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  1. I pity the fool who doesn't like..... he.

  2. Maybe Donny has been Hunter this whole time!

  3. I mean these fucknuts believe that JFK Jr. is coming back to run with Trump, despite having been dead over 20 years. So I would not put it past some of them to believe that Donald Trump is just Hunter Biden in disguise.

  4. See, there’s a good argument to be had that, by missing the call, Galaraga will be more prominent in the history books than he would be otherwise.

  5. That’s how I think about it. We remember this game BECAUSE of the blown call. We all know he got the perfect game ripped away from him. More importantly, Jim Joyce knew he had the perfect game ripped from him. On paper, he threw a one-hitter that night. In the hearts of all baseball fans, he threw a perfect game. He’ll live on in baseball lore for that for far longer than if he had just gotten the perfect game.

  6. Jim Joyce was the umpire. Armando Gallaraga was the one who had the perfect game taken from him

  7. I love in this punishment, when Sal wants to give somebody their number, but then realizes the number written on the rotary phone isn’t a number they can be reached at.

  8. This is not this number. This is what this number used to be.

  9. The Rockies have former Giants legends Kris Bryant and Connor Joe. If that helps somehow.

  10. Plus we hate the dodgers just as much as you.

  11. Matt Holliday touching* the plate in game 163.

  12. By far without a question being 1st base line at the Skydome (Rogers Centre) for Bautista's bat flip.

  13. What were you doing watching the bat flip and not the moonshot?

  14. I feel like him and Russell Wilson having a cuss off would be adorable and cringey at the same time.

  15. Oh, so that report I saw earlier that says he believes that Sandy Hook was 100% real, and that he apologizes. That wasn't real? He didn't mean it?

  16. Stop going to Rockies games. Threatening their cash flow is the only thing that will ever change this.

  17. It's one thing to not go to Oakland A's games because their stadium is hot garbage. If people stopped going to Coors Field, it would be a Shakespearean tragedy. A baseball paradise such as Coors deserves a team that competes every year. And yet...

  18. And still will be in September when we should be evaluating him at the big league level, but now won't get any playing time because we have Iglesias.

  19. Christ, you don't need a quadrophonic Blaupunkt! What you need is a curveball!

  20. If Democrats want anything, it's ALWAYS "radical". There is nothing liberals want that isn't "radical". I'm seriously tired of this trope. Democrats are not a radical party. They are more centrist than Republicans. I'm not in this asshat's district, but he needs to go.

  21. It's because Republicans are so far right, yet think they want what every other American wants, so they believe they are the centrists. So when you're that far away from "center," you're obviously a radical in their eyes.

  22. I've always found myself to be a Jimmy Fallon sympathizer. Sure, he doesn't have me holding my sides, but I also like him a lot more than Jay Leno.

  23. Just being very obviously out of place while trying (and failing) to fit in. I think.

  24. It's like that scene in 30 Rock with Steve Buscemi (How do you do, fellow kids?) It's clearly a guy trying to get info on other people, and people suspect Homer of trying to get kids in trouble for drugs or something.

  25. We've come up with a camera so tiny, it fits into this oversized, novelty hat.

  26. Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens player-cast. With special guest Trevor Bauer.

  27. A man writing an opera about a woman?? Ohhahaha. Oh serah, how deliciously absurd!

  28. The good die young, and pricks live forEVER!

  29. Why do they think it be like it is but it do?

  30. More like Trump-supporting Libertarians such as:

  31. I mean Liberal/Libertarian are close to the same word, they must think that if a word is close, they’re close in meaning.

  32. Meanwhile they vote hard for Matt Gaetz and some old who wants to marry his 13 year old niece because blatant pedophiles don't really bother them at all.

  33. It’s never been about the kids. It’s always been about their talking points.

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