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  1. I've sent money to my partner at one time and put the description as "ref sexual favours". The transaction was blocked and the bank contacted me to explain what was it. I had to say it was a joke and it wouldn't do it again.

  2. Every time i send money to my wife on santander it says 'sexual favours'. Never had any issues

  3. My father wanted his ashes to be scattered at a scenic spot, on top of a ridge, overlooking beautiful valleys. (He would probably have chosen a cliff like that, if he lived near the sea)

  4. Someone should steal this and use it in a film.

  5. Stoopid americans with your stoopid "smarties" they should be chocolate with a sugar coating. 🙄

  6. Some of the big providers have templates you can use if you're not sure exactly what you need to send to HMRC. Hargreaves Lansdown has the link to their template

  7. Why does the template mention what my future monthly contributions will be? This doesn't seem necessary. I pay a % and the monthly contribution fluctuates. Can I ignore this and just focus on the previous tax year in my letter?

  8. I am a robot and I am going down to the shop to buy 10 fags

  9. You fuckin' can't go down the shop like that man, you got fuckin' tin foil wrapped round your head

  10. I always try to steal a bag at the self serve checkouts. Its tax evasion though, not stealing.

  11. OMSORG long plastic shoes horn from IKEA. They are £1 each. So good I bought 10 in case they ever stop making them or realise they can charge more for them.

  12. Same thought, tattoo guy needs to work on his kerning.

  13. I wonder when using carpet in bathrooms stopped being a thing ? When I was a child the vast majority of people I knew had them in their bathrooms but now I can't think of anyone that has a carpeted bathroom.

  14. My parents have got an almost identical bath (with jacuzzi) that was fitted in their 1991 newbuild. Carpeted too.

  15. I absolutely love this saying, and will be using it the next time I rent a plane.

  16. If it fucks, floats or flies, it's cheaper to rent than buy.

  17. I still have this in my ears when driving originating all the way back from Colin McRae Rally.

  18. There is a way of making money off of it without having to put your own pennies on me and my mate used to do it back in secondary school days Y9-11. Find a weak spot and knee the fucker did it once grabbed a side each and kneed it several times made like £30 within 5 mins and stuffed our pockets with the pennies and went to Metro bank to have it converted into notes and split it in half good old days 🤣 (21M now not my proudest moment doing that)

  19. Set the alarm off when i tried that as a kid 🚨

  20. He wrote this up today so probably won't know for a week at least

  21. I always throw a few pubes in with the letter for good measure when dealing with parking companies / debt collectors.

  22. Is it taxed at 40% for higher rate tax payers I assume?

  23. When they look like this on the outside but are somehow spotless on the inside, that's when you have superior banana flavour.

  24. Yes with a paper-thin skin on them. I get a couple of free bananas a week off a guy at work who doesn't understand how fruit ripening works.

  25. We randomise our sausage sizes in retaliation for cups of sugar and sticks of butter

  26. It makes more sense if you read it in a scouse accent. I think.

  27. I recently stayed in a hotel post lockdown for the first time in 2 years and immediately bought a shower gel dispenser. No regrets. Also bought 5 litres of apple blossom flavour shampoo/ shower gel for £8. Burns my wife's skin and makes her ecsema flare up but still a bargain!

  28. Yeah 100% My wife doesn't use the dispenser for that reason. But I'm loving it.

  29. Looks like someone likes falling asleep while drinking wine

  30. Same here. Toast? Im not using a microwave and toaster to cook a meal from scratch.

  31. Since covid house prices have gone through the roof in my area and they are all being snapped up by BTL landlords and rents have gone sky high. I've seen people on Facebook who can buy asking if anyone is thinking of selling, can they contact them because landlords are snapping everything up so fast they can't get a look in.

  32. Its not just buy to let that's the issue.... Now banks are funding build to let. They will own whole estates. Its a scandal.

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