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  1. What other species records other species fornicating and distributes it as “educational programming?”

  2. It definitely could. You’ll just need to make sure the other cheeses you use compliment, or don’t work against that flavor (probably Parmesan and Monterey Jack.)

  3. Koalas are fucking horrible animals. They have one of the smallest brain to body ratios of any mammal, additionally - their brains are smooth. A brain is folded to increase the surface area for neurons. If you present a koala with leaves plucked from a branch, laid on a flat surface, the koala will not recognise it as food. They are too thick to adapt their feeding behaviour to cope with change. In a room full of potential food, they can literally starve to death. This is not the token of an animal that is winning at life.

  4. I mean, you say all that but the modern Koala appeared a little before Homo sapiens and is still kicking it. So, it’s clearly doing something right.

  5. Actually, iOS is about 57 percent of the US market and Android is about 43.

  6. No. I have to eat a lot, like probably a lot more than your imagining, to not be up for sex. And I don’t eat that much very often anyway.

  7. I feel like good fried chicken isn’t hard to make, it just takes a little time and focus. But great fried chicken tends to be a little more volatile since you’re introducing some additional steps that can go sideways in a hurry if you’re not careful.

  8. For sure! I've made some really average chicken but getting something that you wanna keep replicating is tough

  9. I made one amazing batch of fried chicken that I proceeded to ruin half of by tossing it in the oven to keep warm and getting distracted. So it became a lottery of juicy or jerky

  10. That pass by Draymond was awful. He threw the ball right into Anderson’s hand.

  11. Based on their review it sounded like they (RLM) were disappointed that it wasnt what they expected or wanted. A Wain/Showalter comedy or more straight-forward action/adventure (thats tongue-in-cheek funny). I can understand that, I've been a victim of that myself. But that is NOT an issue with the movie, but their own expectations. They speculated about suits, meme-ability, and the premise being the driving force, but they dont know.

  12. "It's your fault for expecting more than shit, when you really think about it." --Too fucking many people right now.

  13. “You’re putting too much thought into a movie called Cocaine Bear”

  14. No. You’re supposed to spend your time at the gym how you want.

  15. good point - I definitely didn't see any "double dosage" tips - so will keep same mg dose and just steep for 20+ min and roll the dice :)

  16. Yeah, my totally random and unsupported guess is what’s left behind is something like 10% or less. Enough to theoretically matter, but practically it’s not going to be the difference between slightly more vibrant colors and kaleidoscope vision.

  17. I will say, the parts with Dawkins and Garrison are the worst parts of those episodes. But I’m not sure the warring factions concept had enough legs on its own to omit a b-plot, without focus shifting away from how nearly identical the groups are.

  18. Dawkins, not being a South Park fan, couldn’t infer that those parts were making fun of Garrison, not Dawkins. Dawkins was just a prop that they used to do another “Garrison acts totally unhinged and it’s funny” bit.

  19. I think the sex stuff and his revulsion upon finding out Ms. Garrison used to be Mr. Garrison makes it pretty clear he’s supposed to be part of the joke. If Dawkins himself wasn’t supposed to be on the receiving end, they could have just had Garrison convert to atheism after reading one of his books or watching a movie or something and leaving Dawkins the person out of it entirely.

  20. I love the assumption that gear somehow is a magical cheat code, and you'll wake up the next day with 5% body fat and an extra 50lbs of muscle.

  21. It also makes you stronger and bigger without training. In this study, subjects who didn’t train and received testosterone injections increased their bench press and squat by an average of 9 and 13 kg respectively over 10 weeks. They also added more fat free mass and size to their triceps than individuals who were training and received a placebo injection.

  22. Agreed. And that's absolutely not to say that takes away from the results, you still have to work really really hard to get results like this. This is still very impressive. I just hate when people, specifically social media influencers, claim their results are completely natural when they're obviously not. No bro, you didn't get absolutely unnaturally yoked by just "lifting and eating clean." It creates serious unrealistic expectations for people who aren't on gear and a sense of failure and disappointment when they don't achieve the same results.

  23. I think there’s a delicate balance there of acknowledging what hard work a person puts in, while also not letting them delude others or themselves into believing they worked as hard as someone who isn’t juicing.

  24. I kind of hate that the title isn’t super clear whether the planet or the dust storm is 20 times the size of Jupiter, but i can’t figure out how to fix it.

  25. Astronomer here! I looked at this object in detail because the fact that they never actually tell you how big the planet is was a little sus. It turns out in actuality it’s 19 +/-5 times the mass of Jupiter, which is not a planet then- it’s a

  26. I actually find what you just shared way more interesting that the content of the article because I didn’t know there was a cutoff point between exoplanets and brown dwarfs.

  27. If you’re withholding information that you believe will change people’s behavior/actions to get a more favorable outcome, that’s pretty definitionally tricking.

  28. Looks like he slipped on something. Also god damn Paolo hit Randle hard

  29. I don’t think he slipped, just the angle he was coming in at and the angle Franz took were super incompatible. It’s damn close to a 180° turn, and you’ll always fall some of the time if you try doing that at speed.

  30. But why does Boba drink? Or are you saying R2 spiked his water?

  31. Because it can be easier to just use they/them for everyone rather than trying to remember everyone’s preferences. This helps normalize that usage.

  32. Mai Tai glasses… why don’t more people make them dishwasher safe?

  33. I'm gonna piggyback here as one who doesn't have any mugs yet: am I correct that they pretty much all have to be hand washed? What is people's experience with this?

  34. I’m not claiming to know where they got their info if they did look it up; I’m just showing how it’s possible they could have found that info.

  35. The reason a lot of standup comics struggle to make the jump to acting is because acting is largely about listening to what other people are saying, and a lot of stand up comics are bad at that.

  36. I think that’s a parroted point that doesn’t really hold water. It assumes that all comics are only comics because they want to be actors, completely glosses over the dozens and dozens of comics that are/were great actors, and the base argument isn’t even true.

  37. I don’t think it assumes all comics want to be actors at all. It just helps explain why wildly successful and hilarious standup comics can bomb so badly when they try making the transition to acting.

  38. Being confident in your incorrect information is.

  39. Well… at one point Netflix was great at recommending content. And I’m guessing their current algorithms are still quite a bit more robust than yours (simply because you’re one person and Netflix has many many people working on that task). The problem they seemed to run into was how to weigh new and popular (and their own productions) against other content and also the rapid exodus of content from their library when everyone wanted their own streaming platform.

  40. Thanks - that's a very interesting point, that an algorithm's creator will inevitably bias it towards their own way of doing things. I hadn't thought about that! And I can actually see it emerging already, in the way I set certain conditions and parameters.

  41. I think what you’re doing is really cool. And if it ends up working really well for you, isn’t that all that matters?

  42. Demo discs are so much better than demo downloads. Would you rather go on a slow ass store, and wait 1 hour for a game to download? Or would you rather put a disc into the console and play 5 different demos and watch 7 videos on exciting upcoming games

  43. Except for the stupid amount of unnecessary waste they create.

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