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  1. never had issues going to places in ktown and parking tbh. everywhere either has a garage or is in a strip mall

  2. There are two companies that fly for the TV stations, Helinet and Tiny Bubbles. CBS, NBC, and KTTV use Tiny Bubbles. For whatever reason, T.B. flies lower, or they have louder aircraft. They really are annoying.

  3. If we are making annoying agency aircraft power rankings, top dog is the marine core. Nothing like enjoying the beach then hearing the earsplitting roar of an osprey filled with 20 year olds from camp pendleton with their legs dangling from the side making a pass 30 feet above the beach. They hit all the tourists spots over populated areas because thats more fun than flying around the desert to make mandatory training hours. Nothing shakes the house like military aircraft.

  4. Do you think KTLA is paying for a helicopter just to annoy people?

  5. this is the helicopter that just sits burning fuel looking at the traffic that happens day in day out. wouldn't be surprised if ktla brass made sure it didn't do this idling anywhere near their own homes

  6. They will propose anything but building the bike lanes outlined in the 2

  7. That's L.A. County specific. The City of Los Angeles has its own mobility and bike plans, which have also been inadequately implemented:

  8. Great, so we are 12 years behind the 2010 city plan instead of just 10 years behind the county plan. Gotta love the crooks in city hall.

  9. R is so much easier to work with when doing data science. I don't know why people tolerate python. just brings in more dependencies and its more annoying to do things like read in files. the whole "while read line" paradigm has my eyes rolling. You need to maintain a pandas dependency just to get some sanity into it.

  10. I believe this is a closed minded approach to programming. This is akin to manually proving every claim you write in a paper instead of referencing other people's work. If you don't utilise libraries there isn't much of an argument to be made for using R or python as your main language since that's the main feature of attraction for both.

  11. I use some libraries for things that don't have analogous built ins and I can't avoid not using an external tool. But if I already have a shovel in the built ins, why am I going out to find a new one that basically just looks different but still digs the same hole? plain jane base R is the tool for the job in a lot of cases that people bring in external tooling for.

  12. They don't do anything. Every street is de facto a sharrowed street, because sharrows don't offer any protection or grade separation and drivers don't suddenly respect bikers just because there's a stick figure painted on the cement. It's basically a political device so authorities can say "see, we implemented bike infrastructure" without actually doing anything.

  13. FBI. That's how corruption is handled in my city. Local authorities are potentially already tained.

  14. Great, now install catenaries the whole way and take out the heavy battery pack

  15. It's more efficient to supply power overhead than to make the vehicle carry it. lighter vehicle means less energy used overall to do the same work.

  16. Huh? That’s not how the shuttle works. The bus drives 5 blocks without a dedicated lane, then it’s dedicated lane from there. It picks up from Union station, as always.

  17. Oh I know about the dodger express shuttle already. I just don't know why they aren't expanding out the capacity of that system versus having this system that isn't going to actually move a ton of people before first pitch

  18. I know it picks you up at union lol. You otoh are convinced it wouldn't benefit from having more grade separation and larger, more frequent vehicles around game time that would obsolete the gondola entirely.

  19. Try to find a piece of land to build without causing an outcry to the local communities.

  20. they could roll out "UC-remote" and not have to build anything

  21. It depends. For PhD students you do become a resident after a year, and UC policy basically forces you to claim residency at that point.

  22. because its a different system entirely. for most phd programs in stem at least the school covers your tuition and fees and provides a stipend. forcing you to become a resident saves the department or your advisors grant money that would otherwise be spent on tuition to the administration

  23. Sunset is one of the oldest streets in LA… it actually predates streets

  24. el camino real did not go on sunset. it basically went from the sgv mission to the sfv mission taking the river, then basically following the 101 out of the valley to santa barbara. that's why the 101 is marked with the bells. 120 years ago sunset blvd only went from echo park to hollywood.

  25. idk why people think its the fence and not enforcement keeping people from sleeping in the park. i go by chainlink all the time here that people cut into and turned into a wall of their dwelling, so it aint the fence clearly that is stopping the park from being taken over again but actually enforcement. tbh the fence is kind of annoying because it shuttles you to a few entrances, plus the street vendors take up all the space between the road and the fence now so you either are forced to go through every one of their shops (which can back up with lookie loos) or to just cross the street.


  27. antics like this video must be why half the vortexers i come across have a tendency to walk on their own off the lab bench. don't think they are designed to go for a while tbh

  28. That's like $10 of lab tape holding down that ring stand.

  29. plus its like the shittiest tape you could use for the job apart from maybe autoclave tape

  30. Maybe not in Moscow but in most places in America biking on these highways is an absolute death with.

  31. Its illegal on a bike to go on a highway, but tbh this is no riskier than lane splitting on a motorcycle in california in rush hour traffic

  32. It would be interesting to do this in LA if it weren't banned . Rush hour freeways like the 101 are only going like 15mph anyhow. Motorcycles are allowed to lane split at least and a lot of them take advantage of basically never having to deal with southern california traffic ever.

  33. Yeah cap keeps sweat out of my eyes, I use a thin cotton cap in the summer. No go on the panier though, no mounts on the frame for them. The pack is pretty breathable though, kind of need that for work too

  34. Having a thick beautiful beard in the summer days doesn’t make you hotter. That’s a myth. Keeping your skin from being exposed to direct sunlight will keep you relatively cooler.

  35. Lol I thought that too, then I shaved. The bad part of the beard in the summer is that it turns into a sweat sponge. My poor pores...

  36. I used to work for the Forest Service, you'd be surprised how many people carry angle grinders in their vehicles. They mostly used them to cut our locks off of gates, or cut the gate entirely, to access a closed area but I could see them using the opportunity to steal a bike.

  37. Considering they already use the opportunity to go through every parked car on the trailhead I don't see why bikes are some sacred cow

  38. I used to lock them up to sign posts then had a phase where I wouldn't bike anywhere out of fear of it being stolen.

  39. because they got a fence at the 101 overpass on argyle with a couple tents on the otherside of it and a hole cut through with sheers to get into it, so it certainly aint the fence that's keeping homeless people out of echo park currently

  40. Reasonable theory, but no. Caltrans environment isn’t equivalent to a park. Fencing is a factor.

  41. Describe how this fence keeps homeless people out of this park lol because I just don't see it, based on all the homeless stuff I see going around literally the entire county

  42. TBH IDK what a gravel bike is even offering you versus putting those same tires on a more sturdy, e.g. steel, road bike frame, that's going to be lighter and easier to deal with in every way. Buy a $100 ancient schwinn frame and convert to brifters and she will be a mighty do it all steed

  43. Oh snap! IDK why I never thought of tossing cable ties on. This might be the solution, thanks!

  44. go for the hose clamps. more serious or a thief to deal with, more adjustable for you, and won't degrade with uv light like the cable ties

  45. Thats fair. As a cargo bike it is built for these long commutes, and the rad power bike has a mad e pedal assist, where I barely put out any effort to propel the bike. The majority of the intensity is simply from the rotation of my legs, and not the effort being put out, outside of the areas where I am to stop for a light or stop sign.

  46. seems like an easy commute then with an ebike. you left out that key detail from the op post I think lol. pop the battery out and charge it under your desk at work.

  47. no better tire for biking on shrapnel. however when i tried to put them on i broke two tubes. pay the money to just have the lbs deal with the absolute bitch of mounting them because you won't ever have to take them off the rims again until they are spent.

  48. Adidas Velosamba with SPD pedals works real nice and looks real nice IMO. Great for walking around getting groceries and what not too.

  49. those look great. i usually wear sambas anyhow. i already had some pretty nice shimano look pedals on this frame and figured i'd save some just buying into that route. the shortcomings of look delta vs spd are pretty clear now though. spd seems like the do it all system.

  50. Get in the habit of clicking out your foot in advance any time there is a chance you’ll need to stop. Don’t stop and then start trying to click out really fast.

  51. That's the thing too. I was trying that out but then, where do I put my foot? I put it on the pedal and it just slips off because the cleat is hard plastic on the bottom. One time I accidentally reclipped, that was scary. I still need to get a feel for things but I'm thinking of finding some sort of rubber stickers to put on the bottom of my cleats to afford at least some grip while on the pedals so they don't just slip right off. cleats are already covered in chain lube from sliding all over the crank.

  52. Give me a bike app that routes around false flats please. I hate having to manually tweak the routes and send them to my phone. apple has a hill setting but its not respected for false flats and i find their routings are always slower than google maps routings.

  53. And when a car passes a little too close it will get caught in a tire or fender and give a good yank.

  54. the noodle will probably give but you can also cut more perforations into the noodle to ensure a clean breakpoint

  55. Much closer/smaller than a freight train vs a camery

  56. But its far enough to matter and lead to unsafe situations when traffic is mixed. My road bike stopping distance is probably 30 feet when I'm moving. I have no control over the bike at all in an emergency stop. The wheels lock up immediately and I have to hope for the best that the friction of my wheels stops me before impact. There is no antilock brake system for bikes. For older/cheaper bikes the brakes are even worse than mine.

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