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  1. I wish we could see at what minute the fouls were given out to England in the first game. It’s not like that referee, by around minutes 70 or so, hit some mental counter in his head where he said “I’m going to stop calling files because I think I’ve called too many. It felt that way particularly for yellow cards“

  2. I think I’m missing something from your explanation. The Imgur link is not working for me so I cannot see the dates but if your first test was November 28, and your OP is December 1, I’m missing how 10 days have passed.

  3. I live in fairview and I’ve had it for about a year. There were a lot of kinks to work out in the beginning but somewhere around this summer it seems to have stabilized. Absolutely worth it to me because we only have 25 MB Internet where I am

  4. I am the son of a geologist, have personally collected rocks and minerals for my personal collection for over 30 years, and have lived in North Texas since the 1980s and I have never heard of any type of rock that is specific to Texas but there are a lot of minerals found in Texas. This is a good way to uncover some examples:

  5. It sounds like you should hire someone for a rather low price point to analyze your site and give you “three months of work to do“, do that work, analyze it for the next three months, and repeat the cycle. I would think you would be able to find someone for $500 or $750 to tell you what the most important things to do are. This will eliminate the guesswork, focus your efforts, and allow you to both read the benefits of improving the SEO while also growing your business in more important areas such as adding new products or entering new markets.

  6. You need to compel someone to initiate and complete a risky transaction. The customer does not know you, does not know the artist, and your “job” is to create enough trust to bridge the risk gap. it is impossible to bridge this risk gap while being “mysterious”. Literally the only way to make the end-user feel confident that this is a zero or low risk transaction is to remove the mystery of who am I buying from.

  7. I did a small section of mine by hand earlier this year. What a pain. I was researching later on Amazon and they have an attachment that attaches to your garden hose that, for gutters that would not be too packed with debris, looks like it would do most of the hard work. There are companies you can hire who will happily do this for you also.

  8. Can you DIY it from ikea lighting instead (in a way that looks unobtrusive and professional)?

  9. I am 100% open to trying. I live only about 10 miles from an IKEA. Maybe I need to go over there this weekend and take a look at some of the desk telescoping options they have. Good idea! Thanks

  10. Are you attaching them to a tent frame or a wall frame?

  11. Legally in the USA you are required to pay sales tax regardless of whether you pay it or have your customers pay it. I’ve never been in a situation where a customer did not understand that they would be “charged” sales tax. Or maybe another way to say that is that I’ve never had a customer decline a sale because they had to pay sales tax. I have had customers try to negotiate a lower price for the artwork so that the final price they pay is the retail price of the artwork and nothing more, and sometimes I am amenable. in such cases, I am still required to pay the sales tax that it means that I have given them an 8% discount (or whatever the required sales tax would be for your location)

  12. I think regardless of storage tech, a tagging tool is essential. I use the Adobe Suite - Adobe Bridge is free IIRC - and now I don’t have to worry about folders or naming; I just focus on the tagging

  13. Large canvases, most artists will check the canvas off the stretcher bars, roll the canvas into a mailing tube, and then have the buyer have the canvas re-stretched once they receive it.

  14. Agree. $2-400 for a couple depending on drinks, food choices

  15. I can't help you with pricing, although I would highly suggest you to do some cost modeling. Like a mini P&L with Sales, shipping revenue, COGS, packing materials, shipping fees, transaction fees, listing fees, advertising fees, any subscription you'll need (SAAS like an accounting software, Shopify, Shipstation,, Etsy Plus, or various connectors you could need to link platforms together).

  16. Agreed. Great advice. I will say that, when it comes to pricing an individual print, I would focus solely on the direct costs to:

  17. Have lived in fairview for 10 years and saw our first beaver two weeks ago. We’ve always had nutria but now we also have beavers. Neat.

  18. You cannot even use your phone in downtown McKinney. It started last summer and was fine before then

  19. Beautiful! How do we know that it is a female? I have not looked at sexing butterflies but now I’m curious

  20. In the East, the Tiger males always have predominantly yellow wings. The female may also be be yellow but also sometimes sports a dark dimorphic color with a splash of blue across the lower wings.

  21. Thank you! I knew rabbit hole to go down. Love it.

  22. Another AB vote. Oh my favorite would be to also take a ribbon microphone playset maybe 4-8 feet back, turn it sideways so that it is a completely off axis not picking up anything directly. When you get into mix mode now you can pan A, say, 30-40% left, B 30-40% right, and blend in the ribbon in mono to taste to add a bit of room sound

  23. There is no right answer as we all know but I think the Shure SM7B is a very common if not the most common go to microphone for a lot of engineers for that application. Another would be an EV RE 20. Some folks like a Hiel PR 35 because of the peaks around 5 to 6K but I liked the other two so much but I’ve never proceeded on to have GAS for a PR 35 so I cannot say myself.

  24. Love this! For those of nurse not familiar with Jack Davis and this technique, could you briefly describe what processing your applied?

  25. Obvious question is, “do you have a suitable way today that allows you to do what you need without a mixer?” Because if the answer is yes, then no I don’t think you need a mixer. But if you cannot Play everything live today and have all of the levels match what you need, then yes. That is what a mixer will allow for

  26. I agree with the other poster who said that seems like a pretty good ratio. I guess I would question the use of link tree in the situation. Why not funnel everyone to your shop, and then on your shop you can try to engage them for the other social platforms or a newsletter sign-up?

  27. Has already mentioned, cost is done at the capacity pool so it is on you to review each capacity pool and break down your volume‘s. You can have $100,000 of months in capacity for provisioned and only be using $1000 a month of that at the volume level if you were not paying attention.

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