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  1. “Aleeeec found comfort in me and my vagina, we are so blessed 💖”

  2. Phone the police next time. I did, I said my mum had abandoned my sisters and autistic brother with me and I was unaware, and had to leave.

  3. Her face is clearly edited to the gods in this..what gossip rag is this that’s on the KJ payroll?

  4. Next he'll be talking about being king of reddit.

  5. Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long. He’s been on the chopping block for a longgggg time

  6. Yeah nobody ever said anything racist about her. Theres not a racist bone in the royal families body.

  7. Bingo! Yep, I do not like Meghan Markle or Harry Mountbatten Windsor. These are their real names and these are the real people I dislike. Call me racist, if you want. They are both pieces of manure.

  8. Is personal space not a thing with these pokés ???

  9. I saw one, it was her, there was a video, it looks like she was setting up a video camera where her friend (I've forgotten her name) also topless was sitting with her back to the camera. I don't know whether there are other photos or not though.

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