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  1. It was my first thought but i thought meatwad which turned out to be wrong. Funny how the mind works

  2. My local newspaper's website doesn't allow comments about travellers etc, so it makes me laugh that all the commenters just refer to them now as the Caravan Club.

  3. You can sell what you want for any price. Now if you're doing it to avoid tax it's a different kettle of fish but still legal if the tax is paid.

  4. Oh oh oh! The Coffin Museaum in Birmingham is fascinating. You could then walk along to see some excellent art - art nouveau, if I remember correctly - at the Town Hall, then trundle about one of the friendliest cities in Britain.

  5. Longstanton Spice Museum, or maybe an owl sanctuary?

  6. Book tickets, claim expenses, get refund (minus £10 admin fee), book cheaper tickets.

  7. There are two shops near me that prior to covid didn’t take card orders under £10. No idea what their policy is now, because I haven’t been in either since. It’s a great way to lose custom.

  8. The chippy near us started taking cards during lockdown.... It swiftly 'broke' and hasn't been fixed since.

  9. I'm telling you Dude, these guys are fuckin amateurs

  10. Till number 6 is closing. We are opening till number 2. Till number 4 is closing. We are opening till number 6. Till number 6 is closing.

  11. I think I know this one. Each staff member is tied to a particular till for a shift, so as they bring staff on and off the tills due to demand, they have to open their respective lane.

  12. I don't understand why people give surnames to kids as first names. But that doesn't mean it's not right, I just don't get it.

  13. Can but it really is not advisable. The amount of PM2.5 given off by burning even “smokeless fuels” can still cause ill health.

  14. Yes but only downwind. Hit the downvote button if you agree!

  15. 100k to forget how to successfully commit benefit fraud, No thank you

  16. Lying skills. Women only want boyfriends who have great skills.

  17. True but maybe a model that aimed to follow the supply curve rather than the demand curve might make things more competitive

  18. Not really. That is not dependent on the availability of energy vs relative demand.

  19. Depending how tonight's taste test goes, I might be fighting myself.

  20. (Crispy) Bacon sandwich has to be the first thing you try.

  21. Children's Film Workshop, or maybe it was TV Workshop. The intro with all the pigeons flying away in london was enough for me to know something intense was coming next

  22. It’ll either be “Nice parking spot Janet” or she’ll start pinching your beans.

  23. My kids have grandmothers called Rita and Janet, and they enjoy Bluey. Funny times.

  24. Came looking for these exact words and found them in the first comment. Result.

  25. What airline? I just add the ticket to Google wallet and scan it from there.

  26. I have tried adding various things to google wallet but the barcode always looks different to the original and doesn't scan correctly

  27. They eat pickled onions with roast dinners / xmas dinner

  28. I'm going to get in touch with the city council and will update once I know more! From what I found out digging into the council website, there were some permissions given for development right before I moved into the flat (which was in 2019), but there was not much evidence whether any consultations taken place beforehand.

  29. Do you own your flat? Maybe your solicitors have been negligent and not identified that a planning application was approved next door

  30. Guacamole so work cant see what i am really doing

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