just had to provide a ton of additional paperwork.

  9. If the business is younger than two years they won't count the income for finance purposes. Happened to me.

  10. If you know someone who startles easily, don’t startle them. It’s an asshole thing to do.

  11. I do, and it's actually nearly impossible no to startle them.

  12. It's beautiful. Cock it at a 45 into that corner

  13. And they shouldn't have deleted any of it, except the entire section of the two "scientists" getting lost.

  14. The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.

  15. Man I had to scroll a good while. Thought this would be way up there.

  16. What if we could do this with other football stadiums? Probably not but gimmie a race at KYLE FIELD

  17. I bought a '20 Reserve loaded for 69 K. 24,000 mi. Roast me.

  18. Yes it does. One of the slower starts, but it's a good one.

  19. Beautiful truck, but I guess I'm gonna have to be the guy to say it.

  20. Huge fan. Also feel like that white couch ain't gonna be white for long after a few cold starts.

  21. Cactus, while a great color, is overdone and your truck is great looking.

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